Stickman Warriors - Super Dragan

Stickman Warriors - Super Dragan

Developer: SkySoft Studio

You will enjoy the greatest excitement and you will feel so happy!


Editor's Review :

Stickman Warriors - Super Dragon is a great fighting game. By playing this game, you will have the golden opportunity to play different characters. The graphics are fantastic. And you will feel so excited to challenge all the opponents and enemies. While you are fighting against your enemies with strong powers, you will enjoy the greatest excitement and you will feel so happy and so thrilled. In the beginning, you may feel that you cannot skillfully destroy your enemy. But if you play for some time, you will come up with totally different skill combinations to kill your enemy. If you can fully focus on the fighting strategies applied by your opponents, you will always find the weakness of your opponents. Accordingly, you will take advantage of your enemies' weaknesses to destroy your enemy. If you play for a very long time, you will always come up with creative fighting strategies and your secret skills to kill your enemy without making too much effort. Even if your hero is a delicate character, you should always have confidence in your hero. You can play as many supervisors, including dragon SSJ4 and XENO. And after conquering all the amazing fighters, you will become the strongest stick warrior. You can control your warrior causing calamity to your enemies. And you will always feel the great joy brought to you. If you persist in your fighting, you will eventually win the final victory. There is no time limit. So you can fight against your enemy as long as you want. The whole atmosphere of this game is stressful. There is no time for you to get distracted. There are altogether four game modes available, including the versus mode, story mode, training mode, and tournament mode. If you are not familiar with the gameplay, you can always start with the training mode. After you finish the training mode, you will know how to skillfully kill your favorite opponent in the versus battle and how to kill your enemies with proper strategies. In the story mode, you will have a lifelong adventure to dig up your true potential as a stick warrior. You will have the golden chance to travel to all corners of the world and fight all kinds of battles. After conquering different super fighters, you will become the hero you are meant to be. So if you are a person who suffers a great deal of pressure in your real life, you should try this fighting game. During the fighting process, your pressure will be released and you will never feel helpless. This is a golden opportunity for you to observe your feeling and your mind. After you successfully achieve your goal of destroying all the super fighters and enemies, you will feel so relaxed and you will feel perfect. There is no need for you to create different goals for yourself. You can just enjoy the fighting. You are allowed to push and pull your opponents. And you can also use different deadly weapons on your enemies. The fighting process makes you feel that you are delivering magic. Your adrenalin level will be high. And you just cannot resist the urge to kill all the enemies without blinking your eye. Even if you are faced with a powerful opponent, you should always be courageous. As long as you can hide and conquer your fear of the world and this powerful opponent, you will eventually win the final victory by conquering this intimidating enemy. You will manage to shrug off your old skin of fearing all these strong enemies. In the beginning, you may feel awkward because it is not an easy thing to destroy powerful enemies. And the fighting process may be painful. But no matter what kind of trouble you may be faced with, you should always tend to think that you will be an invincible fighter and you will kill all the invaders in the shadow. As for the control, it is quite simple for you to control your character. You just need to jump and dodge. Besides, you have all kinds of superpowers to use. And while you are dealing with your opponents, you should always have a bird's eye view. If you can first have a very clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages owned by each opponent, it would give you the greatest advantage to easily take down all those opponents. In this virtual world, you will always bear the burden and responsibility of being a true fighter. But if you try your best, you will win the final glory. And the fighting process is also very good for you to maintain your psychological health because intense fighting will always liberate you from the entanglement of constant thoughts. You will just merge in one with your favorite super fighter. And you will be determined to remove all the invaders and enemies at all costs. The fighting effect is also fantastic. You can become addicted to this game. You will be impressed by the amazing fighting strategies used by your enemies and opponents. In this virtual world, you will be the super fighter. And you will have the ability to release fascinating fighting skills. It is addicting to use skillful means to crush all those enemies. Although the enemies are tough, you always believe that you can move faster. The only thing is that you can never get distracted. If you divert your attention to other things instead of your enemy, things will get worse. As long as you do your best and always follow your fighting spirit, you will eventually kill all the crazy enemies. Before you start each fight, you should always be ready. As a careful and great super fighter, you can never allow those enemies to stand a chance to kill you. You will never get tired of this game. On the contrary, you will become more and more interested in helping your stickman become stronger. You will never do anything to besmirch your true fighting spirit. Of course, some enemies may be annoying. But if you can successfully get rid of all those enemies, you will feel so proud of yourself. Anyway, this is an intense and fierce fighting game. And as the game progresses, the difficulty level will also become higher. But the good news is that you will also have the chance to claim greater rewards.If you love playing fighting games, you should never miss this fun fighting game that combines fighting and role-playing together!

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