Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Call of Duty: Mobile offers PVP, Battle Royale, Sniper gameplay.


Editor's Review :

This is a fascinating battle royale game. If you are one of the fans of battle royale games, there is no reason for you to miss this wonderful game. It is exciting to join the battle with other friends in the multiplayer mode. So while you are playing this game, you will feel excited. In this game, you will complete your shooting task in the desert where you will experience lots of dangerous sandstorms. But you will love the scene. All the sandstorm-themed battles will make you feel so good. In the meantime, you will come across many familiar characters. If you are lucky, you will also manage to collect money, useful weapons about this sandstorm theme to deal with your enemies. If your performance is good enough, you can earn many awesome rewards. Besides, there are many useful things in the store. If you would like to spend your real money, you can always get all kinds of awesome items from the store. By leveling up, you will also unlock unbelievable skills. It is really fun to upgrade your weapons in terms of damage capacity, accuracy, range, firing and other features. Sometimes, you will be faced with many dangers and enemies. But there is no need for you to feel frustrated or get panic, especially when you are surrounded by many enemies. You can always use the automatic firing system. But if you are an experienced player, you can always customize the manual fighting to your own taste. It is quite simple and convenient for you to take down all your enemies. As long as you can aim precisely, you will shoot down all of them. All the graphics are fantastic. And you will manage to collect many amazing items. If you play this game for a very long period of time, you will always get your weapons, skins, XP cards, loot boxes, sprays and other epic items. It is really exciting to get all kinds of unexpected items from the loot box. If you would like to, you can always get extra boxes by watching the ads. But there is no need for you to feel pressure. You can always get all the guns and other useful items by following your own pace. If you are too impatient to complete all the tasks by following the regular steps, you can always try to get the premium pass plus that will help you accelerate the whole fighting process and will give an advantage of skipping the tasks that you do not like. While you are playing this game, you can never hope for any miracles. There is a big storm on the horizon. You should always remember that it is your job to head straight into this dangerous storm. There is no way for you to retreat. You must fight bravely and try every means to move towards the desert. In order to protect yourself, you are allowed to deploy beforehand and you can also use different types of vehicles to get to your destinations which will need bravery and wisdom to head straight toward the eye of this big sandstorm. But if you can successfully conquer your fear and complete all the tasks, you will have the golden chance to get high tier loot. Even if you have played many battle royale games, you should try this brand new battle royale adventure. You will get all kinds of free and premium items like new operators, which will definitely improve your game experience. The first amazing feature of this game is the hideout which is an urban neighborhood featuring a central lab located in the desert. But after you come into this neighborhood, you will find many interior locations. While you are fighting against your enemies, you should always keep in mind that this is a fight for power and resource. If you can be the winner, you will gain prominence over enemy activities in the streets. You will see garage, market area, signal towers, lamp and other locations. This whole neighborhood is full of all kinds of threats. So you must try your best to reign supreme. You should always encourage your other team members to fight bravely. If you can perfectly cooperate with each other, you will have the unprecedented game experience, which will completely transform your life forever. You will get the deep sense of fulfillment, and you will get the proper motivation to continue your adventure. You can imagine the scene that you finally dominate this urban village with other team members. All the loots are attractive. Maybe you will be faced with some dangers during your adventure and you may become anxious for getting into the house, but even if you get stuck, there is no need for you to get panic. If you keep moving forward with discretion, you will always find out all kinds of amazing items and you will discover the loot boxes that will be of great use. Every move with plan is constructive. So you should always stay alert. And you should always keep moving forward. At the beginning, you may act a little clumsy. But after you play for some time, you will successfully control the whole fighting process and you will put all your enemies into misery. In response to your enemies' aggressive behavior, you should always keep alert. Otherwise, it is really hard for you to defend yourself. But no matter what may happen, you should always have the positive mindset. There will be various situations. But this is actually a quite popular battle royale game around the whole world. If you can create your own amazing shooting record by successfully cooperating with other team members, you can always share your unparalleled record on Facebook. The good news is that once you get a grip on the behaviors and the plans of your enemies, you will get the big chance to win the final victory. While you are fighting, you will full of energy. When you are holding the gun, you will feel the tension in the muscle. It is all right for you to have intense feelings, but you can never let your enemies distract you. It cannot be denied that your enemies can be annoying and your enemies may cause disasters for you. But you should never get frustrated. Once you go nuts, you will lose your own direction and you will desperately try to defend yourself without any strategic plan, which will make you pay a great cost. So it is a very wrong idea for you to mistakenly believe that your enemies are weak or your enemies are annoying. Anyway, this is a fantastic battle royale game. At last, by playing this amazing game, you will get rid of your sense of emptiness!

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