Hello Neighbor 2 for PC

Hello Neighbor 2 for PC

Developer: tinyBuild

Barge into an evil neighbor's house to find all his secrets.


Editor's Review :

Hello Neighbor 2 ( PC ) is an epic horror game. By playing this game, you will act as a journalist and you must barge into an evil neighbor's house to find all his secrets. Of course, as a stranger in the house, looking for all the evil secrets, you will be faced with dangers. So, it is not an easy thing. But the whole game experience is quite thrilling. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this searching process. During this process, you can just regard yourself as a courageous adventurer instead of a survivor. In this way, you will not be that afraid of this creepy neighbor. It is obvious that your neighbor is a horrifying enemy. And the surroundings are scary. However, you will love it because the pleasure of discovering this neighbor's evil secrets by using your own wisdom is great. In this world, you can just see yourself as a bizarre man or a woman. You should never allow yourself to drop into the mindset of a vulnerable victim. Otherwise, you will always feel fear for this evil neighbor. And you will lose control of yourself as soon as this neighbor comes into your eyesight. The fact is that you can just play as a villain. But the precondition is that you must always be a clever adventurer who can always outwit this evil neighbor. You will always experience excessive pressure because you can never know when this neighbor will come out of nowhere. And you will have this top-notch frightening feeling. The good news is that you can always use all the items around to your own advantage. For instance, you can break the window and you can peek through the keyholes before you take any action. You can also distract this evil neighbor's attention by making noises from time to time. It is also wise to hide around corners and in the cupboard. Anyway, while you are searching for this house, you should always have a flexible mind. The truth is that you must always keep alert. There are countless alternatives for you. If you can successfully find all the items that can be used to your advantage, you will conquer this evil neighbor and find all of his evil secrets. But you can never afford to make any mistakes because your evil neighbor is not a dummy. And he will make full use of each mistake made by you. And he will also come up with numerous techniques to hunt you down. This clever and evil neighbor may also position the protective digital virtual camera next to the entrance that you usually visit. So, the dangers are everywhere. And once caught, you will lose hope of getting the key and sneak into the basement. Surely, it is necessary for you to be cautious all the time. In the PC version, the neighbor is also controlled by highly intelligent AI. So, you must use your brain to outwit this evil neighbor. There are also many other devices for you to use and for you to cope with this evil neighbor if there is an emergent situation. But basically speaking, you must rely on your own brilliant strategies to find out all the creepy secrets hidden by his evil neighbor. In order to find all the evil secrets, you must solve the creative puzzles and you should be patient. Before you successfully solve all the puzzles, it is impossible for you to discover all the secrets. Besides, the whole atmosphere of this game is spooky. And you will come across many new neighbors. You will also have new maps and new stories to appreciate. If you have already played the original series, you will come across many familiar scenarios. The graphics are of high quality. But your responsibility is great because you must try every means to find all the missing children. It is not an easy task. The neighbors may knock you out and steal away your camera. They will just put you into unconsciousness. The background music is creepy, especially when you get caught or when you come close to your neighbor. So, once you come into the residence, you must try every means to avoid this evil neighbor. The tragic thing is that there are also many police officers patrolling this neighborhood. And you must avoid the chase of these police officers timely. The whole thing of discovering all your neighbor's evil secrets is complex. And all these tasks may even make you feel exhausted. But if you have already finished the original Hello Neighbor, it is not difficult for you to successfully solve the puzzles contained in this game. The challenging part is that in this world, you will have a bigger map. Compared with the previous sequel, you will have enough time to search and explore. But you must complete all the complex puzzles by following the right order. You are not allowed to visit another location until you successfully complete all the puzzles contained in the current location. So this game will not only be a challenge of your intelligence and wisdom, but also of your patience. You must always be patient and take all the factors into consideration in order to successfully solve the puzzles. Anyway, you will enjoy yourself a lot during the whole process of solving the puzzles and trying to find all the evil secrets. All the puzzles are also designed with proper logic. So, after you successfully complete all the puzzles, you will always have a deep sense of satisfaction. If you have successfully completed all the puzzles contained in the original Hello Neighbor, it would be very easy for you to complete all the puzzles contained in this game. If you are sensitive to numbers or colors, you will find that all these puzzles are quite amusing and you will successfully complete all the puzzles by spending less time because most of the puzzles are just combinations of different numbers and colors. The most distinctive feature of this game is the AI. It is really fun to experience all the interactions with AI. So, if you have high expectations for horror games with AI features, you should definitely try this game because it will not let you feel disappointed. Even if the whole atmosphere of this game is spooky, you will constantly come to this world and start your horror adventure. The evil neighbor will always prevent you from finding all his dark secrets. If you can eventually outwit this evil and ugly neighbor, you will always feel so proud of yourself. So there is no reason for you to miss this stealth but epic horror game!

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