Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter

Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter

Developer: Kadexo Limited

Complete all the challenging missions given by the mafia boss.


Editor's Review :

Block City Wars is an awesome shooting game. It is really fun to complete all the challenging missions given by the mafia boss. In this world of crime, there is no need for you to follow any rules. You can just try every means within your ability to finish all the tasks. If your performance is good enough, you will successfully get rid of the police. Of course, you will always have all kinds of awesome vehicles. If you are a real fan of shooting games, you will do an impressive job. It is fascinating to kill all the enemies while driving your favorite car. Of course, it is not about shooting blindly. Actually, it is more about your reaction speed and your concentration ability. You will always get some inspirational ideas from other players about how to successfully deal with those enemies with higher efficiency. But ultimately you must rely on yourself to choose the perfect weapon to kill all those enemies before they have the advantage to kill you. Fulfilling your shooting missions will definitely make this world become better. While you are shooting, you will fully immerse yourself in this world. You will forget about everything else. You just want to complete your goal of shooting down as many enemies as possible. Of course, in real life, if somebody takes out the gun and aims at you, you will always feel uneasy. And you want to keep a safe distance from this person. But in this virtual world, whenever you take up the gun, you will always feel so excited. Of course, if you successfully take down all those enemies without wasting any bullets, your enemies will always feel scared. But it is so fun to shoot down all those enemies. With the awesome gun in your hand, there is no need for you to be afraid of the policemen who are patrolling the streets. Maybe you have never been close to a gun in real life. So whenever you are holding the gun, you feel that you have all the power in your hands, and you can deal with any unexpected situations and you can take down both the policemen who are chasing you and the mafia gangsters. The truth is that guns are not part of our daily lives. So in this virtual world, you will always have a desire for bloodshed. And you just want to release the power contained in your gun. You will never be intimidated by your enemies when you are holding your favorite gun. Frequently, you will be challenged by terrorists and other criminals. But you can always do them a lot of harm by releasing your trigger. If you are an amazing shooter, you will have great enjoyment because whenever you aim, you will never miss your target. And at the decisive moment, you will always shoot down the enemy who threatens your life. In this virtual world, you can just freely risk your life, because there is no need for you to have any safety concerns. You can liberate all the oppressed feelings while you are shooting down without thinking about the consequences. Some enemies are wonderful shooters. You will always deal with enemies with amazing shooting speed and accuracy with respect. In the meantime, you will always fully concentrate on your shooting task while you are faced with powerful enemies. Otherwise, you will be the one who gets shot. If you are a professional shooter, you will always have the deepest awareness about each movement performed by your body and even by your finger. You will never be alone while you are in this world because there are other thousands of players from different parts of the world. But there is no need for you to let your gun stand between good and evil. You can always choose to do whatever you want. There is no need for you to define your own shooting behavior. While you are shooting in this world, you can just forget about all the labels and all the rules. You can always take up the gun to shoot. But your purpose is not to destroy, but to stop those criminals who are doing evil to this city, or you can always take up your gun to protect the vulnerable and the weak. Naturally, you can also choose to shoot for your own freedom. You can always be a selfish or a selfless shooter, depending on your mood. The most meaningful thing is to show your real shooting skills and have fun. With the awesome gun in your hand, you will always create your own glorious shooting record. And the gun in your hand will also become a legendary gun. If you choose to be a shooting hero, the gun in your hand will be turned into an instrument of peace and ability. But sometimes, you will just witness so many crimes that you feel that this world is just hopeless and beyond saving. If this is the case, you can always shoot whoever is within your eyesight. And you can get really violent. But if you do choose to be a shooting hero for the peace of this city, you can always manage to decrease violence by using your wonderful shooting skills. There is no need for you to show mercy towards these gangsters. On the contrary, you can simply release your beastly shooting impulses for revenge. The pure rage towards these gangsters and the crimes committed by them will always help you show your real shooting skills. In other words, if you shoot for the peace and prosperity of this city, you will always have violence under your control. Seeing your wonderful shooting skills, those gangsters will clearly know the penalties that they will get if they commit crimes. And they will naturally abstain from violence. It is natural for gangsters to start a war in the city. But with your unparalleled shooting skills, you can always stop or even eliminate all the violence. If you can successfully shoot down all the gangsters and other criminals, you will help enhance the peace of this city even further. Where there are professional shooters, there is always peace and harmony. And while you are shooting, you will always have a sense of satisfaction. If you fail to successfully shoot down all these criminals, they will drag down the whole city into chaos and conflict. But your amazing shooting skills will always intimidate these criminals and gangsters. Besides, you will also enjoy yourself a lot while you are shooting in this amazing world. Every time the bullet flies out of the gun, all your negative thoughts will also disappear simultaneously. You will always have a very calm mind. And you will always feel the ultimate power in you whenever you are shooting. Now it is time for you to shoot for a better world and to enjoy yourself!

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