Murder us

Murder us

Developer: Cheshirexx

Try to find the impostor by cooperating with your best friends.


Editor's Review :

Murder Us is an amazing party game. You can play this game with other online players or you can create a private room and play this game with your best friends. The graphics are awesome. And you will enjoy yourself a lot while you are trying to find the impostor by cooperating with your best friends. You will have the golden chance to take part in various activities in this 3D space setting. It is really fun to complete all the intriguing tasks with your best friends. There are so many interesting mini-games for you to complete. And you are allowed to customize your own character before you start each round. But you must be an observant player, and you need to keep an eye on each movement made by all the team members. This is the only way for you to find the impostor who is hiding among you. During the meetings, you can vote and decide who is the impostor. If you can successfully find the impostor, you will win the final victory. But if the impostor gets the advantage, you will all be dead. If you choose to be an impostor, you need to be devious and try every means to kill all the other team members. Besides, you must figure out different ways to prevent all. the other crewmates from completing their tasks. You can do lots of strange things to cover your true identity. You are allowed to arrange accidents. And you can accidentally fall on one of the teammates to kill this crewmate. If you have a very clear understanding of the preference and personalities of each crew member, you will have a better performance. It is a frightening thing to witness one of the crew members getting killed by the impostor. But no matter what may happen, you must keep calm. You cannot expect the impostor to show mercy. And it is your responsibility to outwit this evil impostor. But there is no need for you to be afraid of this impostor because no matter how evil this impostor might be, this impostor will always leave some traces while committing the crime. Through the details, you can always find clues about who is the true impostor. But of course, all the details about finding the impostor will not be given to you. You must observe very carefully and you must get a lot of information. During the meeting, you should not take any word for granted. Through the words given by different crew members, you can guess who is the true impostor. Seeking out the true impostor can stimulate your brain. You will be forced to think like a real detective. Naturally, you will experience peer pressure because all the other team members or your friends are really clever. And they are so good at covering their true identities. But your curiosity will always override until the last minute. You will refuse to give up. Sometimes, you will fail your task or you will get killed. So, you will have some negative emotions. But you cannot let your aversion towards negative emotions aroused by the evil impostor stop you from showing your true talents. The whole atmosphere of this game is mildly frightening; but quite intense. So, there is no time for you to think about other things while you are playing this game. In order to successfully find the impostor, you should take all the possible scenarios into account. And it would be easier for you to discover the true impostor if you have a very clear understanding of the psychological dispositions owned by each crew member. But the good thing is that you can make lots of hypotheses to find the true impostor. Maybe you think that some detail is not important. And you ignore the speech given by a certain crew member. But usually, the details ignored by you are the key factor for you to find the impostor. So, in order to get the full charm of this scary entertainment on this spaceship. You must have an open mind and you should take all the factors and possible scenarios into consideration. And you must have the ability to see the truth behind all the delusions, words, and stories. It is dreadful to face the impostor, but you will get lots of pleasure during this process. If you can successfully find the impostor, you will get extreme pleasure. In contrast to other similar games, this game is not that kind of intense. And you will not feel too much pressure because there is a meeting session. So, there are not too many actions for you to make. But you must fully use your brain and your wit. You need to put things together and find all the details that lead you to find the true impostor. You cannot be deceived by any false speech. And you cannot get distracted by the haunting thoughts in your own mind. Before you find the true impostor, each crew member can be a suspect. But if you choose to be one of the crew members, emotionally speaking, you will get closely connected with other team members, you will feel pain and sorrow whenever one of the crew members gets killed. And you will become so eager to get your revenge by finding the true impostors. But you should never let your feelings get in the way of finding the true impostor. Once you start playing, you will notice that some players are really good at playing similar games. They can successfully and perfectly handle their feelings and emotions. In this way, they can carefully capture each detail and every thought. Instead of focusing on superficial things, they can always see the truth through all the trivial details. If you choose to play as an impostor, things will get more exciting because it is our nature to break free from all the rules and disciplines. You can just secretly do all kinds of evil things, including killing all the crew members. If you can successfully get rid of all the other crew members and dominate the whole spaceship before your true identity is exposed, you will win the final victory. And you will feel so proud of yourself after you kill all the other innocent crew members. But you cannot use your common sense to deal with all the other crew members. Actually, you should always come up with some great ideas to deceive other crew members. And you should never act like a criminal in front of these crew members. It is very important for you to conceal your true identity. As we all know, human beings are logically susceptible to fear and unknown things. So, if you want to dominate the spaceship, you must create all kinds of scenes to sow the seeds of fear into these innocent crew mates. Besides, you should do all kinds of weird things to distract their attention. Anyway, you will never regret playing this wonderful game with your best friends, no matter you choose to play as an impostor or one of the innocent crew mates!

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