Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Developer: Supercell

Together, you will unlock lots of amazing skins.


Editor's Review :

Brawl Stars is a fantastic battle royale game. If you are one of the staunch fans of battle royale games, you should definitely play this game with your best friends. Together, you will unlock lots of amazing skins. All these amazing skins will make your favorite characters look like fairies. Even if this is a battle royale game, it does not mean that you can always win the final victory by using force and all the special skills. Actually, you must strategically combine different skills to win the battle. Of course, you can always form a team with your best friends. If you can successfully cooperate with each other, you will successfully conquer all the opponents. It is really fun for you to lead teams of soldiers to fight against those enemies. While you are fighting against your opponents, you will experience the ultimate joy. And it is really fun to try different characters. For instance, Mandy is the sharpshooter with the longest shooting range in the game. So every time you play as Mandy, you will feel like you are a true hero who is invincible and who is capable of taking down all the other players around within the shortest period. Even though this is a battle royale game, it is not that kind of violent. As you can see, all the guns can be loaded with colorful sugar. And all these characters are so cute while they are fighting against each other. It makes you feel that you are fighting in a dream world. But your ultimate goal is to win the final victory. To achieve the final victory, you must overcome your own bad fighting habits. First, you can never allow any procrastination in terms of attacking your enemies. You must set an end to any procrastination or hesitation by creating mental attacking alarms for yourself. As long as a certain enemy comes close to you, you must seize the second and try to attack immediately. Otherwise, your enemy will take advantage and take you down first. It is a meaningful thing for you to create a behavioral pattern to activate certain centers in your brain whenever you perceive an enemy around you, and by that, you will develop a fighting discipline to achieve the final victory. This change of fighting habit might not be fast, and it will not be easy sometimes, it will consume some time to improve your reaction speed. But with time and effort, you will form this new habit of successfully taking down all your enemies before they even realize that you are around. But the value of your fighting skill is not determined by the size of the package but by the amount of happiness that you experienced during the fighting process. As long as you enjoy the fighting, you will find the meaning behind the chaos. And you will see clarity among the fire and fog. It is useless for you to wait for any backup. You must always rely on your own self to get the privilege of killing all the enemies around. If you play this game for a very long time, this game will definitely change your worldview. In real life, we always fail to pay much attention to our inner feelings. By playing this game, you will feel really connected with yourself. And you will be more focused on your fighting task for a moment. You may even lead yourself into a totally different world. Everything else is serene and quiet while you are fighting. Even if this game is full of killings, violence and noise, you will hear nothing but your own breath. You will truly gather yourself to successfully defeat all the opponents. Your sharp perceptions of any potential dangers will always keep you in safety. A life without playing your favorite battle royale game is not a life well lived. So if you are a real lover of battle royale games, there is no need for you to feel afraid that you cannot win the final victory. You can just maintain your good fighting habit and become the ruling class of this virtual world. Sometimes, your opponents have more powerful skills and look more awesome. But you must first conquer your own fearful thoughts. As long as you feel powerful and confident, you will eventually drop down all the huge psychological burden of defeating all the opponents. As long as you get rid of the energetic frequency of fear, you will easily kill all the monsters around you. Some opponents may be hideous and they may always play tricks on you or just set some traps. But there is no need for you to refuse these challenging traps. After you play for some time, you will successfully defeat all the opponents. Even if some players are way more powerful than you, you will not be afraid. In real life, you may always experience this epidemic of disconnection. But in this virtual world, you will absorb this loving and fun energy from this beautiful and cute world. You will always feel connected with other team members to successfully win the final victory. Even if this exciting world only exists in your mind, you will feel great joy. It is also quite meaningful for you to carefully observe other players' fighting strategies while you are fighting against them. You can either try to figure out the fighting strategies applied by your opponent's team; or you can try to analyze the skills owned by a certain opponent to deal with his or her enemy. All these observations can definitely enhance your chance of winning the final victory. It is also of the same significance for you to observe your own fighting performance. If you can be mindful, you will notice your own weakness and strengths while you are fighting against enemies. For instance, you may take for granted that Mandy can only shoot sugar. But after a while, Mandy can shoot lava, especially after Mandy gets new skins. So in this world, you should not take things for granted. It seems that all these fighting activities are filled with bountiful nothingness, but you will shake your old self off by joining this exciting fighting adventure!

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