Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Developer: Rockstar Games

You will have a better understanding of San Andreas's culture!


Editor's Review :

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a spectacular action game. If you have already played other Grand Theft Auto series, you will also love this one, because you will have a big map and you can explore new locations. So, if you are one of the fans of GTA games, you should definitely try this one. You will experience many new features. Compared with previous GTA games, you will manage to explore both the bright side and the dark side of you. You will come across many tragedies. And there are many characters. Behind each character, there is a story, but there is no need for you to mimic the life lived by these characters. You can just start your own adventure and write your own criminal life stories. You will feel all kinds of drastic emotions while you are trying to carry out different tasks. The process of completing all these tasks will help you know different dimensions of your life. You will be forced to make all kinds of choices. But there is no need for you to judge yourself by using all the normal moral codes, because this is a violent world. And this world is full of drugs, criminals and other dirty things. So, all your choices should be based on the role played by you. Your choices are very important. You must always make the right choices to make yourself live a better life in this criminal world. All these significant choices will lead to drastic consequences which will change the course of your entire life. In this play, you can also make all kinds of decisions in advance for different characters. You will always feel lonely. Even if there are so many characters in this world, you usually carry out all these tasks by relying on yourself. So, you should always keep alert and you should never drop into any traps. Some character has the aura of mystery and the police may put a price on these characters' heads. So you should trust no one in this criminal underworld. And you will be faced with all kinds of challenges. But in this world, you will also truly know the value of friendship and loyalty. If you can make a true friend, you will feel so excited. And it is really fun to carry out all these challenging tasks with your true friend. You should never take things for granted. And you should never give judgments based on appearance. As you can see, not all police officers with unique uniforms are decent. They also do all kinds of money laundering or other illegal activities to make more profit. This game contains many criminal activities, which will remind you of real-world scenarios. You will feel connected while you are playing this game. You will experience many things that you may see in movies. The whole environment is rather realistic. You will not perform as a superhero. Actually, you are just a normal human being, which makes you feel so alive. Sometimes, you may do some bad things in order to try to make ends meet and help your friends, but you should really pay attention to your mental and psychological changes during this process. You will feel this inner change of slowly falling into degradation and violence. But in order to survive, you must put behind all your other thoughts. In fact, you should always use your intelligence to deal with your problems. If you are an observant person, you can easily track all the bad guys. This whole game is full of sarcastic humor. You may laugh out loud when you are reading the conversations or dialogues between different characters. So, things will not be intense all the time. Besides, you will experience different emotions because this is a really huge world. You will travel to the countryside and the desert. In different locations, you will come across different characters. And you will also enter numerous buildings, including coffee house, casino, movie theaters and other buildings. You are allowed to explore these places to find items or characters that you need. There are also many vehicles available. You can always make plans to perform your tasks in specific locations. By using the jet pack, you can even fly in the air. Participating into these illegal activities will make you feel awesome. You can even date women. If you play for a very long time, you may feel more refreshed because you will be allowed to join more exciting activities. You will never feel tedious. But all the characters may always do all kinds of ridiculous things to keep themselves alive or to make more money. So your vehicle will be intercepted by some criminal gangs or by the police officers. When you are faced with gangsters, you should always keep calm. If it is possible, you can also keep some connections with the criminal organizations to guarantee your own safety. You should always remember that your own safety should always be your priority. Nothing else matters in this world. You will always be fascinated by the amazing driving skills or the strategic plans applied by your rivals. But there is no need for you to put yourself in the shoes of these criminals. You can just explore the world by following your own way. No matter how old you are, you will always have lots of fun by playing as a criminal with special personality. In this virtual world, you can fully release your talents of driving and your talents of coming up with perfect plans to get rid of those police officers or other evil gangsters. This is a phenomenal world. You must train yourself to become a qualified criminal. Because of drugs, corruption and other bad things, this city is on the verge of collapsing. You will be framed for homicide or other illegal charges. But you must try your best to take control of the streets and take revenge for your innocent mother who is cruelly murdered. It is time for you to use your wisdom to remove all the rival gang members. As the game progresses, you will meet new characters and you will have more options in this world. This game is very rich in content. You can take part in whatever activities that you like. And you can freely drive around the world and crash into different things. At last, you will have a better understanding of San Andreas's culture after playing this game!

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