Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Developer: Rockstar Games

You are allowed to do all kinds of crazy things.


Editor's Review :

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a classic action game. By playing this game, you will have a golden opportunity to play as a criminal. In this city of vice, you are allowed to do all kinds of crazy things. You will make lots of choices which will determine the destiny of this city. It is really fun to drive all kinds of vehicles to perform all the tasks. You will have the golden chance to drive high-performance cars with totally distinctive features. There are also power boats and motorbikes available. If you are in danger, you can always fly out of danger by using the helicopters. No matter what type of player you are, this game will always give you new surprises. Compared with other GTA games, this game contains deeper depth. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to follow any strict rules. Everything is totally up to you. This is a game of subjugation or domination. You must try every means to dominate this city and use all kinds of strategies to perform your tasks. You will be part of the system of money laundering and other dirty business. As the game progresses, you will also be able to buy properties. All these properties will help you make more profits. With the money earned, you can always get better gears. There are many clubs and balls for you to enjoy. And you will also have the golden opportunity to join all the side missions. But this game is not suitable for kids to play, because it involves sexuality and all kinds of criminal behaviors. But if you are an adult who is looking for some violent games to experience a totally different life, you should start this adventure right now. It is really hard for you to resist the temptation to drive all the awesome cars and successfully conquer all the challenges to earn enough amount of money to successfully change your whole life. This whole environment encourages you to be devious and to outwit those cops. You must learn to live independently. In this world, you will have no backup and you cannot trust anyone when you are carrying out your tasks. Sometimes, things may become weird because you will always come across unexpected situations. All these shootings and criminal activities are so realistic that you will feel that you are experiencing real world consequences and all your behaviors will be powered by bizarre beliefs in this world. You will completely forget about all your moral codes. All you can think of is to do all kinds of irrational things to complete your task and get your purpose fulfilled. But the good news is that you will always feel a sense of passion. Even if you are a criminal, you always want to find some deeper meaning behind the chaos. Through the lens of good versus evil, you will always feel that you are the true hero. Nothing can stop you from being yourself in this world. And all these dangerous activities will always inspire a sense of higher purpose. And you will always feel a deep sense of commitment. As you can see, this city falls apart and each of your choices has a tremendous impact on this city. In real life, it is really hard for you to do some drastic actions to change the city that you live in. But in this virtual world, you will feel power and strength to make drastic changes in the city of vice. Actually, this sense of power and commitment is detrimental for you to maintaining your inner balance. You will experience the most intensive emotional change in your life. Sometimes, you will join a war that is against insurmountable foe. But no matter what may happen, you will always have this deep sense of engagement. All the violent scenes will always meet your psychological needs. It feels awesome to achieve all these goals. As a criminal, you feel great when you are working for something bigger than yourself. During the time of uncertainty, you must always keep calm and find your own ways to cope with all the dangerous situations. While you are carrying out your task, you can always listen to different radio stations. On Top of this, the graphics are stunning. All the lamp, lights, and the beach are so real. The realistic environment makes you feel that you are a true criminal in this city of vice. But you will always feel this sense of meaning and purpose. And you always deeply believe that you can successfully be the king of this virtual world. If you feel tired, you can always get a night of ecstasy on a beautiful beach or some other places that you like. You must fervently believe that final victory will always be yours. And you will have a totally new life in this harsh world. Under the most dangerous situation, you can always try to leap with faith in order to save yourself. There is no need for you to join a gang or become fully devoted to the leader. This is not a perfect world. There is no need for you to sacrifice yourself for other people's benefits. Your life in this world is full of drama and conflict. In this pretty insane place, things will only get worse and worse, but not everything is conclusively wrong and scary. You can always start your own revolution and create more possibilities to achieve your life's purpose. Sometimes, the police will tease you and try to teach you a lesson. But as a criminal, you should always run as fast as you can by taking advantage of all the vehicles around you. From time to time, you will be faced with a hostage situation. When you see a girl taken hostage by some other criminals, you can always be a hero and try to save this girl. But of course, you can always be cold-blooded and ignore this situation. It feels great to have the absolute control of your character. You can freely explore this world and walk around. Everything is based on your own decisions. It is time for you to write your own life stories in this world. During your adventure, you will come across all kinds of people who work in different industries. So, you will always have many interactive things. You can always use these people to do all kinds of experiments to find true humanity. In real life, we are always forbidden to do anything illegal. So being a criminal and living a criminal's life is so abstract. In this virtual world, you have a great opportunity to live as a true criminal. And it is really fun to find different ways to achieve all your purposes and to tell your own stories!

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