Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Developer: Rockstar Games

The sprawling crime epic that changed open-world games forever.


Editor's Review :

This is a great action game, which is also a hybrid game comprising shooting, driving, and exploring. If you would like to, you can also try the role playing. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game. You will start off as this nameless criminal. You are allowed to commit all kinds of crimes without feeling guilty. It is so fun to carry out the bank robbery. Of course, it is not an easy thing to escape from the police. But if you can successfully get rid of those policemen, you will feel so proud of yourself. Sometimes, you will also deal with the Italian mafia. So you will have a lot of things to do. There are many missions for various factions of organized crimes. You will have an epic adventure in this liberty city. There are altogether three large urban areas, including the commercial area, suburban districts and the industrial area. You will find totally different buildings in different areas. The landscapes will also keep changing. And you will never feel lonely. While you are playing this game, you will come across different characters and you can have interactions with these characters who have totally different personalities. The interesting stories contained in each mission will definitely attract your attention. You will notice that all these characters have their own special and unique personalities. And all the missions are packed with different characters. These characters will not make you feel that you are communicating with the robots. Actually, all the characters are far more realistic. From time to time, you will be distracted by random missions and other side jobs. But the most important thing is to have fun. So besides the primary missions, you can also explore for yourself. It is awesome to test all the cars to limits. There is no need for you to worry about the speed limit. You can race as fast as you can. Every time when you manage to improve your driving skills, you will feel so proud of yourself. In the meantime, there are many vehicles available. You will feel absolute freedom while you are in this game. This nonlinear game will give you enough room to explore and have fun. You will never feel monotonous. Once you successfully repair all the broken bridges and subways, you can just drive around these different areas. You can explore each corner of this town. It is exciting to drive across the amazing beaches and subways. In this virtual world, you can also walk into the buildings and find all the secrets. You can explore the balconies, rooms, and even the rooftops. Nearly everything can be explored. While you are playing this game, you will have a mind-blowing experience. Of course, you will also be chased by the policemen and your opponents and mafia gangs. But no matter what may happen, you should always keep calm. And before you start each mission, you should try to learn the specific skills of using your weapons. It will take you a little time to successfully master your weapons, especially the aiming system for automatic weapons. But there is no need for you to worry. You will get the tricks of successfully mastering all your weapons to remove the policemen and your rivals. Besides, you should know that all the vehicles also vary in speed and handling. So under different circumstances, you should try to grab a proper weapon. The good news is that it is quite easy for you to control these vehicles, you can just press the x button to accelerate and the square button to brake. You will have this fantastic experience while you are shooting your enemies from your car seat. It would be best if you can shoot while driving your car forward at a really fast speed. There are lots of weapons available. You can have the bat to hit your enemy if you are forced to fight face to face. But if you notice that your target is far away, you can choose the sniper rifle, the Molotov Cocktail and the Uzi. It is addicting for you to kill all your enemies while driving your car. When it comes to graphics, this game features a particular style of artwork. You will love the hand-drawn characters. The artwork is performed with heavy outlines, which makes all the characters look so real. You can even see the facial expressions on these characters' faces. And through the facial expressions, the muscles and the square-jawed face, you can even tell their inner world and their current emotional state. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to enjoy yourself by playing this objective-based action game. You will enjoy yourself a lot while you are trying to complete all the missions. This is a perfect game to turn a boy into a real man. You can do a lot of nasty or heroic things. The most unbelievable thing is to get a tank and put it into your own garage. So it is time for you to be a real man. Maybe in your daily life, you always feel powerless in front of many situations. But in this virtual world, you can just arm yourself to the teeth and release your true nature. Of course, from time to time, you will be forced to put yourself in danger. But it is worthwhile to take the risk because you will have the golden chance to become invincible and have the whole world under your control. Overall, this is a great shooting game with many distinctive features and with rich content. You will also read many interesting stories while you are carrying out all kinds of tasks. It is very convenient for you to play this game. The controls are smooth. And the whole mechanics is not that kind of challenging to understand. If you would like to, you can also switch to visual perspective while you are shooting. The background music is also awesome. So what are you still waiting for? There is no reason for you to miss such a wonderful and exciting shooting game. If you are one of the fans of shooting games, you should definitely try it now. It is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your shooting skills and have some fun time!

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