How to Loot 2 - Pin Pull

How to Loot 2 - Pin Pull

Developer: Azura Global

Move all the pins by using only one of your fingers.


Editor's Review :

How to Loot 2 is a fascinating puzzle game. If you have already played How to Loot, it will be quite easy for you to play this sequel. You can move all the pins by using only one of your fingers. As you already know, this game will be a test of your Intelligence. You can use different tactics to deal with those monsters. The difference is that the designing of some monsters becomes more vivid. You can see the horns on the head of this monster, the white and big teeth and the glowing eyes. The monsters look intimidating, but there is no need for you to feel afraid or frustrated. You will defeat all the monsters by completing all the fascinating challenges. The princess is gorgeous. She has sleek blonde hair and wears the pink dress. It is such a satisfying thing to save the cute princess by conquering all the traps and monsters. The layouts of different levels are also different. You will see that the pins are designed in a more delicate way. The layouts become more complex. So you will have a totally different game experience while you are playing this game. There is no need for you to be too harsh on yourself. Actually, it is not that kind of difficult for you to complete all the levels. You just need to have confidence in your smart brain and the agility of your fingers. As long as you can figure out the right order of pulling all the pins, you will successfully complete the task of rescuing the cute princess. But before you make any action, you need to consider carefully which pin to pull first. You can use the lava, the poisonous liquid and other dangerous objects to deal with the monsters. In this way, you will destroy the monster by using the least effort. It involves calculation logic. So in order to save the princess in an efficient way, you must think carefully. But as long as you try your best, you will escape the castle and you will manage to save the adorable princess. You should make full use of all the resources around you, including the pipes and the traps. You need to make accurate calculations to let all the lethal items drop directly onto the head of the monster. But if you pour the poisonous liquid or the lava onto the knight by accident, you will fail your task. And you will notice that the higher the levels, the more complex things will be. All the traps are designed in a more sophisticated way in the later levels. So you should analyze the whole situation before you move the pins. Besides, in the castle, you have no backup. So you must be brave and figure out your own ways of defeating all the monsters and conquer the dangerous traps. It is really fun to let the water run through the transformation pipe to turn the water into lava so as to destroy the dangerous monsters. It is a very necessary thing for you to use all the dangerous objects and traps around you to deal with the monsters. It is not advised for you to face the monsters with your bare hands. By completing all the tasks, you will enjoy great excitement. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. The adventure is full of unexpected traps and dangers. After you reach to a new level, you will always come across new traps. With careful calculation and proper intelligence, you will be able to help the knight pull the right pins, overcome the traps and obstacles and successfully escape the castle. Eventually, you will win over the heart of the beautiful princess. Compared with the original game, this game is more attractive and more creative. You will experience a number of new features, including the liquid conversion and transformation. The graphics are of high quality. The sound effect is awesome! And the designing of the layout is perfect. There are altogether more than 180 fascinating and diverse challenges available. And you will always have the golden chance to explore totally new levels. So you will experience different challenges while you are playing this game. Things will never get repetitive. And you will fall in love with the process of conquering all the fascinating challenges. Anyway, it is really fun to overcome all the complex puzzles. If you can successfully solve all the challenging puzzles, you will feel so proud of yourself. As the sequel to the original game, this game has its own special features because it will give you the chance to experience even more exciting adventures. The thing is that you must rely on your wisdom to figure out the right way of getting the treasure, defeating the enemies, saving the princess and removing the right pins. The key role is that you must always move the right pin by following the logical order. Actually, this is a quite meaningful game, because it can help train your brain. It will help improve your memory, because you need to remember all the details in order to successfully help the princess. It will also be a great test of your IQ. It is very convenient for you to play this game. You can always have some fun of pulling the pins at any time. Even if you have no Internet connection, you can still enjoy the puzzles. If you play this game for a very long period of time, you can successfully complete all the levels without being defeated even for once, because you will form the right thinking pattern to solve all the puzzles. Obviously, if you are one of the fans of jigsaw puzzles, you will love this puzzle game for sure. After you complete all the levels, you will have a sharper brain with higher Intelligence and faster thinking speed. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to help the hero destroy all the monsters by pulling the right pins. And you will successfully help the hero rescue the princess and get the priceless treasure. The beauty and the valuable treasure are waiting for you to pick up. If you want to get the whole charm of this game, you should keep playing this game, because the later levels are more fascinating. And the puzzles contained in the later levels are more challenging. Now it is time for you to release your brain power and save the cute princess!

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