PJ Masks: Racing Heroes

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes

Developer: Entertainment One

Race with Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on a brand new lunar adventure!


Editor's Review :

This is a cool racing game. There is no reason for you to refuse this thrilling lunar adventure. You will have the golden chance to get the moon crystals to increase your character's powers. And it is very important for you to become powerful enough to stop the night villains. It is really fun to climb and race across the moon to collect as many crystals as possible. Of course, you will be challenged by many obstacles, but it is the golden chance for you to become a real hero. And you will experience unprecedented enjoyment and excitement. While you are playing this game, no one can see your true face behind the masks. But they will know that you will be the only hero who can save them. There is also no need for you to worry about the language problem, because there are several language versions available, including English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. You can always select the proper language for your preference. It is amazing to choose your own favorite hero and start your own unique racing adventure. If you can manage to collect all the moon crystals to upgrade your hero, you will feel excited and you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. In the meantime, you can also pick up all the power cells to activate amulet power. It is really fantastic! And you can also drive over the boost pads for extra speed. It is definitely worthwhile for you to get extra power cells. Your enemy will not give you a good time. So you must always watch out. You can never ignore the moon fizzle balls released by Lunar Girl and the and the shrink ray from Romeo. If your performance is good enough, you will earn lots of rewards. And you will manage to unlock new skills and new skins. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game, because in different levels you will have totally different obstacles and different racing tracks. If you are a parent, you can also play this wonderful racing game with your kids. Your will fall in love with these awesome heroes. And your kids will be thrilled to complete all these creative missions. Actually, it is highly possible for your kids to like this game, because all the stories in this game are quick and simple. It is really not that kind of complex and difficult for your kids to understand all the stories. Together, you can just focus on completing all kinds of exiting racing tasks. Besides, there is nothing overly sinister or unhealthy. So it is definitely enjoyable for you to play this wonderful racing game with your kids. This game can greatly improve your kids' reaction speed and concentration ability. And you will notice that different heroes have totally different skills. For instance, Catboy can drive on city streets; , Owlette can fly in the air and Gekko can drive both on the ground and swim under water. So if your kid is not into sports and if your kid is just sitting on the couch all the time and watching TV, you can encourage your kid to participate into some racing sports by playing this game together. After play this game for a long time, you will help your kid experience and taste the excitement of racing forward. Maybe after that, your kid will also want to try something similar in his or her real life or to experience some physical exercise. And it is really fun to accelerate and steer around the sharp turns. It is simple for kids to play this game. Your kids can just switch between racing lanes. Your kids will also be thrilled to collect all the gems which is scattered everywhere. In the meantime, you are also encouraged to switch lanes to collect as many gems and crystals as you can. Sometimes, you will also come across obstacles. So it is also necessary for you to switch lanes to avoid these dangers. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to play this amazing racing game. You can play as your favourite hero. The controls are quite simple. Actually, the controls for all the three characters are quite similar. The only difference is that each character does have a really special ability. In this way, you will have a totally different and unique experience while you are trying to complete a new task in a new level. It is really fun to see Catboy perform the double jump. And there is no need for you to worry that your kids may feel discouraged or frustrated for making some mistakes. It is quite normal to press the wrong button. You should know that there is no penalty for selecting the wrong button. Your kids can always try again. If you and your kids can successfully collect all the three amulets in a certain level, you will be rewarded with a statue at the end of the level. Finally, when you successfully reach to the end of a mission, you will also have the chance to confront and defeat all the villains by releasing different abilities owned by your character by pressing a series of buttons on the screen, which is a really exciting process. Your characters are so heroic when they are releasing the superpowers. Now it is time for you to get fully prepared and have some amazing adventure. You can always race alone or you can invite your friends and family members to enjoy this racing experience and all the interesting stories together! Anyway, this is a really exciting racing game. In fact, this is one of the best racing games. If you are passionate about playing racing games, you will have a great adventure. And it is really fun to challenge yourself in different worlds. If your performance is good enough, you will also get bonus scores. The most exciting thing is to design different cars by following your own taste. The environments are also fantastic. You will race across the desert, snowy mountains and beautiful cities. If you would like to, you can also invite your best friends to have this racing adventure together!

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