Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

Developer: NEKKI

Prepare to fight with shadows! The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users!


Editor's Review :

This is a classic fighting game. You will have an unforgettable fighting experience. By playing this game, you will have the golden chance to become a real hero. But this game will also be a great challenge of your mental quality. You can not be intimidated by giant enemies. You can not give up until you defeat all your opponents. As the game progresses, you will fall in love with the process of fighting against those faceless enemies. You will also love the classic background music. Of course, you will always be challenged by scary monsters. But there are also lots of awesome weapons available. You can always use these weapons to kill all the cold-blooded monsters and enemies. But it is your priority to choose the proper weapon to deal with the enemies. While you are playing this game, you should always focus on your fighting. There is no time for you to think about other things. Obviously, this is a high quality role-playing game. This whole game involves fighting your way across various lands. You will have a really exciting adventure. Eventually, you will find the worthy opponent to fight. Besides, there are also local PVP battles available with a wealth of characters and different stages to enjoy. There is no need for you to worry that you have no formal experience of playing similar games. Actually, the basic combat mechanics is easy to understand. There is also a very considerate tutorial which will introduce you to the basic combat mechanics. You will know how to successfully win the gears and the weapon systems after you finish the tutorial. It is really fun to complete all the campaigns and other side quests. If you become experienced enough, you can also join in deals and tournament to test your fighting skills. In order to progress, you will be required to constantly upgrade your weapons and arms. It is also necessary for you to acquire more powerful weapons to deal with your opponents or else the damage inflicted to you will become so great that you will have no other ways to withstand. Even if this is a virtual game, you will feel that you are a true fighter because the character's movements are so real. You also have limitless options for attacking. "A" represents arm hit. And you can press button "B" to perform leg hit and X for magic attacks. All these attacks will grant you with great satisfaction. It feels fantastic to inflict significant damage towards your opponents. At the moment when you release all buttons, you will have the visual feast because the fighting scene is fabulous! If you can successfully combine different skills owned by your characters together, you will exert the maximum damage. Of course, you will also go through struggles. Sometimes, you will also be faced with really powerful enemies. But you should never give up. On the contrary, you should come up with some viable strategies to bravely fight against your enemies. If you can successfully counter your opponent and return all the heavy blows, you will feel so relaxed. As the game progresses, you will also unlock a variety of characters. So it is impossible for its become bored with this game. While you are fighting against your enemies, you can never get distracted. You should always remember that you are walking through the gates of shadows into the dangerous world, which is full of monsters. This is a harsh world. So you must fight bravely. It is not the time for you to show mercy. You are surrounded by monsters, fireballs and dangerous enemies. But the background is fantastic. In each stage, you will have a totally different background. While you are fighting, you can even see the yellow tree leaves falling down. So the whole environment just makes you feel that you are a true hero. It is definitely worthwhile for you to have this risky adventure. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction after you collect many weapons and new fighters. So you just need to be a brave warrior. If you fight without looking back, no one will stand in your way. Besides, there are several language versions available, including Korean, Russian, Chinese, English and German. So you can always choose the language that is fit for you. In this virtual world, you are nothing more than a shadow fighter, but you must trust the energy and power within your body. As long as you have confidence in yourself and keep concentrating, you will be invincible. And you will enjoy all the fights because they are so real. You can even hear you and your opponent make all kinds of voices while you are fighting against each other. You will even see audience around. If your performance is good enough, they will cheer for you. At the end of each fight, if you are the final winner, you will get awesome prizes. In order to get more prizes, you should realize more combos. Anyway, this is a fantastic fighting game. It will lead you into totally different worlds to fight against your opponents. Of course, each of your opponent is equipped with totally different skills, but you will enjoy yourself a lot. While you are fighting against your opponents, the most important thing is to be a calm and observant fighter. If you can successfully find out the weak points of your opponent, you will successfully defeat this opponent without making too much efforts. In the meantime, you need to react really fast. Otherwise, you will be the one who gets killed. So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to play as the shadow fighter and release your true fighting skills. You will be the master of all these awesome weapons. And while you are fighting against your enemies, you will merge into one with the sharp sword in your hand. It makes you feel that nothing else matters at that moment. And in this world, there is only you and your weapon. If your performance is good enough, you will also get all the gold coins to buy robe and other gears for yourself. Now it is time for you to release all your energy and show your true instinct and your desire for blood and violence. In this world, there is no need to follow any strict restrictions. As long as you can win, you will be the ultimate shadow fighter. And you will travel among different worlds to conquer all the enemies. As a warrior, you should not have any emotion. All you need to do is to keep a clear head and fight. Anyway, only the bravest fighter can survive at last. So you have no retreat and you must show your true warrior spirit!

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