Toca Life: After School

Toca Life: After School

Developer: Toca Boca

Decide how you will spend your time after school.


Editor's Review :

Toca Life: After School is a classic Toca Life game. In this virtual world, you can decide how you will spend your time after school. You are allowed to explore your favorite hobbies. You can do lots of amazing things in this virtual world, including skating, drawing, creating art, dancing, making wonderful music, playing sports or just having a relaxing time. You will meet altogether 27 characters and explore four locations. In different locations, you will have totally different activities to enjoy. You can fully enjoy yourself in this virtual world. Maybe in your real life, your after school life is just so boring. But in this world, you can have as much fun as you can before it is your time to head home. In the skate park, you can choose your favorite skateboard and scooter to start your adventure. There are many colorful skateboards and scooters available. As you skate down the water pipe, you will feel the exciting rush. After you get tired, you can just grab the after school snack and refill your stomach. It is really fun to chill in the lounge with other buddies in the art workshop. You can get as creative as you can. It is a perfect place for you to enjoy your painting time. There is no need for you to worry that you do not have basic painting skills. It is all right for you to create a mess. But of course, if you are a talented painter, you will create your own masterpiece. If you would like to, you can also share your masterpiece with other friends. You will have altogether nine colors in the paint buckets. And you can choose your favorite painting tool, including brush, roller or the airbrush to start your painting process. When you finish, you can just select an artistic frame and hang your painting in the gallery. The most crowded place is the dancing studio where you can improve your own dancing skills. As you mix different music beats together, you can also create really special music, which is a really fun process. No one will laugh at you. So you can just follow your own instinct and try different music combinations. You can release your pressure while playing music and show music talents to create sweet and crazy melodies. There are different instruments available. So you can just create music of different genres to give the dancers a surprise. If you are a sports lover, you can visit the sports court. First, you can pick your team members. It is amazing to customize your team members by following your own taste. You can choose totally different outfits and hair colors for your team members. There are also different equipment available for you to play football, basketball, field hockey and other sports types. The rooftop is the spot where you can show your artistic flair on the graffiti wall. If you get bored, you can also play some simple board game with your friends; or you can just relax yourself by sharing a good book. While you are having this new adventure, you will always come across hidden characters. And you can do lots of fun activities with the cute characters. The characters' movements are so real. And each of these characters will tell you a totally different story. While you are playing this game, you will never feel lonely. In the dancing studio, you will see many fashionable characters who are dancing and having fun by dancing to the wonderful music. While you are polishing your graffiti skills, you will always have your favorite character whose name is Kate around you. So there is really no end to the surprises and things that you can enjoy in this virtue world. This game also has the entirely adorable graphics. All the characters are so special and so cute. You will always have a peaceful mind. And you will always be in a very mindful state while you are playing this game, because you will feel no pressure of any kind. So if you are a parent, you should definitely play this game with your kids. By playing this game, you can help your kids master some basic painting skills. In the meantime, it is also a wonderful way for you to clear your mind and calm yourself. Your mind will also become really creative while you are having a really fun time with your kids. There is no need for you to be judgmental about your work or about the characters. Actually, all the characters and the actions made by these characters are designed in a very vivid way. You can see kids keep laughing and exploring. It makes you feel that you are playing with real kids. As you can see, this is one of the best educational games. By playing this game, your kids will become confident because they will have the opportunity to enjoy all the creative activities while showing the whole world how great they are. And your kids can enjoy the whole game without having too many difficulties from the art to the dancing as well as the sports. All of these activities are waiting for you and your kids to enjoy. As for the specific skill, you can complete all the tasks by using only one of your fingers. As a parent, it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this game with your kids. After you play this game with your kids, you will have a better understanding of your kids' favorite hobbies. Maybe your kids will discover a wholly new hobby by playing this game. Anyway, this game includes amazing after school activities with different themes. You can freely explore the buildings and the park with your kids. You will enjoy lots of creative activities by tapping and dragging those characters and objects. You will also have different interactions. This game just provides kids with the opportunity to try the things that kids want to do after school. It is really fun to eat food at the canteen, take a shower in the house and have a really nice sleep. You can also take the elevator to the art workshop. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to experience this new Toca Life game. You will get a sense of satisfaction by completing all the after school activities. If you are a parent, after play this game, you will have a better understanding of your kid. So if you are one of the fans of Toca Life games, there is no reason for you to miss this one. If you are a teacher, you can also use this game as a great teaching tool to help the kids master some basic skills about painting, dancing and playing sports!

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