Among Us for PC

Among Us for PC

Developer: Innersloth

Really fun to figure out who is the secret enemy with your friends.


Editor's Review :

Among Us is one of the most popular video games. This is a perfect game for you to play with your best friends. You will love the fancy graphics. And it is really fun to figure out who is the secret enemy with your friends and other family members. This game requires group cooperation. So you must always discuss with other players to find out who the real impostor is, but the whole situation is so fun that you will unconsciously become addicted to this game. In order to find who the ultimate impostor is, the message sent out by you must be wise. If you play as the impostor, you can lie and keep the rest of the crewmates from discovering your true identity. As the infamous impostor, you also need to act very carefully. If you do any reckless things, you will get captured. It is obvious that the ultimate goal in this world is to find the true impostor. There are so many disguises and all the players look the same. So it is not an easy task. The interesting thing is that you can always find out some clues while you are having the meeting. Before you are certain, you must always be careful about your vote. If you choose the wrong person, you will kill an innocent crewmate. And things will become harder in the PC version. This game runs rather smoothly. And the PC version will provide you with a better game experience. It is not wholly about capturing and discussing the details. In fact, you need to come up with some strategies to lure out the true impostors. You must think carefully and combine all the relative factors into consideration to find this impostor. The key to discovering the true impostor is to find out who is lying. Undoubtedly, it is not an easy thing to figure out the truth when someone is lying. But this whole process will cultivate your detective mind. If you can successfully find out who is the real impostor, you will always feel so proud of yourself. And if you keep improving your analytical thinking ability by trying your best to find out who is lying and who is the impostor. In the long run, you will have a very sharp mind to find the truth behind a certain thing. And you will not be easily deluded by superficial things said by liars with ulterior motives. Besides, this game is perfect for you to play with your friends when you are unable to hang out in person. You can play this game with your best friends online whenever you want to. And this game is a perfect solution for you to kill your boring time. It is very convenient for you to move around the map as you are happily chatting with each other about the intriguing details and clues to reveal the true identity of each roommate. This game is rich in content. Even if you have already played the original version, you will have an exciting experience by playing this PC version. And it is a really fun thing for you to dive into this world and show your ability to discover the true identity of each roommate without making much effort. Unlike many similar games, this game requires a lot of talking and communicating with other fellow players. So, you must train yourself and try every means to read the message revealed between the lines. This is a very important capability for you to find who is the true impostor. If you choose the online option, you will have a good opportunity to play with all the other online players from different parts of the world. If you would like to, you can always create a private room and invite your closest friends to join you in the private room. So, you will have a happy time chatting together and racking your brains to find that impostor. But if you play as a crewmate, you shoulder a big responsibility because once you loosen your nerves, the impostors will win. If the majority of crewmates are eliminated, you will fail to complete your task. So, it would be best for you to keep observing and find the true impostor, instead of giving your vote without any second thoughts to killing the innocent roommate. Unintentionally, you may make some mistakes and kill some innocent crewmates by accident. But after you accumulate enough experience, you will naturally know the clues and the right ways of finding and revealing the true identity of the impostor. There are also many mini-games available. Usually, these mini-games are short, so it will not consume too much time to complete a short mini-game as you work on your tasks to try and figure out who the impostors are. The difficult and troublesome thing is that all the impostors just look like innocent crewmates. And they move around without leaving any suspicious traces. So, you must always observe carefully and open your eyes. It is a very bad idea for you to jump to conclusions without a second thought. If you play as the impostor, things will become simpler because instead of completing tasks, your ultimate goal is to eliminate all the crewmates one by one without getting caught. Playing as the impostor, things will become more fun. And you are allowed to use your wisdom and skills to start a killing spree. There is no need for you to show mercy towards these crewmates. Even if they are innocent, once you get caught, they will kill you without hesitation. So, you are guilty no matter whether you choose to kill them or not. And if you play as an impostor, you must attack a crewmate secretly or without being spotted by other crewmates. Once the victim's body falls to the ground under your attack, you must move quickly. Otherwise, you will have a witness who will see your crime. Things will become disastrous if you get captured. Every time a certain crewmate dies, the other survivors will call a meeting. And during this meeting, they will discuss who the impostor is. It is really fun to hold a discussion and share different opinions to try to figure out who the culprit is. The more interesting thing is to mislead other players to vote and kill an innocent crewmate because you know that you are the true impostor. You can always get very important clues by analyzing the words and expressions used by other players. Of course,if you are the crewmate and you vote for the wrong person, the impostors will secretly laugh and ridicule you, still, they pretend that they are just regular crewmates. But if you have a very sharp mind, you will always find the right clues to identify the true impostors. More importantly, you must convince other players with clear logic to give the right votes. But if you fail or if you are the one who loses the vote, you will be eliminated from the spaceship. In the free-play mode, you can always learn and practice your skills to successfully complete your task. As we all know, practice makes perfect. So, before you can become a perfect impostor or a qualified crewmate, you can always spend some time training yourself and testing your skills. At last, before you start your real match, you can always decorate and customize your avatar by choosing a gorgeous hat, the perfect skin color, and even a cute pet. So if you are one of the huge fans of Among Us games, you should definitely try this game because it will bring you into a totally different world that is full of laughter and happiness!

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