Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

The Sharks are back in the bigger and badder sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution!


Editor's Review :

This is an exciting casual game.This game is incredibly fun. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to think about the meaning of life or completing any task. So you canswim with this giant shark and enjoy yourself. As we all know, the rule of nature is survival of the fittest. It is obvious that in this world you are the most strongest creature. You and your shark can devour other creatures and have lots of fun. As the name of this game suggest, you will play as the ravenous shark to devour other creatures. And you will eat your way through a smorgasbord of unfortunate prey. But for survival, you are allowed to devour all the smaller fishes, crabs, birds, humans and even fellow sharks. You can check your shark's health condition through the hunger meter. When the hunger meter is really low, you need to feed your shark as soon as possible. Otherwise, your shark will be starved to death. So it is really exciting to play this game! But at the beginning, your shark is not strong enough and it is incapable of devouring other large sharks to grow stronger and bigger. And your shark is only capable of swallowing smaller fishes, but after you play for some time, you will get a really big shark. The graphics are fantastic. And you will play as a huge shark. You can notice that your huge shark has enormous teeth. You can even hear this big shark making loud noises whenever it feels hungry. It is really fun to help this big shark survive in this competitive ocean. You will see that there are also many other smaller creatures. So all you need to do is to control your shark devouring all the smaller fish and other creatures. You will feel fantastic when you help your shark grow stronger and bigger by swallowing all the smaller creatures. You can even help your shark devour all the human surfers in this ocean. There is no need for you to think about all the moral codes. You just need to feed your shark with edible food. If you can devour all the smaller creatures, you will have a higher score. Of course, if you swim faster, you will also collect more gold coins. If you become really big enough, you can also devour all the other sharks. Anyway, the whole atmosphere of this game is really fun and relaxing. There is no strict restriction of any kind. You can just be the master of this wonderful shark. Together, you will be the dominant creature of this ocean.But if you let your shark go hungry for a really long period of time, your shark will get close to death. So while you are playing this game, you will be encouraged to feed your shark without stopping. But it is really fun to control such a giant shark with only one of your fingers. And the scenery under the water is fantastic, which makes you feel that you are having the visual feast all the time. And you must always be on the outlook for more food. Besides, there are many dangerous objects. You cannot let your shark touch any dangerous obstacles. There are numerous sharks available in this game, so you will never feel bored. The soundtrack is also fantastic. It is so relaxing to swim around the water and devour various creatures. This whole game is incredibly addictive. It is quiet simple for you to understand the basic idea of this game. And you will have a reasonably good time. It is smooth for you to control your shark with the analog stick. As long as you swim near to the smaller fishes and other edible food, your shark will automatically gobble up all the smaller creatures. But you will be required to hold the X button to devour larger creatures such as other fellow sharks and humans. It is such a satisfying thing to watch your shark munching on the other fellow sharks and humans swimming in the water. But if you find that your shark runs out of health with no meals in the vicinity, you must hold A for a handy boost of speed. In this way, your shark can swim really quickly and get the food that your shark desperately needs. There are tons of things for you to unlock in this game.As the game progresses, things will become more and more interesting. You will manage to unlock new sharks and new skins. Every time after you successfully unlock new sharks, you will have a totally different game experience. It is also fun to see your sharks wear different types of clothes, but you should be patient because unlocking a new shark in particular can take a lengthy amount of time. But if you can survive for at least four minutes while wearing a particular hat or a necklace, or other accessories, or collect a set amount of gold, you will accelerate the progress. Anyway, this game always has all kinds of incentives for you to replay the devouring process. But there is no need for you to feel pressure. Even if you die, you can always start from the beginning and jump into the action again. Sometimes, your actions may get particularly hectic. But no matter what may happen, you must always keep calm. And you should try every means to save your starving shark. The game is worthwhile for you to try. Maybe you cannot swim in your real life, but while you are playing this game, you can definitely go underwater and you will have a free exploration. You are allowed to freely swim in this underwater world. It is such a satisfying thing to devour all the delicious food. Maybe in your real life, there are just so many things that are beyond your power and your ability. But in this world, as long as you keep concentrating, you can devour everything and you can handle all the tricky problems. It feels that you can eventually dominate this whole underwater world. You will feel so free to swim in this beautiful world. Nothing else matters at this moment. You just want to devour as many food as possible to make yourself feel satisfied. Since the shark is swimming in the water, you will feel that you just get rid of the influence of gravity for a while. It is so nice to swim in this beautiful world.

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