Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy

Developer: Playgendary Limited

You are allowed to kick Buddy and use all kinds of weapons to destroy Buddy.


Editor's Review :

Kick the Buddy is a fabulous anti-stress game. By playing this game, you will have a new friend whose name is Buddy. You can do whatever you want with Buddy. You are allowed to kick Buddy and use all kinds of weapons to destroy Buddy. It is really fun to test Buddy's limits. If you would like to, you can also play all kinds of sports with Buddy. If you play this game for a long period of time, you will have this intimate relationship with Buddy. In your real life, maybe you always feel that you are worthless and you lack this sense of belonging, but it is not your fault. In this virtual world, you can just silence all the negative thoughts in your mind completely. You will never be alone, because Buddy is always there for you. It is the perfect time for you to forget everything about empathy. You can be a cold-blooded killer while you are playing Buddy. At the beginning, you may act in a clumsy way when you are using different tools to deal with Buddy. As the game progresses, you will become more skillful in terms of using all the incredible ways to punish Buddy. Of course, you can always entertain your Buddy. This game will definitely set the real you apart from the you who is hurt by other people in your real life. It is not the right time for you to think about all the honorable things. You can just devise your own unique strategies of destroying Buddy without hesitation. There is truly no wrong way. You can be really cool. No one will judge your behaviors in this world. And you will not feel heaps of shame for bringing harm to Buddy. It is actually a quite addictive thing to torture Buddy. But Buddy is not that kind of vulnerable. Maybe you will leave all kinds of scars on Buddy's body. But Buddy will always stand up again to keep playing with you. Besides, the more extreme your actions get, the more coins you will earn. With the money, you can buy all kinds of weapons and other awesome items from the store. In this relationship with Buddy, you are definitely the boss. So there is no need for you to have any unpleasant feelings. On the contrary, you are allowed to be proud of your amazing ideas of torturing Buddy. Creating your own scenario with Buddy will give you strength and power. You are the only one who can either choose to become Buddy's best friend or Buddy's arch enemy. If you choose to play in the dirty way, you can take a deep breath and start doing all kinds of horrible things. You will not get punished no matter what you do. And it is time for you to get rid of your compassion and tolerance. You can imagine that you are inflating a giant hatred bubble inside of you. As you keep torturing Buddy, the hatred bubble will explode and you will feel so satisfied. There is no need for you to worry that Buddy may try to get revenge, because Buddy always trusts you and Buddy is always willing to spend some happy time with you. You also deserve this exclusive chance to have some happy time with Buddy to release all your stress. By playing with Buddy, you will learn to accept the real you. As you can see, Buddy is constantly bullied, but the fact is that Buddy never changes because he always keeps who he is. You will learn lots of things from Buddy. If you play with Buddy for a longer period, you will refuse to wear any masks to hide your true self in your real life because you just want to be as real as Buddy. You may be get attacked and feel hurt. But you will always choose to be the real you. It is such a meaningful thing to share some personal time with Buddy. It seems that you can also feel the pain that Buddy experienced and Buddy can also see your inside vulnerability behind all the violent actions. But the whole process is really fun and meaningful. Suddenly, you will realize that you have this wildly mixed personalities while you are torturing Buddy. All these weapons are just like different reactions from other people. If you are confronted with a happy or positive reaction or judgment, you will show or reply with positive feedback. But if you are treated badly, you may also get aggressive. But actually, you should always be like Buddy, that is to say, no matter what other people may do or react, you should always keep calm. All the scars left by other people and by this world cannot be erased or forgotten easily, but you must always stay strong. And you should always refuse to wear any masks to hide your true self. If you choose to interact with Buddy all the time, you will get the full spectrum of your inner world. Suddenly, you will realize that it is so unreasonable to react in a negative way towards other people's opinions and thoughts about you. In this virtual world, Buddy will always make you happy in a weird way. After you attack Buddy with different weapons, you will always feel better, especially after you successfully knock Buddy down. To be honest, this is not the perfect game for kids because it involves inappropriate and violent scenes. But it is really fantastic to torture Buddy by using different tools and weapons. You will see various effects after you attack Buddy with totally different weapons. The most important thing is that you will manage to accept your true self exactly as you are in the moment of torturing Buddy. In your real life, maybe you are constantly and unconsciously distorted in many ways. But while you are punishing and teasing Buddy, everything about you becomes transparent. Apparently, you make all kinds of reactions in your real life to get reassurance from other people when they are attacking you just like you are torturing Buddy, which is a remarkable realization. If you can get connection with your true self by playing this game, you will know that the existence of Buddy in your life is definitely the most unique gift. And the relationship with Buddy will make you feel complete. You will never feel nervous or scared again, because you can always release all your stress and negative energy by destroying your Buddy in various ways. You should never expect Buddy to be omnipotent. But Buddy is so kind and so sweet that Buddy is always waiting for you in this virtual world. There is no need for you to disguise your true feelings in front of Buddy. And Buddy can always see your true self through your eccentric behaviors. So it is time for you to spend some happy time with Buddy. Eventually, Buddy will just become the indispensable part of your life!

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