Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Developer: MOB Games Studio

The Official Poppy Playtime Mobile Game! Your main job is to survive in this harsh place.


Editor's Review :

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is a classic survival horror game. You will have a really terrifying adventure. Your main job is to survive in this harsh place. Your tasks will be mainly carried out in the abandoned toy factory. The whole atmosphere of this game is really spooky. You must use your own wisdom to hack the electrical circuits or destroy all the walls. It is really fun to explore this mysterious factory, but you must be careful and you should always guarantee your own safety. Once you get caught, you will be forced to start from the beginning. By playing this game, you will meet many thriving players from different parts of the world. And you will concentrate all your energy on your adventure. This game will actually influence all the important aspects of your life. For instance, you will become calmer in front of emergencies and you will be in a stable state when you are faced with challenging tasks. There is no way for you to nourish friendships with these toys because no matter how warm you are, they are real monsters. But you always need to be careful. And you must be patient because you will struggle while solving all the puzzles in order to successfully complete all your tasks. You must not camouflage your real feelings. On the contrary, you must directly face your fears and all the jump scares which will help you be fully prepared beforehand. This game actually contains many clever ideas. It is impossible for you to become bored with this survival horror game. If you can successfully survive, you will feel so proud of yourself. But if you fail your task, you will still have the motivation to start again. All the puzzles are creative, but you should never use your brutal force to complete all the puzzles. Actually, it requires critical thinking to finish your adventure. You should never take things for granted. On the contrary, you should pay attention to all the details. There is no need for you to feel guilty about destroying all the toys. They have killed many innocent children. Actually, they are real monsters. From time to time, you will meet many turning points. At some point, you may even feel emotionally abused, because these toys are so aggressive and unpredictable in terms of their movements. These toys may come out of nowhere. So, you must always be alert. In this world, you may feel isolated because you have no backups. And you may even have the lowest point in your adventure. At some moments, it feels that nothing is right and you have no clues. But it is very important for you to constantly give yourself the wake-up calls to stay alert. And while you are solving all the puzzles, you will feel real loneliness which makes you feel that you are so alive. You can just put your true feelings into the process of solving all the puzzles. There are many thoughts in your mind while you are trying to solve all the puzzles. And all these thoughts will be intertwined with your real emotions. But it is not the time for you to focus on this terrifying feeling. You must try your best to take down all the animatronic toys. These toys are murderers. And they thirst for human blood and flesh. In this abandoned and haunted factory, you must use your wisdom to conquer all the bloody monsters. Actually, this game can really help you cope with your problem of loneliness and fear of unexpected situations. While you are playing this game, you will literally know what horror and loneliness mean. You will truly understand the meaning of directly facing your fear. Consequently, you will get power and strength from not avoiding your inner fear and your true feelings. All the interactive stories will also make you feel entertained. This whole game makes you feel that you just walk into the sea of solitude and horror. You will suffer from strong loneliness and vulnerability. Sometimes, you may even become angry because it is so hard for you to survive by defeating all the toys. The feeling of hopelessness will always make you feel weak. But after you successfully solve the puzzle, you will see the truth behind these horrible activities. Actually, all the murder stories are just a representation of your inner fear. If you can just overcome your deepest fear and all the struggles that you are going through, you will successfully survive. You should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. This world is flooded by blood. Your mood will keep changing without your own consciousness. Actually, we always feel loneliness and horror in our life because of social exclusion and other reasons. In this game, you will feel so good after you successfully conquer all those fears. There is no need for you to hide around some dark corner. And there is no need for you to be afraid of these monsters who may bully you or even kill you. You will have no other choices. But by experiencing this terrifying feeling, you will become courageous and you will feel great excitement. As the game progresses, you will break down from time to time because it is so hard to avoid the security guards. And it will take some time to find all the VHS tapes. After you get the VHS tapes, you will know exactly what happened in this deserted factory. So, all of your efforts will not be wasted. It is really satisfying to know all the stories that happened years ago. And you will know where all the staff goes. And you will truly understand why part of the factory still runs after this factory is not allowed to open to the public. At last, you will know that many children are missing because of this mysterious factory. In fact, this game contains many chapters. So, it will take you some time to find all the answers. You will be excited to enjoy all the twists and turns. So, if you love playing horror games, you should definitely try this one, actually, by directly facing your loneliness and horror in this virtual world, you will have a better mental health condition. If you suffer from depression and other psychological problems that may bring damage to your mental well-being, you should definitely try this horror game. It feels good not to camouflage your true feelings. You can show your deepest fear. And you will win back your courage by conquering this fear!

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