Among Us

Among Us

Developer: Innersloth LLC

You will dash around the amazing spaceship with other crew members.


Editor's Review :

Among Us is a great multiplayer strategy game. The whole gameplay is easy to pick up. If you choose to play as one of the crew members, you will dash around the amazing spaceship with other crew members. You will be required to complete all kinds of simple mini games. It is really fun to complete all the interesting tasks with your best friends. Among this group, there are two hidden impostors whose goal is to secretly murder all the other crew members on this space ship. So you must try your best to find the impostors. Of course, you can also choose to play as an impostor and use your wisdom to destroy all the other crew members. The whole process of fooling other crew members is great. While you are playing this game, you will quickly realize that technology can definitely influence your ability to focus. But you can always use all kinds of electrical devices around to district other crew members' attention. The whole process of luring other crew members into your traps is fascinating. The ultimate purpose of the impostors is to kill all the other crew members. So maybe you are curious about the exact ways of killing all the other crew members who outnumber the impostors, but there is no need for you to feel lost and scared. Even if the other impostor is killed and you are alone, you can still successfully kill all the other crew members and keep alive. As soon as you walk into the spaceship, you will feel inspired and lit up instantly. If you are an experienced player, you can even come up with all kinds of magical ideas to set traps and give all the crew members illusions. It is very important for you to get disconnected with all these crew members. And you can also make all your efforts to let these crew members shift the focus on some innocent crew member. No matter what may happen, you just cannot give up and your must stand strong. If you have faith in yourself, you will create extraordinary records of defeating all the crew members. You can deceive other crew members by creating some harmonious relationships with them. Of course, if your true identity is discovered, all the other crew members will get angry. All these angry outbursts will make them dash towards you and try to kill you. But you can also get aggressive and find all the necessary means to protect yourself. There is no need for you to worry that you have no former experience of playing similar games. Your natural and genuine curiosity about this game will help you find the correct way of destroying all the other crew members into pieces. Sometimes, you see that there is no alternative, but as long as you can successfully separate all these crew members, you can just kill them one by one. If you choose to play as the crew member, you will feel endless love through mutual cooperation. But you should never overestimate your power as one of the crew members. Even if you are larger in number, which does not mean that you will not end up in failure, especially when you are faced with some intelligent impostor. When you first come into this magical spaceship, it seems that everything is so complicated that it is nearly impossible to win the final victory. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to make the best out of your time on this spaceship. Different crew members will make totally different reactions while you are having the small group meeting. Sometimes, some questions about who is the true impostor make you feel exhausted, but you will still have this feeling of gratitude and compassion among the team members. While you are carrying out the tasks of finding the true impostor, you must always remember that there is no such thing as coincidence. You must take all the trivial things into consideration. And you should always keep the connection and communication with other crew members. Some impostors are horrible. One of the impostors may kill you before you know the existence of this impostor. It is quite natural for you to get angry at unexpected attacks. But you will never see love and mercy in the eyes of these impostor when they show their true identities. If you play as an impostor, you will feel so excited after you successfully take down one of the crew members without showing any extra feelings. But if you choose to play as one of the crew mates, you should always know that behind your anger is the fear of getting hurt by the impostor. So you must conquer your fear before you manage to destroy the impostor. You should always try to find faults with all the crew members because before you find the true impostor, everyone on this spaceship can be a suspect. You should always keep your awareness with you. If you can successfully be the master of your mind, you will naturally find that impostor. Besides, you should constantly switch yourself out of the states of nervousness. You must respond to unexpected situations in a calm way. Even if you suspect the wrong person, there is no need for you to become overly critical of yourself. As the impostor, if you can win the trust of other crew members, you will claim the final victory without lifting your finger. Sometimes, reason alone cannot help you solve all the problems. In order to find the true identities of these crew members, you should observe their gestures and body movements. You should never ignore the emotions and feelings reflected through the words spoken by different crew members while you are having the meeting. If you can be fully prepared and observant enough, you will easily find the true impostor. While you are having the meeting, you can never allow yourself to be deceived by any false evidence. And it is better for you to keep yourself away from any crew member who tries to prevent you from being your best. You can also create all kinds of false scenarios to trick the impostor to reveal the true identity. Eventually, things will become transparent. So you just need to be patient. Sometimes, it seems that things are just so complex that it is impossible for you to find the true impostor. But if you choose to hush the noise and chatter in your mind and analyze the situation carefully, you will eventually find the true impostor!

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