Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl

Developer: NEOWIZ

Help you make your music dream come true.


Editor's Review :

Guitar Girl is a remarkable music game. This game can help you make your music dream come true and you will enjoy the process of fulfilling your music dream. The soothing guitar music will always bring you into a totally different world. It is also interesting to help this cute guitar build her own music career. In the beginning part of the game, you will see a very sweet dialogue between this cute girl and her classmate. You can see that her classmate is really supportive of helping this cute girl realize her music dream. While you are playing this game, you will not feel overwhelmed or overpowered. On the contrary, you will have a rather relaxing and enjoyable game experience. So, you will not experience any bodily sensations like chills or shivers. You just need to enjoy some soothing music while helping this girl get as many likes as possible. If you get many likes, you will manage to level up. And if it is fit for your taste, you can always play something crazy to arouse powerful experiences. The audience will also show a strong emotional response to your music. It cannot be denied that music has enormous attraction and power over us. Nearly all the people in this world love music. It is a kind of common language. Actually, music is not a kind of personal or individual thing. In the meantime, musical experience is also intrinsically and fundamentally social. So, if you would like to, you can always share this music game with your best friends and other family members. As you can see, playing this music game together is an effective way to reinforce the relationship between you and your best friends. If you are a lone wolf, listening to music on headphones alone in your room will be a great enjoyment. But no matter whether you enjoy this music game with a group of other players or alone, you will notice that this music game can always affect your brain, your body, and your mind in mysterious but positive ways. Every time when you come into this music world, you will feel so calm and energetic. If you are a solitary listener, music will temporarily take you out of your inner world. Even if it is brief, you will experience a totally different feeling. By setting aside all the worldly things and fully immersing yourself in this music game, you can just concentrate on the music and forget about all of your other worries and concerns. Watching the little girl's music career become more successful, you will also feel a deep sense of satisfaction. After you level up, you can also unlock awesome sounds. The whole environment of this game is rather healing. You will notice that the graphics with vibrant colors look absolutely delightful. Once you start playing this game, it is really hard for you to stop playing. And you will realize that this music game will gradually play a very significant role in your life. Whenever you feel pressure, you just want to come into this world to let your mind go blank. All the beautiful and high-quality songs in this game will definitely help you release your negative emotions. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to invest your valuable time and energy in playing this fantastic music game, especially if you are one of the music fans. If you are a true lover of music, you can understand that sometimes what music is for us is just like what food means to us. You and music cannot be separated. It seems that only music can be the perfect channel to release all your emotions. All human emotions are quite complex. In daily life, we tend to express our emotions through words and body language. But the fact is that human words can sometimes be weak in terms of expressing your true feelings and true emotions. But while you are listening to music or while you are singing songs, you can definitely feel the power of music. It seems that you can just transcend into any world that you like. And all these worlds seem to connect with you. This feeling is amazing. This is the exact reason why it is highly possible for players to get addicted to this music game. But this addiction is not detrimental. Actually, it is quite healthy for you to release your both positive and negative emotions through music. Because while you are immersing yourself in the world of music, it seems that you can touch your feelings and emotions in a more direct way, which is of great psychological healing effect. And the feelings and messages expressed through words can be obscure and ambiguous. But the feelings obtained through music can be enjoyed by all the audience at the moment. This is why the audience is willing to give so many likes to the streamers. Regardless of education and upbringing, as soon as the music is on, everybody seems to experience the same feeling and the same emotion, which is really amazing because it makes us feel connected.The most important thing is that in the world of music, you will not be expected to react by following any social norms. The fact is that all your emotional responses can be allowed to not be consistent with the norms and expectations of your own culture. You can just show true and natural emotional responses from the bottom of your heart. At such moments, you feel that you get connected with your true self. So, playing similar music games is very healthy for you to maintain your balanced mental state. In front of unexpected situations, you will have a calmer mind. And it is less likely for you to act clumsy or out of your impulses. This game can also improve your sense of happiness in life. You will feel that life without music is tasteless and colorless. But as soon as you come into this world of beautiful music, you always feel so good. And it is so important to quench your thirst for music on a regular basis. While your body is in the physical world, it is for sure that you can touch all the objects in front of you. And you can see all these objects with your naked human eyes. But most of the time, you feel empty and you feel that this world is void of meaning or you're your true self. But while you are in this music world, it seems that you cannot touch any precise objects, but you feel that you are so real and this world is so real. So, you deserve the golden opportunity to connect with your true self and enjoy the beautiful world of music!

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