American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

Developer: SCS Software

You just need to deliver different types of cargo to totally amazing destinations.


Editor's Review :

American Truck Simulator is an extraordinary truck-driving simulation game. In this game, your task is quite simple. You just need to deliver different types of cargo to totally amazing destinations. You will have the golden chance to appreciate the scenery around sunny California and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. You will fall in love with the wonderful landscapes. And the whole game experience is breathtaking. Even if this is a virtual game, you can recognize all the landmarks around the states. Everything just feels so real! If you have already played Euro Truck Simulator 2, you will love this game better because the whole game's mechanics are greatly improved. You will have the chance to experience new features. The most important thing is that you will experience the ultimate freedom while you are trying this captivating truck-driving simulation game. And this freedom is not given to you. This freedom is about being yourself in the current moment. In this world, you will not be disturbed by other unnecessary things and orders. By playing this game, you will even get some insights into a new way of living. This game will put you into the seat of a true truck-driving expert. Of course, at first, you need to deliver all the cargo by yourself. But after you play for some time, there is no need for you to complete all the delivery tasks in person. In fact, you can hire other drivers from the market. After you own your own company, you will have a great responsibility, because it is not an easy task to manage the largest transportation company in the United States. But in the meantime, you will get a deep sense of satisfaction by successfully completing all the tasks. If you have no former experience playing similar games, you may come across some difficulties in perfectly handling your trucks. But you will enjoy this cargo delivery experience a lot because you can be enslaved physically. But your mind will be so free while you are driving forward silently. It is time for you to think, fully experience, search, and explore on your own. At such moments, your mind will no longer be conditioned because you will feel pure happiness and excitement within yourself. Besides, you will be given as many incentives as possible to deliver more cargo. And you will feel so content to live a new life with your truck because your truck is your new home. And it is really fun to design the decoration of your own truck. You can choose tuning accessories, more powerful engines and more comfortable cabins, and other items. But no matter what kind of truck you have and no matter if you choose to deliver food or machinery, you will always be reminded from the very beginning that you will become a true truck driver someday. And you will get both spiritual and mental liberation from this sacred and profitable career that cannot be replaced! To become a true truck driver, you must be patient. Although this is a virtual truck-driving game, you still need to learn the relative skills of how to successfully control the balance of your truck and follow all the traffic rules to save your precious truck from getting into any traffic accidents. Over time, your hauling and parking skills will be greatly improved. In the beginning, whenever you successfully deliver your cargo to the destinations like oil storage and gas stations, you will always feel so proud of yourself. But after you become an expert driver, you will just totally forget about your identity, and even the time because you will fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape around you. And you will have the chance to release your true passion for the truck-driving career. And you will totally become addicted to the feeling of freedom, especially when there are no other trucks on the road. And you can drive at a fast or slow speed out of your own choice. There is nothing for you to worry about. You can just drive slowly or at a crazy speed while listening to your favorite music, depending on your mood, which will bring you great excitement. If you are a true truck-driving enthusiast, you will love the air brake features and other features that are just like the features of real trucks. You will always feel that you are inside a real cabin of a real truck. Before you start each journey, you should never forget to adjust your seat, your front mirrors, and your rear mirrors. And you should always remember to position your head to get the best view of the road and of the way ahead. It is definitely necessary for you to have a clear view while you are driving your truck. And you should always keep in mind that safety is your priority. If it is within your ability, you should always follow the traffic rules and never drive over the speed limit. Otherwise, the police will fine you. But once you get fully prepared, you will always come to a natural state of mind while you are driving forward because you will always be left open, receptive, and alert. And you will always get enough incentive to deliver more cargo. However, with this amazing psychological freedom always comes tremendous responsibility. So, you should never allow any accidents or other tragic things to ruin your cargo. And you can never take the risks of delivering overweight cargo. Once you violate the weight rules, you will be fined at the weight checkpoint. Thus, you should never sacrifice your true truck driver spirit for profit. But if you can be patient, and if you are willing to invest enough time and patience in your truck-driving career, you will have all the pleasures and profit that you have ever imagined or dreamed of. It is totally fun to drive across different states. And it is definitely satisfying to own your own truck-driving and cargo delivery business. But all of your efforts will not be wasted. Once you hire enough drivers, you will also have the privilege of operating the company without delivering the cargo in person. After you earn enough money to expand your business, you can just focus on building your own fleet of awesome trucks. In this way, you can hire more experienced drivers and wisely manage your cargo delivery company for earning the maximum profit. At last, if you would like to, you can always take photos of your favorite moments. All these photos will eventually become a part of your most beautiful memory. And you can also share your wonderful photos with other truck-driving enthusiasts through the online community. On this online platform, you will meet many truck-driving lovers from all around the world. And you can share your ideas and skills about how to perfectly control the truck and how to successfully deliver all the cargo without making any mistakes. Now it is time for you to pool all your energy, passions, and resources into your own cargo-delivering business that exclusively belongs to you!

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