Outfit Queen

Outfit Queen

Developer: Taptekinc

You will have the chance to play as a real princess.


Editor's Review :

Outfit Queen is a classic simulation game. By playing this game, you will have the chance to play as a real princess. It is so fun to show your true taste in fashion by playing this game. And by dressing up this princess, you can just truly show your own fashion style. There is no need for you to think about other people's opinions about fashion. Usually, we just think that being fashionable in appearance can only make us become attractive. But it is not just about that. Actually, fashion represents power. As you can see, after your princess becomes pretty and gorgeous, your princess will generate great energy. The release of beautiful energy will attract all these men around to serve your beautiful princess. During this process, you will awaken a sense of power and freedom. It feels so satisfying to make your princess become perfect. All the men will be fascinated with your amazing princess. They would like to kneel on the ground and serve your princess in whatever way that your princess desires. After your princess becomes pretty, you will notice that it becomes so easy for your princess to attract lots of amazing things, including beautiful dresses and gold coins and the support of other strangers around. In our day-to-day life, we just unconsciously ignore the power of being fashionable. But after you play this game, you will realize in a very direct way that being fashionable can definitely bring us lots of benefits. By helping your princess become charming and gorgeous, you will help your princess win lots of lovers and followers. It feels so good to unleash your creative potential for designing something fashionable. During this process, you will also have a sense of integrity and loyalty. You will not push yourself to design something that you deny, but you will follow your own instinct to make your princess become beautiful. You may worry that you have no professional knowledge about designing or making costumes. But there is no need for you to worry. You just need to make decisions and choices between different outfits. All you need to think about is the whole style that you want for your princess. It is time for you to show your real desire for fashion. You can just let your princess walk over these men. By making your princess become pretty and beautiful, you will also feel confident and stunning. This intense sense of pride will fill your whole body. You just want to give your princess this undivided attention. You can see that your princess is completely fearless of the consequences of hurting all the men who are so willing to serve her. With her high heels, she just walks over the backs of these men who are lying down on the ground to serve for your princess. So it is definitely addicting to have this fantastic adventure with your princess. It is really hard for you to stop walking along the stage with your charming princess, which will make you feel happy all the time. In your real life, you may always feel miserable because of your appearance. Even if you are very talented and energetic, you just cannot liberate your true self because you cannot show your fashionable side in front of other people. But in this virtual world, you have this driving force of making your princess become the most fashionable figure on the stage. This process will set you free. You can just bring sufficient attention to your princess. The whole process of making your princess become fashionable will make your inner world become more bright. And all of your inner depression will disappear. While your princess is walking forward elegantly, you will have an uncluttered mind. All your choices will be decisive. It seems that you can feel power while you are choosing the right outfit for your princess. But before you make your princess become beautiful, you can see that all these people around are just insensitive or even indifferent to your princess. But after your princess becomes beautiful, you can help your princess break from that ignorance and the judgement. So whenever you feel that you are being bogged down by stress and uncomfortable feelings or whenever you are ridiculed by other people because of your fashion style, you can definitely have this fashion adventure with your charming princess. It is very convenient for you to play this game. You can just tap on the right outfit or the perfect accessories to make your princess become beautiful. Whenever you feel emotionally dry and empty, you can definitely lift your spirit up by selecting the perfect gown for your gorgeous princess. If you are truly into fashion, you can definitely get yourself off the gravitational pull of suffering and long-term stress by taking advantage of this game. While you are dressing up your princess, you will get rid of all the constant and obsessive self-centric thinking. Instead, you will have this total incessant preoccupation with yourself and your princess. This game will definitely separate you from the real world which will not allow you to fully show your fashion taste. If you are a person who is not sensitive to fashion, but who has this desire to become fashionable, but has no clues, you should definitely try this game. After you play this game, you will know that you still have this potential for change and become really fashionable. And by making your princess become beautiful, you will also have some inspiration about improving your own appearance in the real life. From the unconscious level, everyone has this judgment about his or her own appearance. Some people may even violently resist the urge to become fashionable for all kinds of reasons. But after you play this game, you will notice that being pretty and being fashionable contains power. You can see that your beautiful princess can easily seduce these men to serve her without thinking about any consequences. This whole process will make you feel confident. After you play this game, you will refuse any insults from the outside world about your appearance. The most important thing is watching your beautiful princess walking on the shining stage, which is such a great enjoyment. It seems that you can watch the scene all day without stopping. Now it is time for you to take a conscious breath and shake off your old shell while having this fashion adventure with your gorgeous princess!

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