Prankster 3D

Prankster 3D

Developer: Z & K Games

Play as the little boy Nick who is really angry at Miss T who is his teacher.


Editor's Review :

Prankster 3D is an extremely funny casual game. By playing this game, you will play as the little boy Nick who is really angry at Miss T who is his teacher. But this lady is really annoying. So, you will play all kinds of pranks on this teacher to get your revenge. It is a really satisfying process. You will come across all kinds of twists and turns. You cannot stop torturing her. Maybe in your real life, you also have a very horrible and annoying teacher. But you can do nothing about this teacher because of the authority and other reasons. But in this wild world, you can just play all kinds of pranks to teach a lesson to this teacher. Everybody in the school is too weak to challenge this teacher, but there is no need for you to be afraid of this horrifying lady. There will always be a definitive moment when you manage to successfully teach this teacher a great lesson. This is an awesome game for you to conquer your fear about this disqualified teacher. And this is the game that will tell you some significant lessons about challenging authorities. You will win back your confidence and your power to challenge all the annoying and bad teachers. From time to time, you will surprise yourself with your amazing skills of playing devious pranks. This game will create a substantial hit on your life. In real life, you may be so afraid of such annoying teachers. But in this virtual world, you will be completely different and you are allowed to and you will be capable of doing all kinds of crazy things towards this teacher. There will be long hours of fun and you will feel so great while you are torturing this teacher. It is not just about wasting some spare time, actually, torturing this teacher is a great investment in your psychological health bank. After you play this game, you will always feel refreshed and you will always feel totally good about yourself. It is quite normal for us to feel powerless and vulnerable in front of bullies. But in this world, you can just change your sedentary lifestyle and move around the house to challenge this teacher's power. By playing all kinds of pranks, you will feel that you are actually so smart. For instance, you can just put some glue on her sofa and even on her bed. So, when this teacher goes to bed, she will definitely experience a disaster. You can also use the air horn to wake her up when she is sleeping soundly. It is really fun to put superglue over the surface or all kinds of equipment used for physical exercise. Whenever this teacher picks up the dumbbell or other things used for physical exercise, her hands will be glued to the equipment. You can also pour the oil all over the floor. In this way, the floor will be too slippery for the angry teacher to walk around. Nothing can be more exciting than ruining your teacher's delicious meal. You can always put more salt and more ketchup into the noodle soup. And it is hilarious to see your teacher get angry. While you are playing this game, you will feel the exciting feeling which will be the greatest reward. You should never expect this teacher to be a kind and sweet person. As a parent, you should also encourage your children to play this game. Usually, you may think that it is inappropriate or impolite for children to take revenge on teachers. But this game will definitely make your children become happy because it is such a satisfying thing to punish the disqualified teacher. If your children have attention deficit disorder, you should definitely encourage your children to play the game. By playing all kinds of pranks on this scary teacher, your children will have this mental satisfaction. Besides, your children will master great attention skills while fully focusing on torturing this teacher. Actually, effectively torturing this teacher needs some sustained attention and your children will feel so great after finishing the satisfying job and receiving all kinds of rewards. In the real world, maybe your children are too afraid to do such things. But in this virtual world, your children will find that all these pranks are so interesting. There is no need for you to worry that your children may scratch their heads or they cannot figure out the right approaches to playing the pranks. Maybe the real-world activities are freaking slow for your children to appreciate. In this world, your children will be required to move really fast after setting up the traps or after finding the scary teacher. Seriously, this game is great for children to conquer their inner fear of a certain bad teacher. Besides, you will notice that your kids will learn this maximum skill that you expect your children to display, and that maximum skill is hand-eye coordination. While you are playing with your children, you will notice that your children will be required to place all the items in an orderly way. Your kids must be sure that the traps will be effective. While you are playing this game with your children, you can always communicate with each other and try to exchange views about different reactions made by this scary teacher. You will always laugh out loud. And it is really fun to operate this character to play all kinds of creative pranks. By playing this game, your kids will follow different long-term and short-term objectives. And your kids will also be required to deal with interruptions because this scary teacher will keep moving. She will visit different rooms. And she will do all kinds of activities, like watching TV, going to the toilet, and washing the bathrooms, and many other things. So, by playing this game, your kids will master this extraordinary multitasking skill. It turns out that playing all these pranks like ruining the delicious food and scaring this teacher with horror movies and other naughty stuff can make your kids become smarter because usually, it is so challenging to do the bad things. In order to do the bad things, your kids will be required to come up with creative plans and try every means to avoid being captured by this scary teacher. But if you do good things for this teacher. This scary teacher will always be kind to welcome you to do all the good things. And this scary teacher will not try to stop you if you do good things. So, this is a remarkable game. It will show you that it is harder to do bad things than good things. If you encourage or accompany your kids to play this game for a long time, you will see a remarkable increase in gray matter in your kids' brains because playing all kinds of pranks is actually a different act of learning and thinking. Coming up with different strategies to ruin this teacher will help your kids produce more gray matter. It is not about your kids' performance, actually playing all kinds of pranks itself is a kind of process of learning and creative thinking. Now it is time for you to freely play pranks on the scary teacher and get your revenge!

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