Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

Little Talking Ginger needs your help! Help him get ready for bed.


Editor's Review :

This is a great casual game. Ginger is a really cute cat. It is so funny to take care of this little cat. You can help brush her teeth and you can take her to the bathroom. After the bath, you must help dry her. Actually, it makes you feel that you have a real pet. Besides, there are so many mini games included in this game. For instance, you will have some puzzles. To be specific, you need to complete the puzzle picture of Ginger. If you can successfully put all the pieces together and see the whole picture of Ginger, you will feel so proud of yourself and you will feel so satisfied. Anyway, Ginger is really cute cat and Ginger really needs your help. So you must help this little cat to have a comfortable life. When the night falls, you need to take her to the bed. And when she is unhappy, you need to play with her. All these trivial things will consume time and energy. But it makes you feel that all of your efforts are not wasted because Ginger is so cute. Whenever you feel down or when you are in a gloomy mood, you can always visit Ginger. As soon as you see Ginger, all of your negative thoughts and worries will disappear all of a sudden. It is so nice to have this virtual pet in this virtual world. In real life, maybe you have no time and no space to raise a cute cat. But you do really need some sweet companion who will not reveal your secrets and who will really be there for you. And the most amazing thing is that Ginger will not ask you for anything to repay her sacrifice. You can always say whatever you want to Ginger and Ginger would like to repeat whatever you said to her. This is really fun! You can always tease Ginger by saying some funny things. At the beginning, you may feel that Ginger is just like a virtual pet or even a robot. But if you play this game for a very long period of time, you will gradually realize that this virtual pet can really understand you. And it is so satisfying to see this cute cat repeat all these funny words. Of course, Ginger will make different kinds of reactions when you poke or tease her. So it is really fun and interesting. You will form a intimate relationship with Ginger. You may even dream about Ginger while you are sleeping at night. You can see that Ginger has very expressive emotions. And whenever she is speaking, her ears and her eyeballs will keep moving. If you say something, Ginger will also say the same things, which is lovely. If you say something really funny, Ginger will also try to imitate you. So this is really fun! And it is entertaining. It is a very sweet thing to have such a cute virtual pet in this world to interact with. You can play all kinds funny stuff. So in this virtual world, you can be the real you. And you can release all of those bad energy stored in your body and your mind. If you are a parent, you can also play this wonderful game with your child. If you have already played Talking Tom, it would be easier for you to play this sequel. Playing this game is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your child. Playing this game is actually of great educational meaning. You can teach your kids some communication and interacting skills by playing this fun game. This cute cat will also help your kids know the importance of love. And your kids will also feel the flow of love between the three of you. As your kid grows up, he or she may also want to celebrate his or her birthday by having such a cute cat. It is also a great way for your kids to know the meaning of sacrifice and contribution. For instance, your kids will feel satisfied and fulfilled by earning all kinds of delicious food for the little kitten. And your kids will also feel meaningful and happy by playing with this cute cat on a daily basis. The whole atmosphere of this game is relaxing. It is also a perfect and suitable game for adults to play and kill some spare time. In fact, all the puzzles in this game are more complicated, but in order to unlock all the awesome stuff, you need to try your best to unlock all the puzzles. As for the specific skill, it is quite simple for your kids to play this game. You can always use the microphone to talk to Ginger. If you tap on Ginger's body, Ginger will make all kinds of funny reactions. Anyway, this is a great casual game for you to relax your mind. Maybe you realize that it is really hard for you to find some considerate listener. Usually, you will just come across friends and other family members or even annoying bosses who keep talking and talking. But no one truly listens to what you said and what you really want to say. In this virtual world, you will notice that Ginger is a really wonderful listener. She can always repeat exactly what you said word by word. She even can imitate your voice and your emotions. So this is a really entertaining and relaxing game. Everything in this game is so realistic. There is no need for you to take Ginger's feelings into consideration because no matter what you said, Ginger will never be angry and Ginger always has this open mind. Even if you said something really personal, Ginger will never tell anyone else about your secrets. So this is a really sweet game. If you would like to, you can also take videos about you and Ginger's interactions. It is really fun to share all these funny moments with your friends and family members. You will laugh out loud and you will be amazed at Ginger's proper reactions. At last, this is also a perfect game to calm down the kids who keep crying out of different reasons. If you notice that your kid gets annoyed and it is impossible for you to calm your kid down, you can always try to play this funny game with your kid. By encouraging your kid to tell the reason why he or she keeps crying to the little kitten, you will know what makes your kid unhappy. You will also notice that your kid will be happy again after the interactions with this cute cat. Anyway, if you are a cat person, you should definitely play this game without hesitation!

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