Piano Game: Classic Music Song

Piano Game: Classic Music Song

Developer: Dream Tiles Piano Game Studio

You can use it as a tool for emotional expression.


Editor's Review :

Classic Piano is a classic music game with dreamy background pictures. This is not an ordinary music game. You can use it as a tool for emotional expression. It is really fun to immerse yourself in this musical environment. There is no need for you to finish each song by getting all the stars. You can just relax and have a fun time. As soon as you hear the melody, you will always feel happy. Whenever you feel anxious, you can always come to this world and have a relaxing time. While you are playing this game, you will notice that playing music games can arouse deeply buried emotions. And how these musical notes will affect your nerves depends on your mental state. Sometimes, the melody will induce new emotions. Sometimes, this newly-induced emotion will influence your moods. But it is always a good thing for you to hear some beautiful melodies. Whenever you feel down, all these musical notes will always touch you and make you experience different physiological and physical changes, including the changes in your brain. It seems that all these musical notes always stir different emotions in different players because these musical works usually associate the minds of these players with totally different but meaningful and significant events, objects, or ideas. There are so many memories and feelings attached to these songs. Besides, these songs will also arouse emotions that reflect many amazing things. For instance, a certain song will always help you imagine a beautiful and sweet picture in your mind. Sometimes, you will just be purely moved by the beautiful tone of a certain instrument. The emotions and feelings aroused by the songs are distinguished themselves from the emotions of your everyday feelings. And the emotions and feelings stirred by these songs will always influence your moods. So, whenever you feel unhappy or you tend to direct your attention from some unhappy events, you should definitely play this wonderful musical game. It will calm your mind to enjoy some beautiful melodies. In the meantime, this game will be perfect training for your finger-mind coordination. You must react fast enough to successfully catch all the music tones. If you are a true music lover, you will notice that these songs will arouse so many strange emotions in you. Even if you feel sad or down, you will be less emotional after listening to these wonderful songs. And some songs will always lead you and guide you to take a broader perspective while you are trying to chew on something. The emotional effects of these beautiful songs will always help you see and analyze things from a positive perspective. Your life will become more beautiful with the existence of these beautiful songs. Religious thinkers throughout human history always have had holy opinions about music and see it as a potential to reach something divine. So, you will always have a mysterious and transcendent feeling whenever you fully immerse yourself in playing this relaxing music game. But it is not a pure waste of your time. You can allow yourself to have this sensual indulgence to relax all the cells and muscles in your body. If you totally relax and give yourself to the music notes, you will feel the connection between music and something divine. And you will directly feel and know that music has its powerful capacity to act directly on human souls. While you are playing this game, you will never be the passive recipient. You will have an active appreciation of these beautiful musical notes. You will also have greater musical sensitivity and comprehension. If you are a musician, you will always get some amazing inspiration for your composition by playing this creative music game. You will find a new way to feel and communicate with these beautiful musical notes. And you should never resist strong emotions stirred by these musical notes because these strong emotional experiences and responses to these songs will always give you a different life experience. And these strong emotional feelings will always become a different channel for you to hear the deepest voice from the bottom of your heart. Actually, you will enjoy the sublime and emotional feelings stirred by these musical notes. You will love the momentary chills or thrills. Some songs may have enduring effects on your brain and your heart. Whenever you think of this song, you will just feel that life is worth living. It is such a feeling which is out of the bodily experience and which makes you feel that you are not just what your physical body represents. You always have something divine in you. You will never get bored with this game because there are classical music, art music, pop music, and other music types available for you to try. You will always find your favorite song with a certain music style. You will become so addicted to this song that you will unconsciously play this song again and again to appreciate its music beauty. Usually, when we get addicted to something, this thing will usually bring negative or bad effects on our minds and our body. But getting addicted to these beautiful songs will always reform you in a positive way from the psychological level and the physiological level. You will have a better understanding and appreciation of the meaning of life. After you play these wonderful songs, your understanding and appreciation of life grow as your knowledge of music improves. While you are playing these songs, you will always have a sense of intimate contact with your own mind and soul. You will only have this profound and subliminal sense manifested in this music universe alone. And you will become attached to this feeling of intimacy while you are playing your favorite song. You will truly understand the role played by music while we are trying to seek the meaning of life because it can really allow you to access your heart. And you can just regard your favorite song as a vehicle of your authentic emotional experience. You will not say a word about all your feelings, but your true emotions will be fully expressed through these beautiful musical notes!

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