Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

Developer: Jam City, Inc.

Have this exciting adventure with a cute panda.


Editor's Review :

Panda Pop is a quite relaxing puzzle game. You will have this exciting adventure with a cute panda. As you can see, this panda is holding a ball of a certain color in his hands. All you need to do is to let the panda throw out this ball and touch other balls located above the head of this adorable panda. There are numerous possibilities in this world. So, you should never give up until the last second. Even if things may go wrong from time to time, you will naturally become addicted to this game. And you should always believe in yourself that you will eventually come up with an ingenious solution to any tricky situation. The thing is that you have only limited steps, so you must make sure that each ball counts. At different levels, you will manage to obtain new powerful items that will help accelerate your process of clearing all the balls. So if you can successfully make full use of these creative items, you will manage to clear the level before you run out of steps. The whole atmosphere of this game is really relaxing. You may even chuckle from time to time after you successfully tackle a tricky level. And you do not need to find a specific reason to play this game. Whenever you have some spare time or feel tense, you can always come to this world and start this adventure of clearing all the colorful balls with the cute panda. The reason why players choose to play this game may vary from person to person. But you will definitely enjoy yourself a lot while you are trying to clear all the balls. And you will also become more creative as you play this game because you will come up with different ideas to complete different levels. While you are unlocking more and more levels, you will feel yourself more like an achiever, instead of an explorer. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. And you will be fully motivated to complete a new level. And your game experience will also change over time. In the beginning, you mean feel mildly challenged because the levels are quite simple. But after you play for some time, you will be challenged by really hard levels. And it will cost you a lot of time to figure out the right way of completing this tricky level. This game is suitable for both younger children and adults to play because the whole content of this name is healthy. There is no violence involved. If you liked playing similar puzzle games when you were younger, you would definitely fall in love with this game at the first sight. The very idea and the very feeling of clearing all the balls will attract you to come to this world regularly. It is so appealing to watch those balls disappear all of a sudden. If there is something unfortunate happens in your real life, you can always use this game as a tool to temporarily distract yourself from that bad news and give yourself a break. Maybe too many things in real life are out of your control. But in this world, you always feel that you can at least control the balls. The whole process of clearing all the colorful balls will give you a sense of control, which will give you the strength to face all the hard things that may happen in your real life. It is quite normal to be faced with obstreperous things in real life because we perform all kinds of behaviors and do all kinds of things out of extrinsic motivation, that is to say, we do many things for external rewards, such as praise from other people or for profit. But in this virtual world, you can just enjoy your private time of clearing all the colorful balls out of intrinsic motivation, that is to say, you can just do this seemingly useless thing only because you enjoy doing such a thing. It is really relaxing and satisfying. You will also feel that you are a competent person after you successfully complete all the challenging levels.If you can throw all the balls out precisely without making any mistakes, you will feel that you are a capable and effective person. And this game will also give you a sense of autonomy because you can choose which ball to shoot first. And you can always switch the balls when you prefer to shoot a certain ball first. During the process of switching the balls, you will experience freedom or choice of action. As the game progresses, you will refuse to stop playing because the more competent you feel you are at completing all the levels, the greater the freedom and the motivation you feel to continue your adventure. And since this game will always make you feel a sense of autonomy and competence, your intrinsic motivation will also be reinforced. You will want to enjoy the pure fun of playing this simple puzzle game without any external purposes. And you will be willing to spend hours playing this game without stopping because this game makes you feel that you are really good at clearing all the colorful balls. Maybe you have already played many similar games, but the experience of playing this game is totally different. It always makes you feel something special, especially the ball is thrown out by this cute panda. It seems that this is a meaningless game. But you will get lots of fun. And you will never think that your time is wasted while you are playing this game. On the contrary, you may form your own special ideas about this simple but relaxing game. There is no need for you to worry that you will not get the whole charm of this game because there are not too many skills involved. You can master the skill of successfully completing all the levels without making too much effort. But if you want to become the ultimate master of playing such simple puzzle games, you need to be patient. And you will find that this game is more complex than you expected. And this is a perfect game for you to play alone. Whenever you want to have some quality time with yourself, you can definitely come into this world. In this virtual world, you will not be pushed to fight against other players. There are no violent actions. You just need to enjoy this two-dimensional cartoon-like experience. And you will never regret having this relaxing adventure with this cute panda!

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