Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Developer: Clickteam USA LLC

Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!


Editor's Review :

This is a great horror game. If you love playing horror games, it is highly possible for you to become addicted to this creepy game, which is full of all kinds of jump scares. If you can successfully survive all the terrifying nights, you will feel so proud of yourself. While you are playing this game, you will be hired as a night watchman for a pizzeria. You will come across many animatronics characters. All the characters are still scary but look a little different. It seems that these characters just become more mature. But you will still come cross and meet Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy. This time, you will also meet a new puppet whose name is Marionette and also the Balloon Boy who is a humanoid robot. So even if you have already played many similar games, it is still worthwhile for you to try this one, because it contains new features. And you will have the golden opportunity to meet new characters. Sometimes, the night shift can be torturous. You will get stuck in the office and unable to move from one room to another room. The good news is that there is no longer a limited amount of power for lights during the night, which will be a great relief. However, while you are playing this game, you should never lower down your guard, because you will never know when those creepy characters will appear. And some doors seem to be impossible to unlock, which means the creatures may have easier access to the entirety of the pizzeria whenever they want to. In order to survive the night, you will have the flashlight. You can always use this flashlight to reset the animatronics. There is also the wind up music box that can be used to keep the attention of the toys. Before you can get the music box, you will be required to open the CCTV system. To be specific, you need to navigate to the screen first, and then hold down the B button on the controller to wind it. Of course, while you are carrying out all these tasks, the rest of the enemies are wandering about. Some of the animatronics may look at you. The jump scares may make you scream and squeal, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are also many mini games occur from time to time, especially when you are killed by the animatronics. This mini games usually involve some murdered children or the phone guy. But there is no need for you to worry. Even if you get stuck, you will always get some hints from the system. In this way, you will know clearly how to make it through the night. Actually, all these mini games are kind of interesting diversion from the main event. The graphics are fantastic. Actually, graphically speaking, the graphics in this game are prettier than the graphics appeared in the original or the previous ones. In this game, you can also use the light attached to the camera to light up the areas around, so you can see things clearly. Generally speaking, you can never overestimate the spooky and scary atmosphere of this game. If you are not a very bold person, you should always be fully prepared. While you are playing this game, your nerves will always being in an uneasy state. When the light goes on, the tension will be stronger. The background sounds are also creepy. Things will go absolutely crazy in the middle of the night. But if you can successfully survive the night, you will feel so proud of yourself. And once you start, you just cannot get enough of this game. Anyway, this game is a worthy successor to the first version. You will have the fun of exploring this creepy house. There are also many additional activities for you to enjoy. It is obvious that this version is harder, but all the jump scares will also make you feel so excited. The new characters are still creepy. The way the characters look is even more horrifying in this game, especially when the characters are peering at you through the camera. You will feel scary and creepy all the time while you are playing this game. If you want to have a better game experience, you can always turn off the lights and put on your headphones. It makes you feel that you are literally in this spooky house. Even though you cannot see blood and other vicious monsters with evil appearance, this game is still spooky because it relies more on psychological horror. You can never predict what may happen next. So you will always get caught by all the unexpected jump scares. Besides, you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. At the beginning, it seems that there is nothing to be afraid of. But as the game progresses, you will notice that the whole atmosphere becomes more and more spooky. After you go through all sorts of psychological terrors, you may even experience insomnia in your real life. But while you are playing this game, it feels fantastic. The whole design of this game is so creative. As soon as you wear the uniform of the security guard, you will be hired to keep an eye on everything around during the night hours. You can not quit until you successfully complete your task. And you should always remember that those animatronics will gnaw your head if you give them even the slightest chance. And your blood pressure will always be high. It seems that the animatronics are everywhere. They might be in the vents. They will be at the door. And they may be at the end of the dark hallways. Basically, they are everywhere that you do not want them to be. But anyway, you will love the spooky atmosphere and you will be so busy while you are playing this game that you will literally forget to get freaked out. Anyway, the Freddy's 2 is more challenging, so you must be patient and be alert. And in Freddy's 2, there will be more animatronics for you to deal with. Besides, you must not hesitate when you take any action. Anyway, you will have a fun time with all the animatronics!

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