Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

You can clearly see the facial expressions of different characters.


Editor's Review :

Street Fighter 6 is a really exciting fighting game. If you are a fan of fighting games, you should definitely try this game, because it is absolutely fun! You will be faced with many competitors, but you will love this game. All the graphics are incredible! You can clearly see the facial expressions of different characters. All the details are so realistic that you can see the shadows on the ground and even the bruises and cuts on the faces of your characters. If your characters' performance is good enough, the onlookers will cheer crazily for your characters. At the end of the fight, if your character wins the final victory, your character will always show the victorious poses. Everything in this game will make you feel that you are guiding the real fighters to win this brutal battle. You will never feel that you are fighting against machines. Besides, each character has his or her own fighting style. There are altogether eighteen different characters for you to select. And each character is equipped with devastating fighting techniques. The most unbelievable thing is that you can customize these characters based on your own preferences. You can select different outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and other features for your favorite character. Of course, the battles can be fierce and insane, but you must choose the proper offense and defense strategies to deal with your opponents. If you would like to take risks, you will get more abundant rewards. Sometimes, you will be faced with many experienced fighters. But there is no need for you to be intimidated because eventually, you will figure out wonderful combos to defeat all your opponents. It is very important for you to adjust your strategies to fight against different opponents with different fighting skills. After you become an experienced fighter, you can always try and challenge more opponents. By fighting against different opponents, your fighting skills will be improved. No matter how intimidating things can be when you are faced with a higher-level enemy, you must always keep calm. If you get distracted or lose your own fighting pace, you will be defeated. It is also necessary for you to level up your fighting skills and your attacking abilities to kill all those opponents and enemies. If it is within your ability, you can always mix different moves to exert maximum damage. It is not the right place for you to think about the moral codes. You must always be aggressive and you must always seize the opportunity to take the advantage. Before your enemies have the chance to react, you can just unleash unpredictable moves to kill your opponents. If you continuously fail, you will feel overwhelmed and you may even lose the confidence to continue this fighting adventure. So, it is very significant for you to adjust your fighting strategies when you are confronted with different opponents and enemies. Anyway, you will enjoy the fluidity of the moves performed by different characters. As you can see, your characters are all fully trained and they can react really fast in front of danger. If you can fully immerse yourself in this world, you will always come into a state of no mind. It is really fun and exciting! And you will always experience tremendous beauty in those wonderful moves performed by your characters. While you are fighting against your opponents, you will always be full of energy. And all your fighting actions can be spontaneous. As time goes by, you will manage to fight and act unconsciously in front of any potential dangers. You should not react mechanically based on your opponent's strategies. You can never allow your opponent to push your buttons or lead you or allow you to fight and act in a certain way. You must always try your best to become the master of this battleground. Once you are manipulated by your opponent, you will lose the battle for sure. So, you can never let yourself become the plaything in the hands of your opponent. If you can spontaneously release different combos, your opponent will fail to predict your next move. But in order to become the ultimate fighter, you must always focus on the present because no one can predict a person who acts out of no mind and who always focuses on the present moment. If you can always be awake, alert, and conscious, you will always find different alternatives and chances to turn the disadvantaged situation. Once you come into full consciousness, you will also experience total freedom. All your actions will also be totally controlled by your unconscious mind. Once your mind is in the present, your actions will not be conditioned in any way. At such moments, your ability to perform spontaneously will be released and trained. In real life, you may think and behave the way you are conditioned to think and behave. While you are fighting in this world, there is no need for you to follow the way you are expected to behave. Actually, you can just fight like a barbarian. It is time for you to release your bloodthirsty nature. You can just enjoy yourself through the violence and power released by perfectly combining different skills together. You can always be unpredictable, especially when the danger arises. And when the threat appears, you can just respond with your total awareness. Being fully aware of the situations around you, you will feel so omnipotent that you will enjoy the kicks so much! It is just impossible for you to imagine your fighting limit. And it seems that you are just capable of killing all your enemies without making too much effort. So, on the battleground, there is no need for you to repress your fighting desire or your tendency to combine different skills to make new combos in a creative way. Awareness is always the key point. If you become fully aware, you will have a very nonviolent and peaceful mind. Even if your actions are powerful and you release all kinds of deadly skills, you will never feel that you are forcing yourself. Everything will become so natural! This fighting game is not only about purely using brutal force to kill all your opponents. It is not just about those fancy moves.Actually, this game will help you to be always in a state of readiness. You will always be ready to accept, respond and live in a proper way. And this game will also help you improve your ability to always be ready to face whatever life brings. You will always be in an alert, conscious and aware state. At last, if you have always been undergoing lots of pressure because of work or other things that force you to repress your true feelings, you should definitely try this game, because the fighting process can really help you release all the negative energy and anger. And you will always feel so refreshed at the end of each fighting!

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