Developer: Oleksandr Godoba

Drive your worm in massively multiplayer online game!


Editor's Review :

This is an interesting survival game. The storyline in this game is fun. All the graphics are of high quality and amusing. In this world, you can raise your own pet. It cannot be denied that pets are playing an important role in our lives. The good news is that you will have cute colorful worms as your new pets who will also be your close friends. But you will find that your pet is not very quiet all the time. It likes to crawl around and keep eating food, including candies, cakes and chocolate biscuits. Anyway, you will have a great time with your pets. This is a perfect game for you to play with your other friends and family members. You will laugh a lot during this adventure. And it is really fun to play this game with your best friends. As for the gameplay, it is quite simple to understand. You just need to control your snake eating all the candies, cakes and donuts to help your snake grow taller and faster. You will witness all kinds of miracles during this process. If you can successfully control your snake without making any mistake, you will manage to help your snake grow really long. If you can let other snakes crash their heads into your snake's body, you will just successfully cut off other players' snakes by devouring the remains of other players' snakes. In this way, your snake will become really big. You can also play with other players from different parts of the world. You can see that each player is controlling a snake with a totally different color. At the beginning, you may act a little clumsy. And your reaction speed is not fast enough. But after you play for some time, you will get all the tricks of devouring all the delicious food and other snacks. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. You just want to efficiently control your snake and devour all the edible things to make your snake become invincible. You just cannot resist the temptation to become the biggest snake on the platform. While you are playing this game, you must always concentrate on your task. Otherwise, even if you get distracted even for one second, your snake will be devoured by other snakes. So the most important thing is to keep focusing on your snake's movement. The whole atmosphere of this game is really relaxing. All the snakes are designed in such a beautiful and artistic way. The graphics are fantastic. The snakes are so elegant when they are slithering forward. The concept of this game is also simple, but cool. Maybe you have played many similar games, but this game will just blow your mind. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to have this adventure with your own special snake. All the characters are unforgettable. Actually, all the snakes are so realistic in terms of appearance and the movements. In order to be the last survivor, you also need to watch out for other bigger snakes. You can never let your snake crash into other bigger snakes. Otherwise, you will be forced to start from the beginning. In this large arena, you will be really small and weak at the beginning. But after you play for some time, your snake will become bigger and stronger. So you should always be patient. And it is your job to control your snake slithering around the arena and consuming all kinds of junk food to make your snake become bigger. The exciting news is that there are also different power-ups available to help your snake grow bigger at a faster speed. Once your snake grows bigger, you will be able to trap other smaller snakes and get their remains to become bigger. Once your snack becomes a little bigger, it would become so easy for you to get rid of all those smaller snakes. So the basic concept of this game is to eat, grow, and survive. Actually, this game is suitable for players of all ages. The thing is that you can never underestimate all the snakes around you. You should always look out for other snakes controlled by different players, especially when you get bigger. If you get really big, it is quite easy for your snake to become the target of other snakes around. They will all cooperate and try to trap you and eat you alive. It is obvious that you will have all kinds of advantages by being the biggest snake on the arena. But in the meantime, you will also become the first target, because your size is so conspicuous. But you should always keep devouring food and all the smaller snake, because the advantage of being big is awesome. It is so cool to trap smaller snakes by circling them with your snake's long body. Besides, you should always efficiently use all the power-ups within your reach, because all the power-ups can help you achieve your goals without spending too much time. But each power-up has a time limit. So you must make full use of the power contained in these power-ups before you ran out of time. You should always make sure that you make the most out of the effect. There are many power-ups available. If you get a magnet, you can attract so much food towards your snake's mouth, even if this food is located in a very long distance. The speed boost can make your snake move faster. The magnifying glass can zoom out the camera for greater visibility. The question mark always gives you a random power-up. The lock will give you a large amount of food. The multiplier power-up multiplies the level of nourishment provided by the food, depending on the value. So after you get all these power-ups, you will feel more confident in terms of dealing with all the dangerous situations. Even if you are trapped by other snakes, you will not be in a panic because you can always use different power-ups to protect yourself. If you can become the biggest one, you will get to the top of the leader board, which is so cool! So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to slither forward with your fabulous snake and dominate the arena! You will never feel bored while you are playing this game. And it is so fun to have such a cute pet in this virtual world!

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