Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

Developer: Clickteam USA LLC

Your main task is to fend off all the animatronic robots.


Editor's Review :

Ultimate Custom Night is the ultimate horror game. Once again, you will be trapped in an office. Your main task is to fend off all the animatronic robots. These robots only have the appearance of normal robots, but they are just not robots. Actually, they are nothing like robots. So, you must always watch out for any potential dangers and you must always put your own safety as your priority. There are altogether 50 animatronic robots available. You will see many familiar robots if you have already played other Five Nights at Freddy's games. You have numerous options for customizing your animatronic robots. There are not too many things for you to do. You just need to manage the doors, ventilation, air hoses from your office desk. And you do not have any sophisticated weapons or tools. You only have the heater, A/C, the music box and a power generator, but in order to successfully fend off the animatronic robots, you can always set up laser traps. If your performance is good enough, you can also try to collect all the coins.With these coins, you can purchase wonderful items from the prize counter. Yes, the animatronic robots have those smiley faces and they will always trigger different emotional responses in you. You know that they are not natural creatures. So, they will always evoke uneasy feelings. This unsettling and creepy feeling will always make you want to leave this world. As human beings, we all have this built-in evolutionary adaptation mechanism that helps us recognize weird faces. The creepy faces and weird movements of these robots will always keep your interest. You will have memorable moments while you are interacting with these robots. Actually, this game is vastly appreciated by horror fans from different parts of the world. You will love the suspense, and you will be attracted by the jump scares. If you are a person who has a strong aversion to being startled, you will scream a lot and you will get lots of chills. The whole atmosphere of this game is quite spooky. The boundary between the real and the fiction is rather thin. You will literally live the horror. And you will feel that you are in this office. It is really hard for you to be in total control of the character and everything around you. So, you will always be afraid of unexpected things. Dealing with those animatronic robots always involves fear. If you are an intuitive person, you may predict the next move of the animatronic robots. What the animatronic robots will always invoke in you is the most powerful emotion, that is, fear. During most of the time, you will experience the feeling of fear. And you will start losing control from time to time. But you always know that your body is not in any peril and you will always have empathy with you. You will be so emotionally invested in your role that you will unconsciously imagine what it would be like if you are dead, actually, it is very helpful for you to predict the robot's next moves. It is not a good feeling to be hunted by these unstoppable supernatural problems. But with your human intelligence, you can successfully solve all the problems. It is inevitable for you to experience nightmares when you are working in your office and you will always be challenged by these terrifying robots. You may even feel that all your senses are heightened and your life is threatened. But when you die, you can always resurrect yourself by starting from the beginning. So, each death is a kind of reincarnation. This game will also expose your human weaknesses and your deepest fears about certain features owned by these animatronic robots. While you are dealing with those robots, you will fully connect your inner mind with the role played by you. In this office, you have no backup. You are totally on your own. So,even the tiniest noise will increase the tension. Every time you reset the ventilation or choose a different camera angle, you will always hear the new music, because each tiny reset or change will always trigger the music box, which will automatically activate Chica. It is very challenging to deal with Rockstar Foxy and his pet and other animatronic robots at the same time. But if you are a true horror fan, you will have a really enjoyable game experience. And you will be so in love with the oppressive atmosphere. Under tension and pressure, you will forget about everything else. Your mind will be so calm. Even if you are so scared, you just want to solve all the problems and try to survive. The monsters will appear frequently. So, sometimes you may even begin to hallucinate because of your fears. Besides, death is not a meaningless thing. Actually, in this world death has meaning because every time you die and you resurrect, you will have more information about the terrifying monsters. As the game progresses, you will understand that retreat is not the best option. And even if you fail, each attempt is a kind of success. As you learn more about these monsters, you will also manage to live as long as possible. It is inevitable for you to feel frustration from time to time. And all these monsters will make you constantly feel uncomfortable. You must try every means to conquer your subjective emotions and your inner fears. Otherwise, it is really hard for you to survive. So, you must keep alert until dawn and you must deal with a great amount of tension whenever you are in danger. From this perspective, this game is very helpful in terms of helping you improve your ability in dealing with things under pressure. If you are a true horror fan, you should try this wildly successful horror game around the whole world. This game will be a great challenge to your decision-making ability. You must always make the right decisions, especially in critical moments, because each decision matters. And each decision will affect your destiny. If you make the wrong choice, you will have no choice but to be scared. Now it is time for you to enjoy all the jump scares and have a fun time!

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