Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D

Developer: Z & K Games

It's time to Scare the Scary HighSchool Teacher !


Editor's Review :

This is a great horror game. You will experience an exciting adventure. It is thrilling to break into the spooky house and play mean tricks on your teacher. But there is no need for you to feel guilty because this teacher is not a normal teacher, let alone a venerable teacher. So there is no need for you to hesitate. You can get physically violent. If you love playing horror games, you will definitely fall in love with this game at the first sight. By playing this game, you will directly jump into a creepy world where the scary teacher rules everything. But there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed or scared, because you will play as the genius student who will take revenge for the sake of other students. So it is very important for you to try your best to outwit this annoying teacher. Instead of uncovering this evil teacher's secrets, your final goal is to spook her. You will be allowed to break into her house and complete all kinds of missions during a set time. The whole process is really exciting, but you must always be careful because you can never let your teacher spot you while you are doing the pranks. It is a cool thing to spook this infamous scary teacher. It is also the time for you to teach her a lesson. This whole game starts with the teacher becoming your neighbor, drastically changing the dynamic between the two of you. You will definitely have a very bad impression about this teacher. But it is so satisfying to complete all the challenging tasks. As for the specific control, it is quite simple for you to play this game because it is very convenient for you to move your character across the map and explore different rooms in this big mansion. As soon as you see this evil teacher, you must make all your efforts to escape. If you can manage to complete all the levels, you will pick up all kinds of awesome items that can be used to spook the teacher to help you successfully complete your tasks. There is also a rear view mirror, through which you can keep an eye out for any potential danger. Maybe you have played many similar horror games. But this game is totally different. It offers more than a wacky story. You will love the open world environment that you can explore freely. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to follow any strict restrictions. As the game progresses, you will also unlock new chapters with totally different tasks. Moreover, this game will deplete your energy fast, because it takes concentration and time to complete all the tasks. If you can successfully complete a task, you will get a small reward. So you will always have the proper motivation to continue your adventure. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game because this game includes a wide variety of missions. Sometimes, you will get shocked by the behavior of this scary teacher. And all kinds of surprises and unexpected things will keep happening. So from time to time, you may get confused. But there is no need for you to get too judgmental or too nervous. Even if the puzzles seem unsolvable and this scary teacher is so sophisticated for you to beat, you will always stand a chance. So no matter how terrible things are and how devilish this scary teacher could be, you must keep calm. In fact, you will scream a lot while you are playing this game. But it will not affect your performance. It only proves that you have feelings. As long as you have confidence in yourself, you will eventually ruin this scary teacher. And you must convince all the other students that this teacher is actually not that kind of scary. In fact, she is just evil. More importantly, you will love the stunning graphics and the spooky vibe. The evil teacher's mansion is quite conspicuous. So it is impossible for you to complete all the tasks within a very short period of time. But if you can successfully solve all the puzzles and complete all the tasks, you will feel so nice. Of course, you will experience constant irritation. But you will feel so proud of yourself after you successfully conquer this scary teacher. While you are playing this game, you must get that fear towards this teacher out of your system. Otherwise, it is really hard for you to keep calm. Actually, you can just regard this scary teacher as a jerk. There is no need for you to think about all the moral codes or the concept of equality between teachers and students. If you can just think this teacher as an evil person and crush this teacher, you will experience ecstatic joy. So even if you make some mistakes or even if things make you feel uncomfortable, you just cannot give up. You may feel stressful, but you must try your best to kick this evil teacher down the pyramid of power. To complete this task, you must always concentrate on your task. Otherwise, you will handle the unexpected situation poorly. By completing all these challenging tasks, you must show to your other classmates that bravery and courage value beyond fears. If you cannot conquer the fear towards this teacher within you, everything will become a catastrophe. So while you are playing this game, you must always be brave. You cannot think this teacher as someone who can broaden your mind and who will help you learn things. If you think this teacher as a real teacher, you will experience lots of misfortunes. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to seize the day and start this exciting adventure. Maybe you have been bullied by an evil teacher since you were a kid, or maybe you have some bad impressions about a certain teacher. If this is the case, you should definitely play this game. By playing this game, you will heal all your inner scars left by those unqualified teachers. Actually, if you can just liberate yourself from the influence of the teacher, you will feel so relieved. And you should always have confidence in your own wisdom. You should remember that no matter how evil this teacher might be, she is just a human being. As the old saying goes, "To err is mankind", which means as long as you can find the weakness of this scary teacher, you can successfully crush her by lifting a finger. So it is time for you to break a leg and rebuild your self-confidence by destroying this evil teacher!

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