Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

Now it is time for you to enjoy this fun running adventure with Tom!


Editor's Review :

Talking Tom Time Rush is an enjoyable running game. It is really fun for you to play this game with your kid. If your kid is young, things will get a bit out of hand from time to time, because there are so many obstacles. Fortunately, all these obstacles are placed in a very creative way. So, it is impossible for you to get bored with this game. Of course, you will struggle with conquering all the obstacles, but you will still share the happiness of conquering all the challenges with your kid. The monsters that you will come across along the journey will also evolve tremendously. In the beginning, the monsters are rather small and move slowly. But after you play for some time, you will be faced with really big monsters who run really fast. But this game is so well-developed that you just want to complete one level after another without stopping. It is really hard for you to conquer all the obstacles, especially when you run a very long distance. But you just cannot resist the temptation to complete another level. You will experience ups and downs. But every time you win the final victory, you will feel so proud of yourself. This fulfilling feeling will always motivate you and your kids to have this running adventure together whenever you have some spare time. Besides, you cannot deny the power of the boosters. The pull of those boosters was so big that you will always want to come into this world. With these boosters, things will become easier. And you will successfully conquer all the obstacles with less effort. For instance, the magnet can always help you attract all the gold coins. So, you can just save the energy used for collecting all the gold coins one by one. The shield can always help you remove one obstacle. But each booster will lose its magic power after some time. So, it is very important for you to instantly use the superpower contained in your booster as soon as you get a certain booster. While you are playing this game, you will always have this sense of purpose. The Racoonz has stolen the crystals and escaped through the magic gate. So, you are responsible for reclaiming the crystals for the sake of your friends. While you are running forward, you always know that you are not running for nothing. So, you have a much more meaningful running adventure with talking Tom, Hank, Ginger, Angela, and other cute characters. You will have this natural tendency to avoid all the obstacles and to complete your task of reclaiming the crystals. If you can successfully complete your task, you will have this fulfilling feeling. All the gold coins floating in the air are also so attractive. It is really hard for you to let go of those shiny gold coins. As the game progresses, you will have a hard time collecting all the gold coins without missing any one of them, because your character, Tom, will run faster and faster. So, things will go out of control if you cannot successfully focus on your task all the time. But if you are a player who has a genuine interest in running games, it is not that difficult for you to play this game. Even if you play this game with your kid, your kid will subconsciously learn a lot through playing this game. Actually, you can see a lot of things about your kid's real personality through playing this running game together. As you can see, if your kid is an ambitious kid, your kid will try to collect all the gold coins without leaving behind any of them. And your kid will make all the effort to run to a further distance. And fortunately, your kid always has all kinds of boosters available to conquer all the obstacles to run faster and further. By playing this game, your kid will feel so fulfilled and productive. And your kid will really feel alive by having such a fun time. Even if you are an adult, when you are playing this game, you will unconsciously keep yourself busy to the point of exhaustion. You know that you can just complete your task by only running to a certain distance. But you will just refuse to stop until you run to the end of the world or until you are stopped by some unexpected obstacles. Maybe you have already played many similar running games. But while you are playing other running games, you always feel dead, or at least you do not feel so alive. But while you are playing this game, you will have passion and you will have this enjoyable experience of running in this beautiful forest. You will refuse to scroll through social media while you are playing this game. You just want to fully immerse yourself into this amusing and light-hearted world. If you would like to, you can also share this game with your friends and other family members. This will be part of your most joyful and treasured memories. Whenever you feel bored or whenever you feel that you do not have the mood to do other things, you can just have a fun time playing this game. This game will be your secret to feeling alive. You will have an astonishingly good experience. You should never underestimate the power of fun that you get by playing this endless running game.This ridiculously fun game will always bring you into a totally different mind state. While you are playing this game, you will be illuminated from within. Your laughter and your reactions are so real. The true fun that you get from playing this wonderful running game produces a visceral sense of lightness and joy. Your face will be radiant and you will be full of energy while you are running forward with Tom. At the end of each running round, you will always have a lighthearted attitude. Maybe at the beginning of this game, you are gloomy about life and you feel down, but at the end of each adventure, you will always feel positive. You can just run for the sake of experiencing the fun of running forward without stopping, but not considering the outcome. While you are running forward, you will let go of perfectionism because there is no end. The most important thing is that you will not take yourself too seriously while you are running forward. You will even forget about yourself because you are so engaged and so focused. Maybe you will even lose track of time while you are running forward. You always have this feeling of connection with this beautiful world and with Tom. This special and shared experience with Tom will definitely lift you up. Now it is time for you to enjoy this fun running adventure with Tom!

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