Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

You will love the special moves performed by your favorite characters.


Editor's Review :

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a classic and extraordinary action RPG game. If you love playing dragon ball games, you can definitely try this game. The animations are slick and unique. You will love the special moves performed by your favorite characters. The stories are solid. And you will easily fully immerse yourself in this world. The stories are presented with images and words. You will have the patience to go through all the dialogues. Observing the interactions between different characters is really fun! There are many characters included in this world. You will have Jaco, Trunks, Goku, and other amazing characters to have this adventure together. It is really hard for you to become the master of this battleground. But no matter what may happen, you should always keep trying. You can make full use of special abilities and skills owned by different characters. During each battle, you can bring three characters with you. If you are faced with a very strong opponent, you can always switch to your strongest character to deal with the most ferocious enemy. It is amazing to release superpowers through performing combos. On this online battleground, you will be faced with many experienced online players. But if your performance is good enough, you will have abundant rewards and power-ups. As the game progresses, you will also have the chance to unlock new characters. Each new character means a new game experience. The design of these characters is also quite unique. So, you will never feel that the fighting process is repetitive, or you always fight with the same character. If you would like to, you can always interact with other players and communicate with them to improve your fighting skills. H harnessing all the powers owned by the awesome dragon ball heroes is fantastic! You will always be full of power and energy while you are fighting against your enemies. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to the fighting process because each fighting scene is a visual feast! Your characters' movements and actions are so smooth. And it is totally up to you to train your favorite heroes. And you can come up with new ideas for making the perfect team. But you must always be patient. You will have a really long adventure. Before you can dominate the battleground, you will be required to get a lot of resources to equip your characters. When you are fighting against your enemies, you should always keep alert because you can never predict from which direction your enemies may attack you. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed because you will manage to conquer all your enemies in your own way. Even if you cannot always win, you will enjoy yourself a lot during the fighting process. As long as you keep fighting, there is nothing for you to worry about. If you keep fighting against different enemies equipped with totally different fighting skills, your fighting potential will be released. Once you find your fighting instinct, you will feel immensely happy and excited at the end of each fight. Whenever you follow your fighting potential, you always show your best performance and you will enjoy the maximum fun. But if you go astray from your fighting instinct or copy other so-called masters' fighting styles, you will just remain mediocre. So, it is very important for you to just follow your own fighting style and defeat all those enemies by coming up with brilliant strategies and combos.In this world, you will become the ultimate dragon ball fighter that you are destined to be. At the end of each fighting adventure, you will feel a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. The most fantastic thing is that you are always permitted to get violent. There is no need for you to worry that your superheroes me get damaged or suffer from fractures. So, it is just irresistible for you to join in all the battles without worrying about any consequences. Of course, you will experience struggles and you need to rack up your brain to come up with unparalleled fighting strategies to conquer all the enemies. But your soul will be so free while you are fighting against those enemies. Your worries and concerns will vanish. And you are free both from the past and the future. Your whole mind will stop jumping and truly live in the present. You will feel the ultimate excitement. It is addictive and satisfying to break from the chains of your memories and desires that usually bind your mind and soul. When you are fighting against your enemies, you always feel that the whole sky and even the whole world is yours. This world is full of mysteries. You will never know what kind of character you will unlock after the next fighting round. And you will never know what is going to happen the next moment. But you can always be a devious mastermind behind the fighting process. You can try to place your enemy in an emotionally stirring and vulnerable situation. If you would like to, you can always play this exciting fighting game with your best friends by sharing anxiety and fighting stress. And talking about all the stressful fighting situations will bring you closer. Since your superheroes have all kinds of superpowers. By harnessing these superpowers, you will always manage to live up to your ideals. So, you will always feel a sense of worth and self-esteem. You will manage to advance confidently in the direction of your fighting dreams. You will endeavor to live the life of a superhero that you have always imagined. While you are fighting against your mortal enemies, there are no limitations of time and space inside your head. In order to have a better performance, you should always try to visualize your goal of exterminating all those evil enemies before you actually start your fighting adventure. If you do this, you will find that visualization can actually improve your winning possibility into an actual fact. In fact, the fighting outcome is just the manifestation of your beliefs. So, you must always have confidence in your superheroes. Your mental visualization of these superheroes and the complex movements of these superheroes can actually improve your fighting performance. And you can also examine and imagine the worst-case scenarios and downside possibilities that you might come across while you are fighting against these enemies, which will offer you a valuable assessment of your fighting result. Based on this beforehand assessment, you can come up with some brilliant strategies to deal with your enemies. At last, you will always worship the amazing fighting skills shown by your superheroes, and the superpowers owned by different characters. As a human being, your only ability is to experience. So, while you are playing this dragon ball game, you should just freely experience it because this experience will give you an enduring memory of fighting against those enemies with your best buddies!

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