Supreme Duelist Stickman

Supreme Duelist Stickman

Developer: Neron's Brother

Supreme Duelist Stickman is a really exciting action-packed casual game.


Editor's Review :

Supreme Duelist Stickman is a really exciting action-packed casual game. In the beginning, things are quite simple. And it is a piece of cake for you to kill your enemy. But after you play for some time, things will become immensely more difficult for you to take down your opponent. It would have been impossible for you to produce the power to conquer your opponent without using some clever strategies, so you should always remember that this fighting is not about purely using brutal force. Actually, it is more about applying your intelligence and your inner wisdom to conquer your opponent. If you can successfully find the weak points of your opponent, you will defeat your opponent without making too much effort. And you will have a very transcending fighting experience. Everything in this world is uncertain. You will never know what kind of move your opponent will apply next. But it is great to fight against your opponent because while you are fighting in this amazing world, you will break free from this sense-bound enslavement. You can float in the air and you can get rid of the pulling of gravity. Besides, you will have scores of weapons to deal with your opponent. You will have sharp knives, potions, axes, and other dangerous stuff. Some of these weapons may seem weird. But you can use any weapon that you like. At first glance, these weapons are not powerful enough. And these weapons may seem fragile, but once you start fighting, the power contained in these weapons will adequately explain why all these weapons with weird shapes are so powerful. Sometimes, things will become extremely embarrassing, especially when you choose the wrong weapon, for instance, when your enemy uses a very powerful weapon that will constantly blow you away or attack you, but you only have this weapon which can be only used to fight against your opponent face to face. So, it is very important for you to always use the right weapon to deal with your opponent. It is of the same significance for you to fully use your imagination. Sometimes, things may become really horrible, especially when you come into a new battle place. And you are faced with a new opponent capable of doing really weird and unexpected things to destroy you. In the meantime, there will always be obstacles that will appear out of nowhere. It will be a great challenge for you to successfully avoid all these dangerous obstacles. But no matter what may happen, you just could not help yourself from killing your opponent first, which does not mean that you are a mean person. Interestingly, you will feel so great every time you successfully take down your opponent without blinking your eyes. All the fighting is violent, but the characters' body movements are rather cute. As human beings evolve, the games played by human beings are also evolved. You can see that the whole environment is very realistic. And the visual effects are awesome. From a different perspective, this game can definitely help release your pressure. This is an incredible game for you to play when you feel down or when you are in a bad mood. This game will help you release your deepest emotion. While you are fighting against your opponent, you will always have this clear purpose of dominating this world by defeating all the opponents. After playing for some time, you will definitely and absolutely become excellent at killing your opponent. The meaning of killing your opponent is not about purely winning. The final victory actually is more about experiencing yourself as a truly living and breathing person. You will feel fantastic when you are actually connected to yourself while you are fighting against your opponent. The boundary of your brain that divides real from fantasy will begin to crumble. You will forget about everything else. And all fierce fighting will definitely leave a mark on you. You will become more and more heroic. And you can make the right reactions in front of unexpected attacks. At some point, this game is not purely about having a fun time. Actually, it will become a kind of alternative existence. You will feel more alive while you are living as this stickman. But this is not an escape from real life. This life-altering experience in this virtual space will make you feel fully connected to your true self. This fighting experience will also involve the understanding of your own inner world in real life. You may always judge yourself based on other people's opinions unconsciously. But in this world, you will get rid of all those labels and you will see your true self. You just want to win more fighting because the fighting process can make you feel the real you. You can invest yourself emotionally in this fighting process. If you are a person who is capable of dealing with multiple tasks at the same time in real life, you will have better performance and you will easily outperform your opponent, and you will be more proficient in fighting against your opponent while successfully avoiding all the dangerous obstacles around you. While you are fighting against your opponent, you will feel the exponential increase in the amount of dopamine in your body, you will feel so excited and so exhilarated. This continuous process of fighting will always motivate you to take down more opponents who are equipped with totally different fighting skills. And you will unconsciously seek such exciting feelings by fighting against your opponent over and over again. It seems that you will never get bored with this fighting process because it can truly make you feel a connection with this world. At last, you will always feel power and self-confidence while you are fighting against your opponent, and you will always have this power of motivation. It seems that you refuse to give up, no matter what kind of opponent that you are faced with. You just have this indescribable confidence that you can figure out one way or another to successfully defeat your opponent, which is very helpful for you to improve your "Fluid Intelligence", which is the intelligence about the capability of solving different problems under emergency in the real world. This game is really fun! And it can help you improve your fluid intelligence while releasing all the energy that stops serving you!

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