Baldi's Basics Classic

Baldi's Basics Classic

Developer: Basically, Games!

This game is very helpful for children to learn basic mathematics.


Editor's Review :

Baldi's Basics Classic is a cute horror game with lots of math questions. So if you are a parent and if you want to help your kids learn some knowledge through a totally different way, you can definitely try this game. In this 3D school environment, your kids will have a really exciting adventure. The most important thing is that your kids will learn lots of things about math during this period of time. Your kids will first be introduced to the lead character who is actually with a very weird character. So the whole atmosphere of this game is a little creepy, because Baldi seems to be a very bad-tempered teacher. If your kid makes any mistake, Baldi will get really angry, but your task is quite easy. It is not that kind of complex or difficult for your kids to understand the basic rules of the game. To be specific, your kids will only be required to find all the notebooks hidden around the school. If your kids can manage to find all the notebooks, your kids will successfully complete all the tasks. But the thing is that there are a set of rules. For instance, your kids must always stay out of the faculty lounge. Otherwise, your kids will be forced to start from the beginning. As your kids find more notebooks, your kids will be required to answer different math questions. If your kids can manage to successfully answer all the questions, your kids will feel so proud of themselves. But you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. At the beginning, things are quite simple. You will only be faced with simple math questions like "2+3=?" But as the game progresses, you will notice that things will become more and more challenging. Sometimes, your kids may even feel overwhelmed. If you would like to, you can always give your kids some guidance to continue their adventure. If wrong answers were given, you will notice that Baldi will become angrier and Baldi will begin to chase your kids with a ruler in his hands. The goal is to find all the notebooks and escape unharmed. So if your kids are equipped with abundant math knowledge, it would not be a problem to complete all the tasks. But if your kids are not qualified, you will notice that your kids will be constantly chased by the characters intending to do all kinds of harm towards your kids. The whole atmosphere of this game is really creepy. And strange things will pop up. So your kids will come across all kinds of unexpected surprises. But it is really fun! Maybe you will notice that your kids will become more interested in math after playing this game. Starting from this perspective, this game is worthwhile to play. If you are a parent and if you have some spare time, it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this wonderful game of great educational meaning with your kids. But if you can successfully remember the whole layout of this school, you will have the key to win the final victory. It is not that kind of challenging or difficult for you to find all the notebooks. In fact, if you can successfully remember all the details about the school, you can just save the searching time and directly go into the right classroom to answer all the math questions and grab the notebooks. Besides, there are two game modes available: the story mode and the endless mode. At the beginning, you can start with the story mode. After you become experienced enough, you can challenge yourself by trying the endless mode. Of course, you will always have more fun in the endless mode. And you will experience the deep sense of satisfaction after you manage to collect as many notebooks as possible. To be specific, in the story mode, you will be required to collect seven notebooks and escape the school to win the final victory. But the precondition is that you will not be captured by Baldi or other evil characters. So it will be a great challenge of your mental quality of staying calm in front of the dangers and other unexpected situations. The more notebooks you collect, the faster Baldi will become. So as the game progresses, things will become more and more challenging. And you will be required to complete more challenging tasks and you will be faced with more difficult and complex situations. It seems that the whole gameplay is quite simple, but once you try it for yourself, you will notice that things are actually quite challenging. In the endless mode, you will see many notebooks. And it is not an easy task to collect all the notebooks. In the meantime, you need to pay attention to the time limit, because you will be required to retrieve all the notebooks from the school before being caught by Baldi. Over time, Baldi will also speed up, which means you need to successfully solve all the problems contained in a notebook without losing any seconds. If you can solve all the problems as soon as possible, you will notice that Baldi will also slow down. The longer you can keep this evil character slowing own, the more notebooks you will manage to collect. So this is a really exciting game. It is also quite smooth for you to use the controls and lead your character moving towards different directions. The touch controls are easy to use. If you have no former experience of playing similar game, you may feel weird after you come into the school. But after you play for some time, you will definitely get addicted to this amazing game. If you are a parent, you will find the real education value of this fun game. The goal is to collect all the seven notebooks and escape the school unnoticed. But the whole thing is easier said than done. So you should always be fully prepared for any unexpected traps and dangers that may stop you. If you can successfully come up with a winning strategy before you come into the school or open the doors of these classrooms, you will have a better performance and you will win a lot of gold coins. Avoiding being caught by Baldi needs strategy and wits. You must not fight or try to deal with Baldi face to face. Otherwise, you will lose the game before you even get into the classroom. If it is within your ability, you can always use Baldi's friends to your advantage and manage all the items found throughout the school to better solve all the math questions. Generally speaking, this is an awesome game. And it is really fun!

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