EA Sports FIFA 23

EA Sports FIFA 23

Developer: Electronic Arts

It is wonderful for you to try and show your true potential!


Editor's Review :

EA SPORTS FIFA 23 is a wonderful football simulation game. If you have this obsession with playing football simulation games, you should definitely try this game. You may find many familiar features, but this game also includes many creative new features. So it is wonderful for you to try and show your true potential for conquering other players and creating your own record of playing football. You have the golden chance to play football with other global teams. And nothing is more exciting than conquering the most prestigious football players in the world. Even if this is a virtual game, you will love the authenticity of this game. You can see clearly the body movements of all the football players. And you will love the fluidity of different actions performed by these players. You can even see the facial expressions shown by different players during critical moments. If you play as a coach, you will have the chance to build your own football team. Of course, winning the game is not purely about hiring the most experienced players from different parts of the world. It is more about deploying the right players at the right places on the playground. It also requires intelligence and insight to build a perfect football team. After you win, you always feel so refreshed. If you can successfully come up with the perfect tactics, you will eventually become an elite football player. And you will naturally know how to train more elite football players. If your performance is good enough, you will manage to unlock a series of rewards. The most distinctive feature of this game is the career mode. Of course, the career mode will cost you lots of time to defeat all your opponents. But you will find the patience from the bottom of your heart to go through all the troubles. As soon as you step on the turf, you always feel so excited. Everything in this world is just like the situations that may happen during your real-life football competition. If you win the final victory, you will also be interviewed by the journalist and reporters. During the press conference, you can share your opinions about your performance and your football career. Your on-field performance is not simply determined by your football skills. In the meantime, you must always keep calm. You can not get distracted by other sounds and annoying noises when you are playing. If you can always be in the right mindset, you will manage to score in creative ways. It is so satisfying to get the score. And your opponents will be amazed at your wonderful performance. But you will always have capricious moments on the playground. And everything is unpredictable. You can never know the direction of the ball when it bounces back. So you will always feel tension. And you will always be forced to focus on the potential chance of getting more scores. Nothing on the field is decided by fate. Success or failure depends on your control of the ball and the cooperation between different players. You just need to do your best and perfectly cooperate with other team members. You will never win true victory by refusing to take responsibility for your failure. But no matter what may happen, you should never give up. There can always be miracles on the playground. You can never let your opponents take the glory away from you. It is very important for you to always stand straight and take on all the responsibilities and challenges. Actually, there is immense beauty in being responsible for your actions on the field and trying your best to contribute to your team. You should never be a burden to other team members. And you should never dump your negative feelings on other players. In real life, maybe you always crave to be a professional football player. But there is no chance for you. While in this virtual world, you can freely create your own football career. It is really exciting because you can play football with amazing and famous football players around the whole world. If your performance is good enough, hundreds and even thousands of spectators will roar for your amazing performance. At the critical moment, the spectators around will hold their breath and you can enjoy the pin-drop silence while throwing the ball out. The dopamine level in your brain is always high while you are competing against the famous football players. And it is convenient for you to control your players. The whole scene on the playground is both beautiful and slick. The animation is smooth, so it is exhilarating to watch your players dribbling, shooting, and passing the ball with great skills. It is also fantastic to defeat the top players and create your own record in career mode. But to win the glory, you need to finish all the target tasks included in the career mode. And to please the manager, you must get as many scores as possible on the playground. You will always feel so free and so excited. Your heart is flying over the playground. You will always be so full of energy. And you feel that you can just kick the ball to the faraway stars and you will always feel power and strength through the deep attachment with the earth. Maybe in real life, you always suffer from anguish and anxiety. You just cannot leave the mundane world that chains you. But while you are running forward on the playground, you feel that you can just break from the influence of gravity. Each wonderful kick is in some way a nourishment for your pride. You will suffer from misery, especially when you are faced with experienced and elite football players. But you will also have your own moments of happiness. The rules may create chains for your feet, but you will always have moments of dance in your heart and moments of successfully kicking the ball into the goal without making any mistakes. While you are running on the playground, your feet are firmly rooted in earth, but your spirit is flying in the sky. Earth gives you strength. And the sky always encourages you to realize your football dream and show your true football spirit that is deeply rooted in your soul and that is what makes you a true football player. At last, this game can also help you improve your football skills by carefully observing the body movements and the dribbling skills shown by those elite football players. You can always get some new ideas about controlling the ball under your feet with perfect precision. If you successfully complete all the tasks and win all the competitions, you will feel that your feet just have magic. And you can create all kinds of wonders by using your feet and by perfectly cooperating with other team members. It is not purely about playing football. It is more about releasing and freeing your mind. Kicking football on the playground with great precision will always help you experience the ultimate freedom. If you would like to, you can always invite your football buddies to enjoy this game together. And it is a meaningful thing to create your own football career together!

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