Fidget Toys Trading: Pop It 3D

Fidget Toys Trading: Pop It 3D

Developer: Freeplay Inc

You will have the opportunity to trade unique fidgets with your best friends.


Editor's Review :

Fidget Toys Trading is an unbelievably fun puzzle game. By playing this game, you will have the opportunity to trade unique fidgets with your best friends. During this process, you will master the skill of reading the psychological characteristics owned by your opponent. At the beginning, maybe it is really hard for you to take advantage of your opponent. But after you play for some time, you will manage to develop your own trading techniques. You can play this game by following your own style. It is alright for you to use infamous scam tactics. If you would like to, you can also always trade with honor. So everything depends on you. But this game is not as stupid as it may seem. During the trading process, you will derive your own sense of identity. And you will unburden yourself without your own consciousness. There are countless fidgets for you to trade. It makes you feel that you are a trading master and you have the entire world at your fingertip. All those self-induced thoughts will disappear. All you can think of is to get the maximum benefit. You have to admit that you will have incredible possibility of having access to all kinds of amazing fidgets. Your opponent may become crazy for asking for more or giving the less. But you will still fall in love with this game. All the fidgets are visually appealing. You will laugh a lot while you are trading with your partner. If you can carefully observe your opponent's trading offers and requests, you will find the loopholes in your opponent's trading concept. It is really fun to make full use of this loophole to trick your opponent and exploit the bad decisions made by your opponent to get the good bargain. Eventually, you will lure out all kinds of amazing fidgets from your opponent. Sometimes, your opponent may be more intelligent and more observant than you. If this is the case, you may feel that your whole trading mindset is integrating. But even if you feel frustrated, you should never give up. By undergoing all these major and unexpected changes, you will eventually figure out the correct way of trading with your opponent. If you can successfully create the win-win situation that both parties like, you will feel so proud of yourself. There are massive amount of fidgets available. If you have the experience of playing fidget-trading games in your childhood, you may find all these fidgets are so nostalgic. You may even recognize all these fidgets. If you are a highly intelligent person, you can always strengthen the relationship with your partner by creating more and more win-win situations. So if you want to strengthen the bond with your best friend or maintain the relationship with your beloved ones, you should definitely invite your friends and family members to play this game together. By closing profitable deals, you will make everyone feel happy and satisfied. You you should always make sure that the good always outweights the bad. All your decisions should always be based on figures and facts. You should never make reckless decisions before you decide to give up a certain fidget. It is quite normal for you to deceived by your opponent. You will also have the constant struggle of having the maximum amount of fidgets. But if you want to get the maximum profit, you should always be detail-oriented. And you should always plan things beforehand. If you are a person who is always willing to concede for other peoples' profits in your real life, you should definitely put some unyielding standards before you start the trading process. You should always put walls in your mind to prevent your opponent from deceiving you. You can always come up with some amazing trading ideas by reflecting back on your past trading procedures. It is not an intimidating thing for you to be rejected by your opponent. We human beings are typical emotional beings. When we are rejected by another human being, we usually feel frustrated and unhappy. But while you are trading with your opponent, you should always hide your soft spot behind to get the maximum profit. But you can always express your amazing trading ideas in a direct and vivid way to make your opponent concede. There is no need for you to be rude with words. You can always convince your opponent by using gentle and quiet ways or by being generous. Sometimes, your opponent will unconsciously give up because of your amazing tactics. Of course, you always afford to lose. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to feel pressure. Actually, it is quite amazing to have someone relate with you on the same level. During this process, your opponent will help you build up your ego. In any given trading situation, you will know better about your own trading psychology through your opponent's behaviors and offers. In fact, it is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. Trading itself is a kind of addiction. You can do all kinds of intellectual analysis. While you are trading with your partner, you will become more conscious of your trading behaviors. But the profit is always secondary. The primary thing is to have fun and to learn more about your own trading concept. In our real life, we always trading with people around us in conscious or unconscious ways. But we usually ignore the underlying state of trading consciousness while we are trading with other people. But while you are playing this game, you can always pay attention to your trading mindset and even your bodily feelings while you are giving out something really valuable to you. As you can see, this is not all about killing your spare time. This game can literally help you feel the twists and turns of trading. While you are trading with your partner, you will be forced to focus on the trading process. The complete unawareness of surroundings will always make you feel calm and relaxed. If you want to become the master of trading, you should never totally identify yourself with this trading role given to you. You should always think about the actual trading situation, which can help you get rid of the destructive nature of trading and think out of the box, and eventually bring out the positive and profitable side of trading. If you have this mindset, you will not be totally in the grip of profit and your opponent. On the contrary, you will become absolutely real to yourself, which can help you get benefits and win more fidgets to both you and your opponent!

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