Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

Developer: PIProductions

If you love playing Among Us, you should definitely play this game.


Editor's Review :

This is a great role-playing game. If you love playing Among Us, you should definitely play this game. You will fall in love with the 3D graphics. And you will have the golden chance to try various new tasks. The most important thing is that this game offers a real-time voice chat system in which you can chat and have a discussion with other players while you are trying to find the impostors. All the teams will be divided into two parts. You can choose to be either as an impostor or a space mate. If you choose to play as an impostor, your main task is to kill all the other players within your eyesight. But if you choose to play as a crew mate, you need to find and kill the impostors. In order to successfully complete all your tasks, there are also some tricks. For instance, if you choose to play as a roommate, you should always stick with other crew mates, which is one of the most effective methods for you to find the real impostor. You must try to cooperate with each other. If you can always stick with someone that you trust, and then it would be impossible for the impostor to kill you, which means you will have a bigger chance to survive. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction if you can successfully complete your task by perfectly cooperating with other crew mates and win the final victory. Even if you die and even if you get killed by one of the impostors, you should continue completing your task. This is one of the most distinctive part of the game. After you die, you can still complete your task by providing timely help to other team members to win the match. Of course, if you make all your efforts, you will also get abundant rewards. If you are lucky, you will also win trophies. While you are playing this game, you should always keep focusing on your play and you should always be careful, because it is very likely for you to fall into some traps. For instance, if you play as a sheriff, you should not directly tell other players about your real identity. Instead, you can just pay attention to all the other players around and see if there is someone who is trying to pretend like a real sheriff and use this identity to disguise himself. If you can identify the impostor, it will be very easy for you to find him in that very next round and kill this despicable impostor without any hesitation. But if you play as an impostor, you should always do things in a very creative way. For instance, you should always try and kill the innocent crew mates in some dark corners or places like under the rock or under the bush. Otherwise, it is very likely for you to get spotted by other players while you are committing the crime. As you can camp near the body, you are allowed to kill another crew mate near the dead body. So things will become more exciting if you choose to play as an impostor. Besides, you can always be a sly impostor to cover your real identity. You can always stick with the real crew mates who can help you remove suspicion. Of course, you can always cooperate with another impostor, because you can complete a double kill with your partner. But the precondition is that you must always stick with each other. It is obvious that cooperating with your team is the most efficient way of getting rid of all those crew mates within the least amount of time. At the end of each match, all the players will be rewarded with a chest. In this chest, you will usually find some cool rewards. Actually, no matter you win or lose the match, you will always get some kind of chest after that match. It is really exciting to get some cool rewards, including skins and fancy clothes. You should always play this game in a wise way. It is a very bad idea for you to confront the crew mates face to face by revealing your true identity. As an impostor, you should always use the clever way to kill all your targets. To be specific, you can kill someone and sabotage the crime scene after killing the victim. As this kind of havoc will create a diversion. If all the other players focus on fixing the damage and chaos, you can successfully get away with the chase and kill another person in the same round. Anyway, if you love playing Among Us, you will definitely fall in love with this game. It is really fun to chat with your best friends while trying to complete all the challenging tasks. You will have a quite unique experience. While you are playing as the space crew, you must make all your efforts and you will struggle to prevent your precious spaceship from crashing down. You always know that there are some impostors on this spaceship, but before you find the real impostors, you are always in danger and you should always keep alert to successfully get rid of all these potential dangers whose main objective is to kill all the innocent crew mates. In this game, you will get exclusive skins. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to get all the rewards. Now what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to pick a role and start the matches. While you are completing all the tasks, your impostor skills will also be improved. In this world, you need to kill, you need to survive and you just need to play around in a very clever way, but all your actions are determined by your roles. And your purpose makes you feel that you are walking on the edge between light and darkness. It is very important for you to fight for your own purpose. You should always depend on seamless strategies to successfully get rid of all the dangers and survive. In a word, the gameplay of this fantastic game is awesome. You will have the golden opportunity to match up with friends worldwide. And the classic mode is so familiar. As the game progresses, you will have the chance to try other more challenging modes. Who knows? Maybe by playing this game, you can also make lots of new friends. And by creating your own private room, you can just invite some intimate friends to have this great and exciting adventure in this private room. In this way, you will not be disturbed. It is time for you to start your new adventure as an importer or an ordinary crew mate. Anyway, you will have lots of fun!

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