The Sims 4

The Sims 4

Developer: Electronic Arts

There is a very interesting background story behind each character.


Editor's Review :

The Sims 4 is a brilliant life simulation game. If you are one of the huge fans of simulation games, you should definitely try this game. It is amazing to customize different characters. You can make your character look smart or weird. You can select the gender, age, voice, ambition, and even default walking style of your character. With your favorite character, you can perform all kinds of weird activities. In the meantime, there is a very interesting background story behind each character. And this game will not make you feel that you are playing with or guiding the robots because each character has his or her own special personality. In this world, you have the golden chance to start a wholly new life. It is amazing to build your own house on an empty lot. The building mode is incredible! But before you start building, you should design your own home. After you finish your building, you are also allowed to decorate all the rooms based on your own preferences. Besides, there is quite a selection of items available for you to use and decorate your rooms. There is no need for you to worry that you cannot find the proper items to decorate your room because you have a search system. With this considerate system, you can sort things out without making too much effort. It is up to you to make your own life goals. There is no need for you to follow any orders. To some degree, you are just the invisible and powerful overlord behind the screen to control everything and change the life trajectory of these characters. You can change their destiny only by lifting your finger. You can also give these characters different life purposes. But before these characters can have the ability and desire to aspire to achieve higher goals, you must try every means to satisfy their basic needs. In this game, you will not just focus on taking care of your characters' comfort. You should put more emphasis on playing with this world and with your characters. In order to enhance your character's sense of happiness in this world, you should always help your character maintain a healthy relationship with other characters. In the meantime, your character's emotional state will also affect your character's happiness state. So your first priority is to help your character build a very strong and healthy interpersonal relationship in this world. And after that, you can assist your character in achieving all kinds of aspirations. Of course, your efforts will not be wasted. After you complete each task, you will be rewarded. And in order to make your characters have a very comfortable life, you should make sure that the surroundings are clean and beautiful. And you should always guarantee that your characters have friends and family members to interact with and have fun. If your character feels bored, you can just take your character to the bar and maybe your character will fall in love with someone and start a new relationship. If you find that your character is in a low-energy state or not optimistic enough, you can just take your character to the gym and work out. Of course, you can always do lots of things simultaneously. You can read a book and watch TV and talk to your spouse at the same time. Everything in this world is lifelike and dynamic, so you will never feel tedious and you will never be a social outcast. All your desires can be met in this world. If you feel lousy and if you do not want to do all the work by yourself, you can just order some maid services or pizza-delivery services. All sorts of locations are available for you to explore and appreciate. You always have a feeling of freedom in this world. This engrossing experience will make you feel that life in this world is definitely worthwhile. Even if this is a virtual game, you can just eat, sleep, do a perfect job, and fall into a relationship, just like a normal person can do. In this perfect world, you can live long and healthy. There is no need for you to draw a boundary around yourself because you will always have a sense of security and no one will force you to sacrifice your benefit for the sake of the family or the community. Maybe in real life, you always have a sense of emptiness, because you can not realize your dreams and the meaning of your own existence. But in this virtual world, you can just design your own life by following your own free will. Of course, there will be heartbroken moments, but after you go through all these tragic things, you will always learn and grow. There are different life dimensions in this world. So you will be rejuvenated by meeting lots of new things and making friends with new people. And you can fully show your individuality while you are interacting with people of different skin colors. The most wonderful thing is that you will never suffer from authoritarianism or dictatorship, because you are totally free and you can act by following your own free will. In real life, maybe you are always forced to simply follow even without the right to question anything. But in this world, you can just be a rebel, or you can choose to be a reliable person with high intelligence who can work quite efficiently. There is no need for you to replace your true feelings and ideas with fake ideas fabricated by some hypocrites. And there is no need for you to fight. You can avoid being manipulated and used by other evil people to survive and to get more resources. In this world, you will be truly living! And your focus will be on your individual relaxation and happiness. It is really fun to taste a totally different life. Of course, all these scenarios are not true. And some stories might be sick, but you will just enjoy this new life experience. And you may get some different insights about how to live a much more successful life in the real world. It is impossible for you to always decide your fate out of your free will in reality. But in this world, you can totally make decisions of your own free will. No one will or can decide for you. You have all the chances in the world. Sometimes, you will feel grateful for having so many wonderful platforms to realize your true value. And there are so many friends who will just respect you and who are so willing to share their life experiences and stories with you without any judgment. Life in this world will constantly inspire you to think. This thinking process will give you sharper intelligence, which will definitely enhance your real-life quality. There is no punishment of any kind in this world. So it is no big deal if you make some mistakes by accident. As the old saying goes, one has to fall many times to rise up. So even if you think that your house is not perfect enough or you said something wrong in front of a newly-made friend, there is no need for you to be too critical of your own awkward performance because you will always learn from your past mistakes without taking any negative consequences. This world allows you to fully open your heart. And the most distinctive feature of this world is that everybody can live by following his or her own free will. You will see no trace of slavery and restriction on freedom, which is the ultimate value of our life because only in freedom can your life blossom. Now it is time for you to start a wholly new life and blossom to your fullest possibility with other amazing characters!

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