My Talking Angela 2

My Talking Angela 2

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

You will have this cute cat as your pet, enjoy your fun time with Angela.


Editor's Review :

My Talking Angela 2 is an addicting simulation game. By playing this game, you will have this cute cat as your pet. There is no need for you to conquer any obstacles. You can just enjoy your fun time with Angela. If you are a parent, you can also play this game with your kid. By playing this game with your kids, you will help your kids to know the importance of independence. And your kids will value the independence of taking care of Angela alone. The whole process of taking care of this virtual pet will definitely be of great help for your kid to build mature relationships when your kid grows up. So this game is not only about having fun. It is also a perfect game for you to help your kids know the skills of building relationships and to feel the connection with this cute Angela. Although Angela is a virtual pet, you will notice that Angela is full of life. She is not a robot. So it is really amazing to make your Angela become stylish and beautiful every day. Maybe you are not that proficient in helping your cat become fashionable. But you will also feel the sweet, nice and warm interaction with this cute Angela. You can always join all kinds of interesting activities, including baking, dancing and singing and practicing some martial arts. If you would like to, you can always make some delicious snacks in the kitchen. Besides, there are many outdoor activities. If you get bored with the cleaning and the cooking things, you can always go outside to do some shopping or you can always travel to far places. There are all kinds of mini games and entertaining puzzles. So you will never feel bored while you are playing this game. All these activities are based on real life scenarios. So everything is so realistic. Of course, it is your job to make your cute cat become beautiful and fashionable. But you should remember that beauty does not come first. The most important thing is the healthy interactions with this cute pet. And this simulation game will help your kids to become conscious without any unnecessary thoughts. The whole process of taking care of Angela is a great thing to help your kid enhance his or her concentration ability. Your kid will also love the feeling of concentrating on this cute pet for a very long period of time because this whole process of taking care of cute Angela can definitely help your kid feel the real presence. Instead of thinking about other things of the past or some trivial things that may happen in the future, your kid will focus on Angela. Negative thoughts may usually upset your kids in totally different and unexpected ways. But while your kid is playing with Angela, your kid will become active and fully focused on this adventure with Angela. Your kid will have the golden chance to come into the space of no thought. It is satisfying to completely get involved in all the meaningful activities of taking care of Angela, including grooming her hair, brushing her teeth and making her bed. While you are playing with cute Angela, there is no need for you to follow any standards. You can just explore the life with Angela in various ways. You can just accept this new life in this new world. In an attempt to make your Angela become a healthy adult cat, you must make all your efforts. But all your sacrifices will not be wasted. Angela will be of great gratitude towards your sacrifice and love. But you will also become more aware of your feelings and the present moment while you are playing this game with your kid. All your other thoughts will naturally subside. All you can think of is the sweet Angela. It is so good to disappear from this real life for a moment. Instead of creating a havoc in your real life, you can always enjoy the calm and comfortable life in this beautiful world. If you are undergoing lots of pressure in your real life, you should definitely try this game which will help you remove all the fear and anxiety inside of you because the whole atmosphere of this game is so relaxing. When Angela is practicing martial arts, you will also feel power and strength. You will unconsciously have this urge to mimic all the heroic body movements of Angela. All of a sudden, you just have this feeling that your Angela turns into a real warrior who can practice amazing martial arts. All these relaxing activities, puzzles and martial arts will definitely direct your attention to something sweet and happy to enjoy. You will not force yourself to complete the puzzles without making any mistakes. So you just enjoy the fun of solving all the simple puzzles without killing your brain cells. All the mini games included in this world will not make you suffer. You can just project yourself into the world of Angela. In this virtual world, there is no need for you to push yourself. You can just be fully relaxed. All the huge burdens that you feel in your daily life will vanish. At the end of each day in this beautiful world, you will feel totally relieved and in the morning, you will feel absolutely motivated. The accumulation of this sweet feelings and emotions will make you feel amazing. All these sweet feelings will unconsciously flow into your mind and produce positive thoughts. As an adult, you will definitely need all these positive thoughts to get rid of all the negative thoughts which may constantly generate fear and unnecessary worries. If you are a parent, this game can definitely help you and your kids learn the importance of being disciplined. You can notice that Angela will be really uncomfortable if you forget to brush her teeth or take her to the toilet. So after playing this game, your kids will remember to go to the toilet without delay or brush the teeth in a timely way. You can just regard this game as an extension of your kid's real life. The only difference is that you are responsible for taking care of your kid in the real life. While interacting and playing with Angela, your kid will not be taken over by negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings or the other voices in your kid's head. On the contrary, your kid will be in total alignment with the present moment when your kid is having some fun time with this cute pet. So there is just no reason for you and your kid to miss this amazing adventure with this cute Angela!

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