Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

Developer: Giants Software

You just directly walk into paradise whenever you see your farm.


Editor's Review :

Farming Simulator 22 is an addicting farming simulation game. If you love playing farming simulation games, or if you desire to get close to nature, you feel that you just directly walk into paradise whenever you see your farm. Everything in this world, including those tools, will definitely attract you to visit this world whenever you feel bored. In different seasons, you can plant totally different types of food and sell these agricultural products to make a profit. In the modern world, maybe you always feel that you are so small in this metropolis city. And maybe you have a sense of void and wish to have this sense of existence in the big city, especially among the skyscrapers. The good news is that while you are playing this wonderful farming game, you always feel that you are so alive! And this sense of happiness derived from fostering your own domestic animals is reliable and constant. It is really fun to take care of the cute cows and focus on weeding the crops. As the game progresses, you will have more patches of fields. And you will own your own large farming business by selling out more agriculture products.If you have no formal knowledge about the growing and planting of different types of crops, this game can definitely help you know more about the growing process of different crops. And in the meantime, you may learn some cultivation skills. After you have enough money, you can hire more workers to help you grow and harvest the crops. No matter whether you choose to do all the farming work on your own or you choose to accelerate the process by hiring more workers, you will have lots of fun. And even if you choose to do all the farming work in person, it is possible for you to finish your farming work at a sound pace, because you have all kinds of modern technology and highly-sophisticated farming tools. By making full use of these modern tools, you will harvest lots of crops at an amazingly fast speed. And you will manage to take care of many domesticated animals at the same time. And you have a very large barn to store your agricultural products. Everything in this game is flexible. You can choose what kind of fascinating farm you want to build. And you are allowed to have sheep, chickens, and other animals as your companions. But in order to make more profits in a short period of time, you should never make decisions without thinking first. In fact, you should do some objective and comprehensive analysis before you make a decision. And you should always take your own situation into consideration. An excellent farmer is one who always has a good intuition in terms of making more profit, actually, if you are persistent in expanding your farm, as the game progresses, you will just naturally and inherently know the right decision and the proper skills to implement the right actions and to make adjustments to make more profit.But this intuition requires knowledge. And this good intuition about wise farming investment does not come out of nowhere. Actually, this ability is closely linked with your excellent farming skills and your clear understanding of your farmland. So, it is very important for you to learn from your past experience and your observation of your current business and the current situation of your farmland. As time goes by, you will be exposed to different tricky situations. But there is no need for you to feel frustrated. To solve all these problems and to continue your business, you will be forced to practice your problem-solving skills. There is no need for you to discuss with other farmers or compare your farming skills with other players' farming concepts. You just need to learn from your own experience. As long as you are patient, you will always figure out the right solution to expand your farm and make more profit by learning from your painful but fruitful experiences. Eventually, you will build quite an efficient farming system which will bring you lots of profits automatically. So, you must keep the balance of your business and make sure that everything is moving forward. This is also a perfect game for you to play with your best friends. You can do the farming together and expand your business by coming up with creative ideas. It is really exciting to have this funny enjoyment with your close friends. It feels wonderful to make a fortune overnight by managing your farm and by taking care of all the livestock on the farm. Of course, you will experience struggles and difficulties. But it is really satisfying to create your own farming record and have your own virtual farmland. In the beginning, you and your friends may underestimate the difficulty level of this game, because everything seems possible. But as you play for some time, you will find that it takes time to expand your farm by purchasing more new land. And there are more crops for you to grow and harvest. Selling your agriculture products to local businessmen is also a thing of skill and intelligence.And it requires patience for you to own your own dream farm. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to invest your money and time in this wonderful farm. You will eventually have the golden chance to raise lots of livestock, including cute horses and pigs. Over time, the landscape will be fascinating. And you will enjoy yourself a lot while you are wandering around this beautiful farm. To give your cute livestock a happy and comfortable life, you must visit stores on a regular basis to buy food for them and you need to feed your livestock timely. Maybe some cute livestock will become part of your life. And you will be so unwilling to sell them out. Living life on this farm is not only about growing and harvesting crops and raising cute livestock. You can also do other fun stuff, for instance, in winter, you can remove the snow by using highly-sophisticated tools. And you can make some delicious wine for yourself. Anyway, it is not an easy thing to build a farm from scratch. And there is just no shortcut. If you refuse to cheat or borrow resources from your neighbors, you need to be patient and work really hard. But all of your struggles will not be in vain. Eventually, you will build a new life here. Every time when you come into this world, you will just walk on your own farm and start a totally new kind of life. You will fully immerse yourself in nature. It feels like you can touch the green grass and you can communicate with your cute livestock through eye contact. No one will judge you here. And you can run your own farming business by following your own plan. Maybe in your real life, you have so many great and creative ideas about running a profitable farming business. But you just cannot afford it. So, in this virtual world, you can try to make all your farming dreams come true without worrying about the budget.At last, this virtual farm will always give you a sense of belonging. Maybe you will go through some hard times on your farm, but you will always be there to enjoy life and realize your ambition of running a very successful farming business!

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