Makeover Run

Makeover Run


You can make your character become beautiful and stylish.


Editor's Review :

Makeover Run is a great casual game for girls. By playing this game, you can make your character become beautiful and stylish. In the beginning, your character smells terrible, and your character is in a mess. But after playing for some time, your character will become gorgeous. You can select all kinds of amazing stuff for your character. As you can see, when your character is ugly, this girl is in a very depressed mood. And her head drops down and her whole body is bent when she is walking forward. But after you select all the fantastic hairstyles, beautiful dresses and other amazing stuff for your princess, your princess will become fantastic. All the boys around will be so willing to follow behind your princess and serve your princess at any moment. It will also boost your confidence. As a girl, appearance is very important. But beauty does not only mean the outer appearance, actually it is more about self-confidence. While you are watching your princess walking along the shining stage, you will also become more confident. And it feels so great to collect all the fashionable stuff. As the game progresses, you need to avoid all the smelly shoes and other items that may make your princess become ugly. So, you must always keep focusing on your way ahead. And you need to make sure that you will only collect all the diamonds and the right stuff to make your princess become perfect. At the end of each adventure, there will always be a handsome prince who is waiting for your gorgeous princess. Besides, there are all kinds of accessories for you to customize your princess. You will have shoes of different styles. You can see that some shoes are decorated with beautiful bow ties. You can also select different hairstyles for your character. Every time your character gets new stuff, your character will become a little more confident. This game is really creative. Sometimes, you may even see the dark clouds floating over the stage. But there is no need for you to worry that the rain will ruin your princess' makeup. Because after your princess becomes beautiful, all the boys around would be so willing to hold an umbrella and other stuff to protect your princess from being drenched to the skin. If your performance is good enough, you will unlock many amazing prizes. The whole atmosphere of this game is really relaxing. The walking stage is located above the ocean. You can see primitive huts and palm trees and other gorgeous things along the walking stage. The sea water is so blue and so clear. While you are walking forward on the stage, you will feel so relaxed. But you should never get carried away. Otherwise, it is very likely for you to be tainted by the smelly or dirty objects floating in the air. Because some objects may keep moving from different directions all the time. So, while you are walking forward, you must always keep concentrating. But you should always remember that the most important thing is not to win over these boys' and bystanders' hearts. The most important thing is to make your character become attractive by following your own ways. You will have lots of fun while you are dressing up your character by following your own style. Eventually, your character will be perfect and you will feel amazing. Making your character become beautiful can really make you feel connected to the people around. In our real life, we always feel alienated or singled out because of our inappropriate or even ugly appearance. But in this virtual world, you will always feel comfortable in front of the bystanders, because you can always make your princess become beautiful and confident. As you can see, after your princess becomes gorgeous, it is so easy for her to make amazing friends and become the center of attention. But when your character is ugly and stinky, you can see your character is struggling to make friends and trying to avoid the attention of other people. While your character is walking forward clumsily, your character feels so embarrassed because of her messy appearance. So, while you are playing this game, there is no need for you to put yourself into any standard mold. You are your own mold, or you can just create a wholly new mold. If you fully analyze the true spirit of this game, you will find beauty in everything. You will also have this motivation to explore the real meaning of being beautiful behind the perfect makeup. You will know what beauty really is. While you are playing this game, you will have only one goal, which is, to find beauty by following your own way. There is no need for you to fit into other people's beauty mold. As long as you love your own style, you will win love and respect from those audiences. This is a remarkable game for girls. After playing this game, girls will understand that their choices for becoming beautiful actually have value. Values should not be determined by other people's opinions. All these choices and the values of these choices should be determined by the girls and all the girls should have this opportunity to conduct different behaviors for becoming beautiful based on their own taste for beauty. In this fantasy-oriented world, girls will have a really amazing experience. You will even feel that all the gorgeous gowns thrill you to death. This game actually touched millions of girls' hearts. The most fascinating part of this game is the handsome prince who is always waiting for you. At the end of your journey, he will demonstrate so much love toward you. So, it is definitely worthwhile for you to try every means to get to that destination. The prince always values and cares about the gorgeous princess. Sometimes, things may be so overwhelming because it becomes harder and harder for you to successfully get to the final destination and to win the kiss from this prince. But there is no need for you to be mean to yourself. And there is no need for you to copy other players' styles. You can just be the cool girl and you can just release your desire to experience greater emotional flexibility by making your princess become gorgeous!

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