How to Loot - Pin Pull

How to Loot - Pin Pull

Developer: Azura Global

If you love playing simple puzzle games like Pull the Pin, you will definitely enjoy this game a lot.


Editor's Review :

How to Loot is a great puzzle game. If you love playing simple puzzle games like Pull the Pin, you will definitely enjoy this game a lot. It is really fun to solve all the complex puzzles to rescue the cute princess. In different levels, you will have totally different layouts. So it is impossible for you to become bored with this game. On the contrary, you just cannot resist the temptation to continue your adventure because you are so curious about the difficulties that you will come across in the next level. In each level, you will see a knight who is trapped. You must help him get rid of the monsters and other dangers. As long as you try your best, you will help him successfully complete his task of getting the treasure and rescuing the princess. At the beginning, things are quite simple, because you only need to pull one or two pins. But as the game progresses, things will become more and more challenging, because you will be faced with many pins and many dangerous traps and obstacles. But no matter what may happen, you should think carefully before you pull the pins. And as long as you pull the pins by following the right order, you will successfully help the knight rescue the princess and get the treasure that he wants. So your main task is to remove these pins in a strategic way. If you pull all the pins by following the right order, you will see that the treasure will drop down safely and automatically into the possession of the knight. As for the specific skill, it is quite simple for you to play this game. You can pull all the pins by using only one of your fingers. In each level, you will see at least three elements: the treasure, knight and pins. So you must make sure that you will help the knight get the treasure that he wants. But in some levels, you will just complete the level by defeating the monsters. You should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game, because as you advance toward higher levels, you will come across new obstacles that will make things more complicated. Sometimes, you will fail your task. But no matter what may happen, there is no need for you to feel frustrated. After you try for several times, you will successfully rescue the princess and get the treasure. You must always watch out for the lava which is suspended over the head of the knight or over the treasure. You can use the water to put out the lava first. As long as you can strategically move the pins and let the lava destroy the monster, you will win. So you should always make full use of the obstacles and dangers around you to deal with those monsters. But if you let the lava directly drop onto the head of the knight by accident, you will lose the treasure. This is a perfect puzzle game which will provide you with a golden opportunity to demonstrate you resourcefulness as you help the knight get the priceless treasure. It is also an excellent game for you to kill your spare time by solving all the puzzles. And helping the knight collect the treasures will give you a sense of satisfaction. To get the whole charm of this fascinating game, you should keep playing this game. You will feel excited when you are challenged by the complex levels. And it is a very meaningful thing for you to help this brave night and steal the treasure from the rich because the treasure will be given to the poor. So you should always make all your efforts to get the treasure. It is very important for you to get the treasure by depending on your wisdom instead of the pure force or thoughtless actions. You cannot do things without thinking carefully. If you want to defeat the enemies and rescue the princess without making any mistake, you must plan your steps of moving the pins beforehand. By looting the treasure, you will become the richest and the most generous knight in the kingdom. The poor will hold great gratitude towards you. It is such a satisfying thing to rescue the princess of your dream from the monsters. You will see that the princess will show her love towards you after you successfully rescue her. She will show the gesture of love for your effort and for your heroic behaviors. To save your energy and time, you can just push the enemies and monsters into the lava. And you are also allowed to poison your enemies. You can also use the sharp knives and other lethal weapons. You should first grab the weapon to defend yourself before you choose to pull the pin and fight against the enemies. There is no need for you to get panic because even if your knight is smaller in size, it is very easy for your brave and armed knight to kill the gigantic and horrible monster. There are more than 500 challenging puzzles for you to solve, so you will have a very entertaining gaming experience. In the meantime, you can also have the best gaming experience by wearing your headphones while you are playing this game. Anyway, this is a perfect game to test your IQ score. It is time for you to show your wits and kill all the monsters. If you have a very smart and logical brain, you will find that it is not that kind of difficult to pull the pins by following a logical order. But if you pull the wrong pins, you will fail your task of rescuing the cute princess. And while you are playing this game, you should always think out of the box. Sometimes, you will be faced with more than one monster in a certain level. So you should apply different strategies to kill the monsters. For instance, you can just let the bucket directly land onto the head of one of the monsters to kill this monster and let another monster drop into the fire pit. After you kill all the monsters, your knight will successfully get the treasure. And you should notice that some pins can also be moved towards different directions. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start this heroic adventure. You can just use your own Intelligence to kill all the monsters and conquer all the traps and difficulties to rescue the princess!

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