Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Developer: MOB Games Studio

You will find many surprises at the train station and the toy factory.


Editor's Review :

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is an exhilarating horror game. You will have the golden opportunity to explore many locations. You will find many surprises at the train station and the toy factory.Your green hand and right hand will become more powerful. You can remotely control everything with your two cute and elastic hands. In this game, you can also grab things with these two hands. This game includes many innovative features. It is really fun to transfer power without electric wires. You can grab onto pipes and climb really high. You can even swing across the room to get to the next place.Anyway, it is really fun to play this game. The creepy activities will definitely manifest your deepest fear. But it is definitely necessary for you to conquer your fear to successfully complete your task. You should never turn your head away from those dangers. Of course, it is unavoidable for you to be threatened by different obstacles and traps. But you must conquer your fears before you can successfully conquer all the obstacles. Your character is not uncontrollable. And this whole game is not a nightmare. If you are patient enough, you will eventually solve all the puzzles.If you cannot conquer your fear, things will become more and more complex. All the puzzles just contradict what you already know. So, while you are playing this game, you must always think outside of the box. Sometimes, it is completely impossible for you to categorize the puzzle that you come across. You will have some hybrids of memory tests and analyzing skill tests at the same time. But it is really exciting to conquer all the complex puzzles.This whole exciting adventure will always instill energy into you. The whole atmosphere of this abandoned toy factory is really spooky. But you just cannot resist the temptation to keep alive. It is so seductive to outwit the monster who follows you and attempts to kill you. All the tasks included in this exhilarating horror game are fun. Besides, there is a very interesting background story. With this background story, you will experience real suspense and thrills. So, if you love playing horror games, this game will definitely live up to your expectations.Your main purpose is to find the code of this train station. If you can successfully find the code, you will manage to escape from this horrifying place. During this process, you will notice that all the puzzles are so attractive. And it is really fun to manipulate your two cute hands to complete all the puzzles. It is quite normal for you to get freaked out from time to time. But you should always be suspicious. And you cannot trust any figure that you come across on your way ahead, especially the Mummy Long Legs who is a massive toy who seems to be nice. But this massive toy's true purpose is to kill you. So, you must always keep alert for any potential danger and Mummy Long Legs is not the only toy that intends to end your life. The intention of playing this whole game is not only about getting scared but also about using the threats inside the game to review your own dark side. Being scared and experiencing all the threats and unexpected dangers will also make you really think about your life. In this world, you will not be alienated and you are just an explorer. And if you are a true horror fan, you will taste real horror. In the beginning, you may find all the characters are repulsive. But if you play for a very long time, you will gradually form an intimate relationship with these cute characters. Even if they are trying to kill you, you will try to see their good sides. If you stop seeing them for a long time, you just involuntarily miss them and you want to come back to this world to start this new adventure with them. When you first meet Mummy Long Legs and other toys, you may feel terrified because it is quite natural for us to get uneasy about uncontrollable and unknown things. But as the game progresses, you will put more focus on exploring this world. And you will become more familiar with the hobbies and tendencies of these toys. This game will help you touch a totally different aspect of your inner world. While you are trying to solve all the puzzles, you will become more creative and resilient. You just do not want to give up. Even if you are scared to death, you just want to start another round until you successfully get out of this place. Every time you reach for the handle and open the door, you just want to turn your head away because you are so afraid of what you will see when the door creeks open. But this game is not only about experiencing the excitement of uncertainty, actually, this game is more about your logic, your smart decision-making ability, and your critical thinking ability. You must think carefully before you make the next move. And this game also reveals the dark doors that existed in your heart and in your inner world. Some dark doors in your inner world can be captured with imagination. But there are other doors that existed in your mind and in your heart in many different forms. Playing such horror games will always help you capture all the dark doors that exist in your deepest mind, which will help you have a healthier mindset. So, this game is not only about entertaining. Of course, while you are playing this game, you always feel like you are riding a roller coaster. But this game always serves a purpose. This is a useful game for you to keep calm when monsters creep around your heart. Fear can actually teach you lots of things. You will unintentionally tell your own stories, or even write or create your own stories while you are directly experiencing the fears. As soon as the door opens, you will be curious about what you will see. Before you see what is behind the door, your mind will race ahead. Usually, you will imagine all kinds of terrifying things before you see the objects clearly. You will notice that there is a difference between terror and horror. Terror always makes you do some awful understanding based on hallucination, but horror is insane apprehension, and horror is about realization, that is to say, through stumbling against obstacles, you will eventually find the truth. Even if you must face horrifying things, you will eventually find the true side of things that you are afraid of. Now it is time for you to start this exciting and meaningful adventure and read and study your own understanding of horror!

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