European Truck Simulator

European Truck Simulator

Developer: Ovidiu Pop

Become the King of The Road! A great simulation game about driving trucks!


Editor's Review :

European Truck Simulator is a great simulation game about driving trucks. If you love playing driving games, you will have the best gaming experience. You will love the high quality graphics and the realistic sound effects. The weather conditions will also change from day to day. You will also experience the day and night cycle. The interior of the truck looks awesome. Everything makes you feel that you are driving a real truck. Besides, you will have more than 20 real cities to explore. The most fantastic thing is that you can drive without worrying about any traffic rules. You just need to unlock all the awesome items by completing your missions. It is fascinating to drive to the incredible locations, including Paris, Berlin and many other places. You can start with the career mode and make some profits. After you earn some money, you can buy other amazing trucks. This game is so real. You can even see the dirt on the ground. And you can even hear the water flowing under the bridge. Whenever you feel bored, you can always play this online driving game with your best friends and other family members. It is really fun and exciting to show you real driving skills. If you are an experienced player, you can always join the match to earn fantastic rewards. In your real life, maybe you are forced to think about many annoying things every day. But in this virtual world, you will have the total control of your life and mind. You will be a professional truck driver. All you need to do is to focus on your driving missions. It is really fun. You will unconsciously spend hours and hours of time on your driving mission every single day. To some degree, this game will give you the higher level of stimulation to your mind. Your attention span will be expanded. Maybe in your daily life, while you are driving, you need to follow many rules. But in this world, you can just let your mind wander and appreciate the beautiful scenery alongside the road. As the game progresses, you will have more awesome ideas and thoughts about earning more profits. If you are a boss who runs a real truck company which is responsible for delivering goods, you should definitely try this game. Maybe you constantly force yourself to figure out the perfect plans and strategies of delivering your goods in a more proficient way. But you cannot come up with some insightful ideas to cut the cost and improve the productivity of delivering all the goods. While in this world, great thoughts and ideas will naturally come to your mind while you are driving around. It is fantastic and definitely worthwhile for you to try. All the light effects and sound effects are wonderful. And you will have a really fruitful journey. You can always conduct different experiments by driving these trucks. And by coming up with totally different and creative ideas, you can improve your delivery plans. There is no need for you to think about the all the damage and collateral cost and expenditure because this is a virtual game. So if you play this game for a very long period of time, you will notice that you can control this whole truck-driving business. While you are driving on the road, your mind will fully calm down and you can focus on more things at the same time. You can see the tree leaves, the rocks on the ground and the mountain. It is so good to have this peaceful moment to let your mind wander. During this process, brilliant ideas and plans will strike you. As the great saint says that, "Not all those who wonder are lost". It seems that you are alone on the road, but you could just deliberately let your mind wander around. Those awesome ideas will crawl into your mind. We put too much information into our mind in our everyday life. But this game will give you the golden opportunity to let your attention rest and let your attention fully focus on your feelings. If you play this game for a long period of time, you will find that you can do things in a much more productive way. After you play this game, your mind will no longer be dull. And you will not let all the trivial things consume your full attention, because you will have this awareness to scientifically deploy your energy and your attention, which can help you find beauty in the most tiniest things along your journey. This game can really settle your nerves. You will have the remarkable driving experience. If you play this game for a very long period of time, you will have more space in your mind. Actually, the state of our mind determines the state of our life. So your whole life will be transformed. Maybe you are upset about driving around without having any company. Sometimes, you may feel the boredom, but it is not a bad thing. If you love to have some high-quality private time of chewing on your life while driving awesome trucks, you should try this game without hesitation. In our real life, we always crave for all kinds of information and exciting things to stimulate our brain and our minds. We frequently do so many harmful things to our mind. But while you are driving quietly in this world, your brain will not be over-stimulated, and you will have the full capacity to become fully focused on your driving task. You will have the feeling of connection and purpose during each journey. It feels so great to successfully deliver the cargo. And you will have this deep connection with your own inner world while you are driving forward along the beautiful countryside road. There is no need for you to get the validation and positive opinions of others about you driving skills. All of a sudden, you may burst into tears. And you will feel a special sense of happiness and fulfillment. You will feel so free while you are driving your favorite truck. All the options of customizing your truck will definitely blow your mind. The whole process of customizing your own special truck will be filled with joy and excitement. You can also utilize different tools to make your truck become perfect. If you are deeply passionate about truck-driving simulation games, there is just no reason for you to miss this amazing truck-driving game. By playing this game, you will learn to stick to your own plan and your own destination. You will not be distracted by anything. In this way, you will fully connect to your heart's true desires. It is awesome to shift your energy to what you really desire. At last, while you are driving your truck forward, you will feel that there is always more to life than you are currently experiencing!

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