Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons

Developer: Terry Cavanagh

A great challenge for your skills in coming up with strategic plans.


Editor's Review :

Dicey Dungeons is an incredible turn-based combat game. This game will be a great challenge for your skills in coming up with strategic plans. Your main task is to get several living dice to dance through hell. The dices are cute, but the whole task can be challenging. So, it is inevitable for you to feel frustrated. This whole game is dangerously enjoyable and fun. By leading the giant dice, you must try every means to kill Lady Luck. In this dungeon, you have no backup. You must rely on yourself to escape. But it is really fun to fight against the monsters and get the loot. Your fear of Lady Luck is invisible. But this invisible fear will always conspire with your imagination. So, you must always keep calm and think carefully before you make any move, and you must be sure that you will not be overruled by your fear of the challenges and Lady Luck! You should not think that Lady Luck has no other choice but to react violently. The fact is that Lady Luck is always so bad-tempered and so violent. You should always turn a blind eye toward Lady Luck's fury. The most important thing is to defeat this evil lady. A far more unsettling thing is to successfully make full use of your six different dice. You will notice that each dice has its own unique features and abilities. So, you should pay attention to the dice combination before you make up your mind. Apart from Lady Luck, you will also be required to defeat other monsters along your way forward. The good news is that you can always upgrade your dice. After you successfully level up your dice, things will become incredible. And it would become easier for you to defeat all these beasts. On top of this, there are tons of interactions between your cute dice and the monsters. As the invisible general behind the screen, you must always help your dice release their special abilities. You will always feel that you can control everything. It is necessary for you to protect your dice from being burned, blinded, and frozen. It seems that all the effects are crazy, but it is really fun. And all the activities are rather creative. Once you start, it is impossible for you to stop playing. You will just continue your adventure of defeating Lady Luck until there are dark rings under your eyes. It is not the time for you to think about social etiquette and other things. You can just smash your way through. But the battles are turn-based. So, you must make sure that you will make full use of the special skills owned by your dice when it comes to your turn. But there is always the influence of luck because you cannot control the outcome of those random dice rolls. But no matter what may happen, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. And you will get great joy while you are fighting against Lady Luck. In the beginning, you may be so afraid of this evil lady. But after you play for some time, you will become more and more confident. And you will have this perfect state of mind while you are fighting against this lady with your wisdom. Either you laugh or you die, you do not have other choices. So, while you are fighting against Lady Luck, you must make sure that you will bring her the maximum damage. Sometimes, you may make a fool of yourself by making some mistakes, but there is no need for you to judge your own decisions or get too harsh on yourself. The most important thing is to keep making better plans and to destroy this evil lady by using every means that you can think of. Even if you are in a dire situation, you must be courageous and you cannot give up until the last second. But sometimes, you will die no matter how hard you try. Even if you made lots of perfect plans in your head and you tried to imagine all kinds of fighting scenarios before the real fighting starts, you should always be optimistic. Your cute dice will always be there for you. And the most important thing is to think carefully about the special abilities owned by different dice because after you put the dice on the playground, things will be out of your hands. So, you should always try your best to harness the different abilities owned by your dice. The visual effect is fantastic. You will love the animation. And Lady Luck can be scary, especially when you get unlucky. But you just need to show your true strength and your power of successfully manipulating all your dice to release the maximum attacking power. As a perfect and intelligent human being, you will prevail in every circumstance. And you will eventually defeat Lady Luck. In fact, the game is not that kind of violent. If you are a parent, you can also play this game with your child. You can encourage your child to become an ambitious fighter. What matters most is not the pure fun. Actually, this game will help build your brain's prefrontal cortex. All the back-and-forth interactions and attacks will make your child feel excited. In the meantime, by joining these interactive activities, your child will learn the skills of making perfect plans. And your child will have this independent ability to solve tricky problems. If you play this game for a very long time with your child, your child will also have the ability to manage different emotions under dire situations. So, this game is a real workout for the brain. All the interactions can help build the brain's architecture. In the meantime, your child will also know the importance of perseverance. All the interactions and turn-based attacks will encourage your child to persist and stick with his or her original plan. We live in a comparison culture. So, we always compare ourselves with other people. And we always have this hyper focus on success and the final result. We are so eager to get immediate gratification by defeating our opponent and getting quick results. But this game will definitely show you the charm of patience and a long-term plan. If you can successfully come up with a seamless plan and stick to your plan until you defeat Lady Luck, you will feel so satisfied. Anyway, if you love playing games about turn-based combat, it is time for you to start playing by rolling your dice!

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