Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Developer: Clickteam USA LLC

Childhood nightmares should remain in the past.


Editor's Review :

This is a classic horror game. If you are familiar with the first and the second, and then the third night will be a piece of cake for you. And in this game, you will have more cheats. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy more new features. It is not that kind of difficult for you to survive the night. But the background sound is really scary. All the toys are creepy, but the whole atmosphere is more thrilling. If you want to have a better gaming experience, you can just play this game in the middle of the night with your headphones on. Generally speaking, this game is widely accepted by players from different parts of the world. While you are playing this game, you will be required to survive a week of night shifts. As the game progresses, you will hear many instrumental cassette tapes. If you can successfully finish all the missions included in the five nights, you will enter into the horrible nightmare mode. But actually, this is a bonus night. All the missions contained in the nightmare mode will be more difficult. So things in this game will be more scary. You should be fully prepared to experience the worst nightmare. After you play this game, you will have lots of nightmares. But during this adventure, you will feel so excited. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. From time to time, you will also scream out of fear. But no matter what you may come across, you just refuse to stop. And it is very important for you to search the air vents all the time. You just cannot leave any loopholes. While you are playing this game, you have no backup. So you must totally rely on yourself and watch out for any potential dangers. Once you lower down your guard, you will fail to survive the night. This game is still packed with all kinds of scares. So you should be fully prepared to find all the secrets hidden in this dark place. But compared with the previous games, it is easier for you to keep track of all the events. This time, your job is to trigger audio clips and try your best to lure the animatronics into different areas. But you can never let the animatronics come close to you. The problem is that the electronic system is old and unreliable, which means the video, audio and even the ventilation may cut out at any time. So you can never get distracted. And it is inevitable for you to come across some difficulties while you are trying to pull yourself away from these monsters. And some horrifying operation will also send you into a panic. But no matter what may happen, you must always pull yourself together and try to solve all the challenges. If you freak out, it is impossible for you to complete your task. The animatronics may come out of nowhere. In order to better complete your task, you need to employ actual strategy to keep the homicidal monsters as far away from you as possible. At the same time, you need to stay on top of three malfunctioning computer systems. You also need to try not to succumb to the various scares that will ruin your day. While you are playing this game, you will act as the night watchman. It is not an easy task. And you will shoulder all kinds of responsibilities. At the beginning, things are simple. But as the game progresses, things will become much, much more frightening. So you should be psychologically prepared before you start this adventure. And you must try your best to defend against the murderous animatronics. You can only rely on your wits and a set of security cameras. But if you can successfully get rid of all the evil animatronics, you will feel so proud of yourself. Actually, in this game, your only real threat is the new animatronics, whose name is Springtrap. You must always watch out for this figure. The way Springtrap moves is especially frightening. So whenever you see Springtrap, you must always keep calm. And in this game, you will be in charge of more than one cameras. And you need to constantly check all of your cameras without missing any details. You can always play the audio recording of Springtrap in any room to lure this evil Springtrap away from your office. But Springtrap can always take a shortcut to your office through the vents. So while you are dealing with the animatronics, you must always be fully prepared. And you can never lower down your guard. Whenever you fail to find the traces of Springtrap, you should search the vents as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be as good as dead. Except for keeping track of the roaming animatronics, you have lots of other things to deal with because your audio, video and your ventilation systems may fail to work, which requires you to take lots of time to reset all these systems. There is no need for you to get panic because you will get your own trick of surviving all the nights. Even though the whole game is extremely scary during the first fifteen minutes, the fear will gradually fade. The things is that the whole game shows a very steep difficulty curve. So you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game, because things will become very challenging. There are also many mini games which will reveal all the mysterious secrets about these animatronics. To fully enjoy yourself is your priority. You can just be brave, be calm and be confident. You will be an excellent employee at Freddy's! In the meantime, you will feel so relieved after you survive all the nights. It makes you feel that you are such a qualified employee! It also feels so good to defeat all those animatronics by using your wits! Come on, they are just robots. No matter how clever they are, you can always conquer them with your unique human thinking ability and your special sensitivity!

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