Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V is a stunning action and adventure game.


Editor's Review :

Grand Theft Auto V is a stunning action and adventure game. This PC version will allow you to have the golden chance of controlling your character by using the mouse and keyboard at the same time. Controlling your character with the keyboard and mouse has a huge benefit because you will shoot down your enemies with precision. And the key to killing all your enemies is to shoot without wasting any bullets. Besides, if you are a player who is desperate for enjoying high-quality graphics, you should definitely try this PC version. The lighting effects are also awesome. You will have plenty of awe-inspiring moments.Everything in this world is vivid because you can see all the details clearly. And the scenery around is fantastic! You will always find the natural beauty of geography. There is also an impressive tool available, which is the Rockstar editor. This tool will allow you to record footage while you are carrying out different missions or while you are running around Los Santos without any specific goals. If you would like to, you can also set the angles manually. In the director mode, you will have more control over the events at hand. Everything is so fluid. You can choose human animals or actors. It is also very convenient for you to control your location on the map. Anyway, there are numerous choices to craft the scene of your dreams. Everything around you is so glamorous and so real. You can see the facial animations and you will also love the technical aspects of this game. And all these characters are so real. You can see that all the characters appear fully engaged with the random game talk. This game is not purely about fighting against gangsters or survival. Actually, this game will challenge you to think about the meaning of being a human being and your ability to approach subjects about humanity on the whole. You will have a wholly new idea about what is wrong and what is just after you play this game. Of course, since this game is involved gratuitous amounts of combat, you will always come across different surprises and you will always have fun by following your own taste to kill your targets. Some missions and creative events allow you to act like an animal. But if it is possible, you should always manage to challenge yourself on an intellectual and emotional level. Some players may choose to fully get rid of all human feelings while they are carrying out the missions because their ultimate goal is to complete their tasks. But you can always carry your feelings. And you can always think about the consequences before you take any action. And you should always know what you are supposed to do. But most of the players may take things for granted. Rarely, the motives are doubted while they are doing all these tasks. Although most of the actions are violent, and there are a variety of weapons for you to use and kill all your enemies, you should always be sensitive and carry your awareness with you while you are performing different tasks. You should try it to feel your character, or even merge into one with your character. If you truly observe your character, you will feel that your character created with your own hands is always trying to express something or is desperate to communicate with you. And you should never judge your character because all of your motives in this world are oblique, and sometimes you will be forced to get yourself involved in all kinds of illegal activities. But your character is a cold-blooded jailbird with a criminal record, so you must try every means to help your character ascend the bloody social ladder. To survive and get more profit in this world, you can do anything you want. And in this impressively open-ended world, you can let your imagination fly. Some locations will illuminate the most helpless and innocent parts of your imagination. The things you can do in this world are ingenious and fun. The scenery is beautiful. There are also many mini games. For a moment, you may even refuse to get out of this world because you can do so many things in this virtual world. This world makes you feel that you are living in a fantasy. Even if this fantasy is brutal, hilarious, and sometimes filthy, y you always feel that you are truly alive. Even if life in this world is not perfect all the time, it feels so great that you could do anything you want. You can take your revenge by applying brutal means. There are also all kinds of vehicles available. It is awesome to climb in your favorite car and drive to the mission destination. All the destinations are easy to find because typically all the destinations are clearly marked on your map. Your car's radio can also be tuned to a number of different radio stations. While you are driving your favorite car and wandering around the city, you can run over some pedestrians or slam into a parked car. If some nearby police officers see you, they will promptly chase you. So you will have the golden chance to enjoy the excitement of speeding through various neighborhoods. After you get accustomed to the driving controls and come into frequent contact with street lights, fire hydrants, and oncoming traffic, you will easily get rid of those police officers. But if your car is smoking, you should dump your car and start to run. After getting distracted by the chase of these police officers, you may find that you totally forget about the specific goal of your mission. But you can always commit another brutal crime by directly stealing or robbing a stranger's car or motorcycle to your destination to complete your mission. You can always skip a mission that you do not like or that you do not have the mood to complete it. After you get rid of those police officers, you will always feel liberated. And it is so relaxing to drive around this beautiful city as day gives way to night. It is not your purpose to become a hero who can rescue the hostages and save all the innocent citizens in this world. You can have your own moral standard. And you can just ignore the opinions of those bystanders. If the citizens witness your fighting against the gangsters or committing some crimes, they will mumble and yell insults. But there is no need for you to interact with these innocent people through physical violence. You should always save your strength to complete more missions that can bring you benefit and help you climb higher on the social ladder. Eventually, you will return to your mission point and make yourself become more confident and powerful in this world of crimes. In this chaotic world, exploration is always mixed with failures and mayhem. But this will be the only game that makes you feel so free. And this game is also awesome. It is gratuitous and narcotic at the same time. So if you love playing GTA games, there is no reason for you to miss this wonderful PC version!

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