Pet Runner

Pet Runner

Developer: Ivy

As the game progresses, your pet will run faster and faster.


Editor's Review :

Pet Runner is an incredible running game. It is really fun to run forward with your favorite pet. But the thing is that you will be faced with many obstacles and challenges. If you are an experienced player, you will manage to collect all kinds of amazing items, including gold coins, boosters and other fantastic things. As the game progresses, your pet will run faster and faster. Accordingly, you will get more and more awesome rewards. You will also have the golden opportunity to unlock all kinds of beautiful and creative costumes for your favorite pet. Once you start, you can't stop running, because you will always have this great excitement while you are running forward. This game can help extend your nervous system. While you are running forward, you will always be forced to focus on your way ahead. Intense concentration in one pointed direction will always help sharpen your mind. Every time you run to a certain distance, you will level up. At some point, you will also get magnets and other awesome boosters. When your pet runs at a crazy speed, you will feel that you are firing an arrow. The only difference is that you are running behind this arrow. So it is very significant for you to react fast. To get the whole charm of this game, you should activate all your brain cells that are responsible for transmitting signals. And you should clear your mind before you start each running adventure. The most important thing is to always have confidence in your cute pet and in your skills of controlling your cute pet successfully avoiding all unexpected obstacles. But the whole running process is not boring at all, because all these obstacles are created in a very fantastic way. You will not be faced with the same object all the time. You will see running trains, bizarre and large ancient bronze masks which may fall out of your expectation and you may be stopped by wooden boxes. Every time you successfully jump over or slide down an obstacle, you will feel so proud of yourself. The key factor that determines how far you can run or how fast you can run is your concentration ability. It is quite simple to focus on the movement of your pet for a very short period, but it requires a great deal of energy to concentrate on your pet and dodge all the obstacles for a very long time. But this running game will always transport you into a different world. As you run forward, you will also travel into totally different worlds. In each world, you will enjoy the different scenery. It is awesome to fully immerse yourself in different paradises. Once you come into this world, you will refuse to leave. While you are running forward in the beautiful forest, you will feel so free and so relaxed. As we all know, speed is distance divided by time. So you will feel great excitement while you are running a very long distance within a very short time. Skilfully speaking, nothing is amazing about controlling your pet to avoid all unexpected obstacles. But psychologically speaking, you will enjoy great satisfaction by helping your pet and running a very long distance without making any mistakes. All the images are fantastic. And you will enjoy yourself a lot while you are running forward with your cute pet and listening to the rhythmic background music. Your inner world will be full of happiness. It makes you feel that you can just break free from the influence of gravity. In the beginning, maybe it is difficult for you to collect all the gold coins and other boosters, but after you play for some time, you will acquire the relevant skills of successfully controlling your pet and successfully avoiding all the unexpected obstacles in a timely way. As long as you can run forward without making any mistakes, there is no need for you to stop or to look back. You can just run to the end of the world. Of course, in front of a dangerous obstacle, you may hold your breath and you may feel intense. But the fun of running will always attract you to come back to this world. And all of your thoughts will stop while you are running forward at a crazy speed. There is no need for you to think about your destination or the distance. You can just run forward by dodging and avoiding all the obstacles. Whenever you perceive a threatening stimulus, you will invoke a fear startle response. But if you play this game for a very long time, you will have a better ability to keep calm and to make the right decision in front of dangerous situations. Usually, a human being can process an image as quickly as 30 milliseconds. But if you play this game for a long time, and if you get the proper practice, your eyes can process images at a faster speed and with higher efficiency. For a moment, you may feel that you and your cute pet just merge into one. And you may be even struck by your cute pet's fast reaction to the new surroundings. It is really fun to have spontaneous interaction with these amazing species and the obstacles that may appear in these beautiful surroundings. You may even form some intimate relationship with your cute pet. By playing this game, you will also learn to examine your everyday living environment from a new angle, which can help you better understand your life and appreciate the beauty around you. So playing this running game can make your life become more fun. Playing this running game is also a great process of self-expression. While you are running forward, you can always express your feelings through different body movements performed by your cute pet and you will feel unparalleled freedom while you are exploring this magical world with your cute pet. And you will always believe in the possibility of conquering all the obstacles and running to the end of the world. In the strength of your belief in your cute pet and your amazing controlling and balancing skills, you will be willing to suffer the pains of challenging all the dangerous obstacles to get maximum fun!

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