Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong 2

Developer: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

Run forward with the cute monkey who will always be chased by a pile of bananas.


Editor's Review :

Banana Kong 2: Running Game is an amazing game. If you have already played the original Banana Kong and had fun, you will love this sequel for sure. It is really exciting to run forward with the cute monkey who will always be chased by a pile of bananas. But you see this monkey is always motivated to keep running forward. There is no final destination, but you need to achieve different goals in totally different levels and unlock more items to enhance your gaming experience. So, before you start each adventure, you should bear in mind what your goals are. In some levels, you will be required to run to a certain distance. But in some levels, you need to collect enough bananas. But no matter what may happen, you will always be fully motivated to keep running without stopping. It is so satisfying to collect all the bananas floating in the air. And nothing is more exciting than jumping through the river by successfully controlling the monkey. The most fantastic thing is to swim across the river and avoid obstacles by using ropes hanging in the middle of the air. So, while you are playing this game, you should always have a flexible mind. It is very important for you to react fast enough in front of different obstacles. Once you bump into any obstacle, your monkey will be dead and you need to start from the very beginning. Of course, you can always revive your monkey by using the heart. But you have only a limited number of hearts. Once you run out of hearts, you will lose your chance to continue your adventure. As we all know, monkeys by nature tend to like the smell and the taste of bananas. So certainly, monkeys are born with a tendency to capture all the bananas floating in the air. So as long as you can successfully control your monkey and run fast enough, your monkey will be so willing to keep running forward with you. Even if you fail several times in a row, there is no need for you to feel frustrated or unpleasant because the perfect control of your monkey is to some extent a product of experience. So, after you play for some time, you will gradually understand the right tricks of successfully controlling your monkey and dodging all the moving or still obstacles. It is not the right time for you to intellectualize the things and skills behind this adventure. It is time for you to try and make mistakes to improve your skills and timely jump over all the obstacles. Sometimes, things can be annoying, because you will never know when an unexpected obstacle will pop up out of nowhere. So, it is quite normal for you to lose control of your monkey, or let your monkey drop into the water from time to time. But generally speaking, you will have a very pleasant game experience because, during most of the time, your mind will be in an active state, for you will be forced to control your monkey with your whole mind and full attention. And while you are having this adventure with your cute monkey, you will experience all kinds of emotional resonances. From time to time, you will be struggling with a certain obstacle. It is so strange that for some reason, you will just be stopped by a certain obstacle. And it seems that it is impossible for you to conquer this obstacle. But you should always remember that no obstacle is insurmountable. As long as you try your best, you will always manage to come up with totally different skills to conquer the obstacle. Actually, this whole game is not purely about running forward with the cute monkey and collecting all the bananas. In the meantime, this game can also help you reduce stress while you are running forward. You will forget about all your worries and concerns. For a moment, all your unhappy memories will be obliterated. And all the negative thoughts will disappear while you are happily running forward. If you can successfully complete all the goals, you may even feel that you finally achieve the ultimate liberation. While you are running forward with your cute monkey, you will always feel like you are a truly liberated being. And nothing can truly stop you from running forward. The whole environment is fantastic! You can see that the river is so clear and the whole riverbank is lined with beautiful trees and green grass. While you are running forward, all the beautiful scenery will unconsciously influence your mind and trigger all kinds of positive responses. So, you will fully immerse yourself into this wonderful world and you will unconsciously become addicted to the whole running adventure. If you are truly into Parkour games and if you really like your adorable monkey, you will notice that you have totally different feelings in front of different obstacles. But all your feelings are just judgments. So, if you can successfully capture and inspect all your feelings, you will have a better performance in front of different obstacles. It is very important for you to totally and fully accept all your feelings while you are having this running adventure. There is no need for you to be too harsh on yourself. You just need to have a deep belief in your amazing skills to successfully control your monkey without losing direction and bumping into any obstacles. Gradually, you will fall in love with this distinct feeling of seeing things as mundane as trees and grass. Of course, in daily life, we always see all kinds of trees and grasses, but typically, we have no feelings towards things such as bananas, trees, or grasses.We just take them for granted. But in this world, as soon as you come into this beautiful forest and those beautiful trees and green grass come into your eyesight, you will suddenly become so excited and you will be so eager to start your running adventure without hesitation. And this fantastic feeling is irreplaceable. If you play this game for a very long time, this running process will also help improve your capability of processing different visual information at a fast speed because in order to successfully conquer an obstacle, you need to use your eyes, your finger, your brain, and your mind at the same time. So,to successfully conquer several obstacles in a row without making any mistakes, you will be able to process so much information in an instant, which feels amazing! As time goes by, you will notice that no strong feelings will be aroused in front of the obstacles. And you can successfully conquer all the obstacles with the perfect skill and with ease!

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