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This is a great party game. It is suitable for you to play with your other family members or with your best friends when you are having a party. You will make crazy guesses that make your friends and other family members laugh a lot. The final answer may be about a person, a place or some weird things. You cannot speak or use any voice. The only thing you can do is to act out. Sometimes, you can imitate things, but you can never talk. While you are trying to help your partner guess the final answer, you may act like a fool. And all the friends will laugh out loud. But you will enjoy yourself a lot during this process. If you love playing party games, this is a perfect game. This top notch party game will bring you lots of fun. As for the specific rules, it is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to select a card, and then you just hold your phone to your head with the screen facing outward. Your partner or the host will give some hints. You can guess what this word is exactly about. If you can successfully get the final answer, you will score a point. Next, you can just tilt your device forward to bring up a new question. It is impossible for it to become bored with this game within a very short period of time, because there are many categories available. And these categories contain words about animals, blockbuster movies, popular music and pop culture stars. So you can just make crazy guesses. There is no need for you to feel pressure because each game lasts only a minute. All the players can take turns and act out answers. Finally, if you are the one who scores the maximum amount of points, you will win the final victory. But there are also some loose rules for you to follow when you are acting out an answer. You can not use anything that would directly give away the answer. You just cannot speak out the name of the movie or the exact name of a song. You can not just sing the lyrics or speak out the name of a character. This will be a great challenge of your ability of expressing things with your body. Frequently, we use words to express ourselves and our feelings. But when you are playing this game, you will notice the power of body language. And you will realize that some players are really good at expressing things with the body language. And you should never underestimate the power of body language. Maybe you have already played many similar charades games, but this game is totally different. If you are the performer, you must try your best to give the right clues to the one who tries to find the right answer. If you often play similar games with your best friends when you are having a party, this game will not bring anything new to the table, but you will love the feeling of playing this kind of party game with your real friends. You just want to prove that you can get all the answers and you will feel so proud of yourself every time when you score a point. This game can be played over a number of rounds. To begin with, the first player will select a category. If you are the one to begin first, you can just draw six cards from the current category and place them in the headband facing other players. All the other players can look at these cards at any time. And these players can also decide weather they want to complete this guess in a normal or a challenging way. Of course, the normal way is easier, but even if you complete this guess, you will only be rewarded with one chip for each correct answer. And the challenging play will add an additional rule to the current category. So challenging play will be more difficult, but you will also get more abundant rewards, because each correct answer will be rewarded with two chips. When the current guesser is ready, the timer can be flipped over. It is really fun to watch all of the players giving clues to the current player for the right words printed on the cards. If the guess is right, they will move on to the second word on the card. This cycle will continue until the time runs out. Actually, if you love performing and acting, it will not be that kind of difficult for you to act out the words or the phrases on the cards. But if you are really clumsy in terms of expressing things with your body, you may have a hard time. Under some special circumstances, it would be a torture for other players to guess the right word based on your acting. Actually, body language can actually speak louder than words and human voice. If you have this kind of perfect collaboration with some players, you can easily find out the right answer. You will notice that some players are really good at imitating the famous characters and their accents by using gestures and postures instead of real words. If you would like to, you can also record a really fun video while you are playing this game. Sometimes, you just have no idea about certain words, but it is quite normal, especially when you do not know this celebrity or you have never watched this movie. So things will become really hard for you to guess. But no matter what may happen, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. You can just try all your means to describe the person on the card. If you are familiar with a certain popular song which is printed on the card, it will be relatively easy for you to get the right answer. The whole game will end when all of the chips have been given out. The player who collected the most amount of chips will win the final victory. There is also a team mode. The players will be divided into two teams. Generally speaking, this is a great party game, which is quite easy to pick up and play. Even if you are one of the people who have never played any of similar games, you will be able to pick up the game and play it within a couple of minutes. So if you are one of the big fans of this type of party games, you should just play this game right now!

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